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July 16th 2010
Published: July 16th 2010
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Centre-piece of main square. Don't know what it means and haven't had the time to ask.
Quick flight of 1 hour and 10 minutes and I am in a city that is about the size of Halifax.
HOURS LATER....chic hotel with great design. I had a 'turkish hamburger' for supper. For all you cooks out there, get your tastebuds wrapped around the idea of a 4 cm hamburger with mint/sourcream on one side and red beetroot on the other side of the burger....some potato fries and a pile of red cabage. I think the chef went north when he was thinking about Turkey. He landed somewheres east of the Ukraine where lots of cabbage and beets fill the menus.
Christchurch....a N.Z. type of Halifax. Its easy to manouever in this small city. There are delightful twists that fit in beside urban global yawns. I haven't had the time to find the meaning of the giant silver and blue napkin holder in the city centre. The cathedral is old by simply built, perhaps a true representation of life in the colonies way back when.
This hotel is a weird surprise or experiment. Very compact rooms in futuristic style, a 'virtual conceirge' that responds to your touch on the screen, washing machines with soap already in the
Street PerformersStreet PerformersStreet Performers

Maori singers. Nice tatoos
water, mood lighing that I have yet to soon as I leave this bay of high tech computers saddled up to experienced travelers....or should I say mature travelers saddled up to these Apples. What I like about this hotel is that surprisingly everything works well.
The photos are from an afternoon of doing the typical things...finding food, orientating myself to the town centre, climbing those damn steps of the highest building that beccons to eager tourist trying to get good pictures. I did pop into a 1-2-3 store to buy socks and mittons. I feel winter approaching. The clouds in the sky kept the air warm like October in Nova Scotia. When the wind changes, it might bring snow.
Tomorrow I catch the mountain train to the west, supposedly one of the best train journeys in the world. Stay tuned.... photos should support or deny that claim.

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Market and CathedralMarket and Cathedral
Market and Cathedral

The two ingredients for medieval towns.

Beside the cathedral

I guess I should have turned the camera the other way to get the tower. I paid $5 to climb the 134 steps.
Tower topTower top
Tower top

There are four doors at the top of cathedral tower, each with a small balcony outside
Mountains Mountains

Outside Christchurch are snowcovered mountains
Inside cathedralInside cathedral
Inside cathedral

Its quite plain inside, but I like this kids display.


crafts for sale in market

Good Rugby will happen here next year

The play (top poster) sounds great but it was last week

Potato and something (think it was type of sweet potato) soup and small bagal.
School HolidaysSchool Holidays
School Holidays

This is last day of school holidays. Yippeee! No more teens hanging out downtown
My Hotel RoomMy Hotel Room
My Hotel Room

Tres chic, Tres Petite
Mood lightsMood lights
Mood lights

Hotel So has tiny, ultra modern rooms with mood lighting. Apparently the wake-up call is pre-programmed lights and music. I'll let you know if I get it to work

It reminds me of an airplane bathroom, but its so chic that it seems tolerable.

Somewheres in this city there are haka performances several times a day.
Looking downLooking down
Looking down

I like the blue colour of inside

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