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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whangarei » Tutukaka February 14th 2015

Today we met Patrick and Ashlee for a walk around the rocks from Schoolhouse Bay to Wellingtons Bay. It was short and sweet but what a nice way to start the day with a cup of tea/coffee afterwards!... read more
Patrick sitting on a rock posing
We climbed to the lookout
Don't jump

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whangarei » Tutukaka July 29th 2014

Well, last little stop in New Zealand, this time it's 46 hours Kiwi time... I didn't sleep a lot, but I did a lot! And most of it, with great weather... I landed just after 3pm, and took a rental car straight from the first enjoy the traffic jams Auckland had to offer. My destination today is Whangarei, 180km north of Auckland airport, but it took me a good one hour to do the first 30km in order to get on Highway One to the North. It's deep winter time, so the sun is down early, and by 6pm it is pitch black...and I was going to enjoy as much of the scenery of the North Island by day light as I could while driving. Made it to Whangarei just before 7pm. Time to stock ... read more
Eagle Ray
Early morning near Tutukaka....
Nudibranches  everywhere...

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whangarei » Tutukaka January 8th 2014

Have u heard about Abbey caves? There is a place near Whangerei where u can have a walk in caves with bees inside.U need a lamp in the dark to make your way through. Above u can discover many glow worms. They look like shining stars in the milky way. We visited three different caves. The first one is the biggest. At the end of the walk u can have a cold water beach.That was my absolute favourite.Now, my circulation is on the run.... Apart from marvellous glow worm I have seen some nice animals for the first time: -stick insect -eel -queen bee sourrounded by drones -bees performing a swinging dance... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whangarei » Tutukaka February 9th 2013

For our last two weeks of the trip we have based ourselves in Whangarei (pronounced Fong-gar-ay), which is about 100 miles N of Auckland and is the principal town of the Northland Peninsula. For the first few days we just explored the area around Whangarei harbour - which is about 14 miles long - and is indented with dozens of coves and pristine beaches. The whole of the eastern side of Northland is a paradise for anyone into water-based activities; be it sailing, fishing, kayaking or snorkelling. We spent an afternoon on a dolphin-watching trip from the Bay of Islands town of Paihia: after cruising thro' the islands for a couple of hours the skipper was getting anxious as there were no dolphins to be seen; perhaps they had had enough of tourists for the day. ... read more
Paihia bay

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whangarei » Tutukaka December 28th 2012

Today it was warm and muggy again with a bit of light rain. We decided to go the beach anyway for a swim. See the photos.......... read more
taking out the dinghy
Wellingtons Bay
Joseph actually went in

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whangarei » Tutukaka April 20th 2012

Auckland We arrived in Auckland after a smooth three hour flight from Fiji. When I stepped off the plane it was tough to not say Bula to people!! We decided to check out Auckland for two days and we had a very rough plan to book a camper somewhere before then. So after hopping onto the bus and checking into the YHA hostel we went on a jaunt down the main road in Auckland, Queen St. It was clear that our overall experience here in New Zealand was going to be so different than our previous few months. For one, walking down the street we were not being stared at, that there were fully functioning traffic lights and people followed them and that really the way of life here is the same as home. This means ... read more
Shortland St
Ice Bar
Mt Eden

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whangarei » Tutukaka February 8th 2012

Today we packed another picnic and headed out early to Wellingtons Bay for a walk along the beach - it was deserted! Then we drove to Tutukaka and looked at the boats..... We wondered why there were camermen everywhere, plus reporters - then we saw why....the small Navy launch had grounded on some rocks and was towed to Tutukaka - the Navy divers were there trying to refloat it.... gradually the bow was getting higher and higher- I took so photos. Time for coffee at Schnapper Rock and another crossword to complete in the sunshine. It was too cold in the water for a swim, so we had our picnic at Whangaumu Bay and then drove home.... read more
Wellingtons Bay
The Navy Launch

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whangarei » Tutukaka January 15th 2012

This morning we went to Kowhaiwera Bay to have morning tea and a paddle. We met some strange people there! here are some photos............. read more
beach 15Jan 004

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whangarei » Tutukaka January 2nd 2012

Our Thanksgiving...better late than never. Click the video link to the left to see our meal fit for kings. -sean... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Whangarei » Tutukaka October 19th 2011

Our last day in NZ today :( Sad to be leaving (even though it's chucking it down with rain!) but very excited for Fiji tomorrow! So, since the last blog entry we've been pretty busy again! Did the Waitomo glow worm caves last week which were amazing - Rich did tubing in the caves on a rubber ring through the tunnels, etc. whilst I opted for the much more hardcore option of a walk and a boat ride :P With the bad weather the next day we decided to have a more relaxed day and went to the cinema in Manakau (where they have a Westfields centre!), and then it was time to drive further up north to Whangarei to visit Rich's other Uncle and Aunt. They have a very swanky place (with a pool, cinema ... read more

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