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April 19th 2007
Published: April 19th 2007
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Day 8: Today I woke up early so that I could enjoy the first bit of sunshine we have got to enjoy in a few days. So me and this guy who just joined my tour went down town to check out Cuba street that we have herd so much about. Hanging out down there I fell in love with Wellington. It is really down to earth and chilled. Everyone seems really friendly and there is alot of cool shops. I think so far it is my favorit city that I have been to. Its not very big but it has a very artistic feel about it. There is so many coffee shops and book stores. I have finally found stores that I really enjoy because untill now I have not really enjoyed the shopping here. So after a few hours of enjoying down town we decided to walk up to the botanical gardens. Which were beautiful, and very relaxing to walk around. it was such a nice day out it was great to be able to do so much walking around. But we decided to talk the cable car back down town just to say that we have been on it. I had herd lots about it but not that exciting, kinda cute tho. We then took a walk along the harbour and went for lunch. The more I saw of Wellington the more I enjoyed it. It has so many different things to it but it all has the same sort of feel to it. If I ever moved to New Zealand I would move here.Later that day a few of my friends that I have not seen since Rotorua arrived here. So I was pretty excited to see them, so we hung out at the bar downstairs where we are staying and then went and checked out a bar downtown. Wellington has a great night life, I cant wait till later on in the week when it actually starts getting busy cuz its a bit quite right now.
Day 9: Today I woke up with a bit of a cold so I was not in the mood to go out right away and it was raining anyways so I decided to stay in and do some washing and just hang out for a bit. Then later we went to the Muesum that they have here. Its like 6 floors and is pretty amazing. They has so much stuff in it and information about all of New zealand. It was pretty cool to see but alot of information to take in. It took us 2 hours to do only 2 of the floors and I was not feeling very good so we decided that all we would do for the day and then maybe go see more of it the next day. That night I decided to go see a film with a few of my friends. We went and saw this english film. It was an interesting experience to say the least. Half of it I could not understand why it was funny, some of it was really well done but it changed so much that I kept changing my opinon on it. But it was pretty good, different thats for sure. but the theaters here are really nice so t was cool to go see a movie here cuz this was the first place that the lord of the rings was shown. I decided today that I'm going to spend a few more days here to try and get better and relaxe a bit before moving around to so many places again. You get tried of driving some where new every day, its nice to relaxe and not spend so much money.
I will update again in a few days before I leave Wellington. But I''m doing good other then the fact that I'm sick. I wish everyone could see it here, its amazing!


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