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July 16th 2010
Published: July 16th 2010
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Maori design
I'll upload photos of Auckland from yesterday, then photos from Christchurch this afternoon. Flying between the two cities is quiet easy and cheap. I've booked the train through the mountains to Greymouth tomorrow and am looking forward to spectacular photos. *cross fingers*
HOURS later....can you tell that was the text from a person trying to just upload photos from an internet cafe? I haven't had any time to reflect and type on this thing, which I suppose is a good sign that I'm having fun.
Jet lag has faded and I'm sleeping 6 to 7 hours in the correct timeslot. I'm the early bird happy to throw on track pants and join the walkers pre-dawn. Amazing light that elevates trees to 'larger than life' status makes every bush seem energized. When the birds wake up to sing, I feel smug because I was here before them.
I've had great visit with Servas friends and have learned so much about New Zealand (no predators) and Auckland (urban design and inventor winners). Last night I had a typical N.Z. supper with roast lamb, two types of potato, veggies, good wine, and kiwi fruit palova desert (I think I massacred the spelling of the desert). The best thing was the company, laughter and discussions about global politics and demographics.
The photos and comments in this blog try to describe the good things I see here, and the beautiful views. New Zealanders really are like the Maritimers/Canadians, only well traveled and cosmopolitan. The bubbling conversations about countries and cities are those of comparison, not bragging. Travelers recognize each other as the gypsy philosophers that they are, and there is a sense of gratitude that we can range far.
I have been querying people about the top five picks of places to see in N.Z. Also, is there anything wrong with this place? Geeez, makes you jealous of the environment, no predators, no poisonous snakes or bugs, no poison ivy (some stinging nettle in the South), low population, dramatic topography, great beaches, laid back lifestyle....yup, this country seems to be the 'best' that I have visited. Maybe I'm lazy and relaxed that everyone speaks English.... with an accent. ha ha
I've learned alot about N.Z. inventors, e.g. those comfy cubicles on airplanes. Stay tuned to this blog, it might get more text when my friends email me some details, such as the name of

View from waterfront
the juicy red fruit in photo in next blog.
Where am I now? A plane took me to Christchurch, and the next blog is almost complete. Wish you were here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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gotta buy a t-shirt here before I return to Canada
Plaque Plaque

This explains the wooden figures in first photo

looking back to city

Ancient volcano is now an island in harbour
Swamp HensSwamp Hens
Swamp Hens

Coy things, made me follow them across the road, over fence and down hill to get the shot.
Urban Design 1Urban Design 1
Urban Design 1

Look! they imprint design on boring concrete overpasses....Marvelous
Fish ScalesFish Scales
Fish Scales

Haver you ever seen concrete decorations in any city? I have not.
Urban Design 2Urban Design 2
Urban Design 2

Look at this bike path bridge over a tidal brook! Beautiful

So organic and whimsical

The name of the wavey bridge. It has blue lights at night

Park near bike bridge
Golden KiwiGolden Kiwi
Golden Kiwi

Centre fruit, green kiwi beside it.

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