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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whitianga November 21st 2018

20th November Woke up about 6, opened the van door, as it does get a bit steamed up at night. Carried on dozing while listening to the waves and the dawn chorus. Woke up proper about 7ish. Headed to the kitchen to make tea and toast I decided would try having a bigger breakfast to see if I could ward of hunger pangs mid morning. Breakfast was avocado on toast plus a bowl of cereal. Sorted the van out, headed to the kitchen to wash up and had a shower all ready to leave by 9.20. Pretty good going I thought. Carried on my journey south towards Opotiki, on the way I saw a sign for a regional park at Ohiwa and took a right turn, sat nav was not happy that I had deviated from ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whitianga January 8th 2017

Nous voici à Whitianga (prononcer Fitiangua) qui porte le nom maori suivant: Te Tara-o-te-Ika-a-Maui; la signification a un rapport avec les "stingray"qui sont les raies dotées d'un dard, les eaux en sont peuplées et il est facile d'en voir. Nous posons nos valises à Cat's Pyjama, notre auberge, notre "backpacker" comme on dit, la veille de notre premier jour de travail en 2017. Comme promis une chambre pour deux qui ferme à clés pour le prix en dortoir. Bref on s'installe, on a un frigo et un congélateur, une place dans un placard pour disposer la nourriture, une cour intérieure, salon avec DVD etc ..mais surtout pas de quoi s'ennuyer surtout avec une bande de joyeux lurons dont une montpelliéraine (enfin du Crès hein ;D). La barrière de la langue n'empêche pas de sacrés fous-rires et ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whitianga December 17th 2015

Hi all still got wifi, been great day, went across the bay on the ferry for a walk to cooks bay ( where captain Cook first landed ), it was a Good walk on the way back we stopped at a wacky coffee house called the eggssentric, and the owner was just that.Went to The Lost Spring of whitianga, they are natural hot spring water temps are between 32 degrees and 42 degrees, spent most of the afternoon in the spar waters, then had a really good meal after. If you get up to the Coromandel you should spend some time in the spar pools.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whitianga January 24th 2013

I didn't manage to write yesterday as the Bed and Breakfast we were staying in didn't have internet access for guests... We had a wonderful drive from Auckland to Whitianga along the Surf Coast Road 25. It took us about 7 hours but the panoramas were breathtaking and we had to stop so often to take photographs.We had fish ( no chips ) at the most famous chippie in NZ and I also had a dozen pacific oysters fresh from the sea that morning from a shack on the shore...unforgettable! Today we drove to Tauranga but stopped on hot water beach for s couple of hours. Around low tide you can try digging a hole in the sand on the beach and if you are lucky you will find hot spring water. we dug and dug ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whitianga December 21st 2012

As we approach the end of our trip and try get our minds firmly set on Christmas we have opted to stay in an apartment in Whitiang, on the Coromandel Peninsular. This is within relatively close distance from Auckland and our flight home. And what a place we have chosen - overlooking Mercury Bay and the Pacific in which we had a little dip today. When we arrived yesterday from Rotorua it looked as though it might rain. And it did! Not quite what we had expected, even though the temperature was still in the early 20's. The sky stayed grey for most of the evening and the prospects for today were not good. Hurricane Evan that caused such havoc in Fiji last week was said to be the cause and that it would be wet ... read more
Paradise Found!
Keeping fit!
Tsunamis hazard!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whitianga April 24th 2012

Been so busy guys, sometimes its hard to find the time just to sit still, i think i will need a holiday when i get home, again i have been blessed with the sunshine, not a drop of rain, leaving Whitianga this morning had a good stay met some great and no so great people, only the great ones matter, met a geordie chap name of Gordan, top chapping had a great old yarn with him, got a new mate Pete had a really good, all be it loud natter (it was the anzacs rugby game) loud is not the word, but what an atmosphere, like it used to be when england played scotland, why have we lost so much of our national pride?????? its sad. Anyway of on the bike heading south not sure where ... read more
now thats a brekkie
whitianga 017

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whitianga March 13th 2012

Kiwilästä Lähtö ausseista ei sujunu parhaalla tavalla. Eka vollotettiin, että joudutaan lähteen, mutta sitten käsimatkataroitten läpivalasussa parku vaste ratkes, kun oltiin huolimattomuuksissamme jätetty kynsisakset, parturisakset ja liikanesteitä reppuun. Parturisakset oli halvat markettiversiot eikä tuottanut kyyneleitä. Fiskarssin kynsisakset, jotka isältä pojalle hengessä kulkenut tiäs kuinka kauan matkassa (mun matkaan ne tarttu kotoo muutettaessa, mutta ne oli kotona ollu niin kauan, kun muistan). No nyt ne jatko tarinaansa happaman näkösen virkailijan näppeihin. Toivottavasti joku saa ne lentokentän pikkujouluarvonnoista vielä käyttöönsä. Lindan kasvosaippua jäi kans arvontapalkinnoks. Kaikki nää merkit näytti siltä, ettei meidän haluttu poistuvan australiasta. Linda otti kolmen tunnin nokoset koneessa ja ite kattelin leffan. Löydettiin hyvin... read more
Shakespare Cliff
Cathedral cove

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whitianga June 6th 2011

After the nice weather on our driving day, it rained again last night! Fortunately, it had stopped by the morning and left the sky with scattered clouds. Suzy went for a walk on the beach early and upon her return we formulated a plan for the day. The proprietor of our accommodations told us that low tide wasn't until 4PM, so that gave us most of the day before we could access the hot water on the beach. This unique area spends most of the day submerged and is only exposed at about 2 hours on either side of low tide. We drove north to the "town" of Hahei, a few kilometers to the north. There wasn't much to it, so we kept going north and found a trailhead to a couple of bays. We took ... read more
Cruising through Whitianga
Theo climbing to the top!
Crazy scene at Hot Water Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whitianga April 6th 2011

April 1-5 Whitianga - another touch of paradise Whitianga easily makes it into my top places to visit on this trip. It is a small, touristy beach community that has not yet been wrecked by tourism. We are staying in another YHA hostel, but this one has apartments rather than dorms. We are in a small private apartment with our own ensuite and kitchen whereas most of the others are two bedroom apartments that are shared like small dorms. Not having to share kitchen and lounge space does make for a nice change. We spent our first full day here going on a 12km hike. We walked the km to the ferry that took us on a quick 5 minute ride across the estuary. From there we started following the bush trails up over the ... read more
Cook Beach
Whitianga Beach
Catherdara Cove Cave

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whitianga February 17th 2011

The Canadians left before I came out of my room to eat breakfast. I was sorry not to have had a chance to say goodbye to them. I did speak to them in passing, seeing them in the breakfast area, as I went from my room to the restroom. It had been a chilly night, and I told them that I had a new theory: that New Zealand was really just a couple of icebergs calved off from Antarctica, and the sheep and cattle and deer were optical illusions. It really astounds me that New Zealand is so cold. In the South Island, when we were at the equivalent latitude of southern Canada, I could sort of understand it, but here I'm at the equivalent latitude of Raleigh, North Carolina. It should not be this ... read more
Beach rest area
T'ai Chi

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