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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington » Lower Hutt September 6th 2015

Getting to the stage where we want to leave tomorrow, not in 7 days time. Lyn's still at work this week but I'm at home attempting to ensure we've done all the little things we need to. Packing - leaving out clothes, putting them back in, umming and aahing...all part of the excitement of the impending journey. We've belatedly realised that the temperatures in Germany will be a little cooler than we had imagined. Average temperatures for September appear to be around 13 to 14 degrees up to a maximum of about 19 or 20. That has meant a rethink of what clothes to take especially as Hong Kong and Tokyo will be up to 10 degrees warmer. Roll on 13 September!... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington » Lower Hutt August 7th 2015

Six weeks until we head off for a short, 4 week trip to Hong Kong, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Japan on the way home - partly for work, partly for leisure. In the throes of organising last minute accommodation and travel and checking out the places we want to visit. We're staying in Mannheim, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin. Hoping to do a side trip to Prague from Berlin for a few nights. Also aiming to spend a couple of nights in Amsterdam if we can fit it in amongst the work schedule. Osaka and Tokyo in Japan. The lead up to a trip is always exciting. Doing all the preparation just makes it more real and anticipatory. Can't wait!... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington » Lower Hutt April 26th 2015

Wow, we are on day six and I am already exhausted. Here is what we have accomplished in the past four days. I will also include a few of the photos that I said were in the other blog but ran out of time via wifi internet to load them. Currently I am writing you from a Wellington Ferry as we just embarked on a 4 hour ferry ride to Pickin. Free wifi for the whole trip so I hope that for this blog I am able to share all the information and photos before we land. Wifi is a bit slow, but hey it's free and unlimited. #firstworldproblems We picked up our van in Raglan, stayed the night in camp called soulscape, and the next morning woke up and decided to try an take a ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington » Lower Hutt April 7th 2014

Took the northern explorer train from Auckland to Wellington. Not too bad. Had our own booth with table and headset of audio tour telling us hx of inland North island and how the Mauri settled it. Outdoor viewing car ,but our carriage had great views also. When we arrived in Wellington. It Was dark and rainy. Now it's fall here, so dark earlier than when we first arrived. Coffee is ordered as long black or short black , but these are espresso. Wine very Good , especially the whites . Not the best weather for bold reds. Since it's raining today in Wellington, we are going to work out at gym called Habit. And then try to find the museum called Te Papa down by the waterfront. oh today is an off day for the royals. ... read more
Ron on the Kiwi rail to wellington
North Island on Kiwi rail
kiwi rail

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington » Lower Hutt February 23rd 2014

Thursday 13th We complete our packing and leave for the airport in plenty of time. Check in goes smoothly and we board on time for the flight. The flight passes quickly and we arrive in New Zealand around 5.30. That’s when the problems start ! We que for 45 mins just to get through immigration and go and get our luggage. We then all have to que again for checking we’re not carrying prohibited items such as soil, plants and food etc. Another 45 mins go bye and because we have walking boots we are then directed to yet another que to have them inspected. This que has dozens of people in, mostly Chinese bringing in food. It takes over an hour before we are called for inspection. The chap takes one look at the boots ... read more
Dragon at Lantern Festival
Hells Gate

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington » Lower Hutt July 26th 2012

We were on our way to Wellington to visit our friend, Peter, who has been living in NZ for about 10 months and works at the Earthquake Commission. We were really looking forward to catching up with him. We stopped in a town on the way called Bulls, before reaching Wellington about 4pm. We arrived in the motorpark Peter recommended to us. We were getting set up and settled in when we heard "Hey strangers", and there was Peter with a big bag of goodies! We sat in Red Dwarf drinking goon (wine in a box), catching up and eating the goodies Peter brought (rice crackers and Kiwi dip). We felt hungry after a while so we went to a great pizza place called Red Dog, and got 2 huge pizzas. After the pizzas we got ... read more
At Molly Malones
Orlagh and Dave at the Square in Wellington
Peetah and Orlagh

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington » Lower Hutt February 29th 2012

New Zealand has been a wonderful journey. You can tell this country was colonized less than two hundred years ago. The relationship the New Zealanders have with the native culture is very different from anywhere else I have been. Maybe because they had more experience with taking over the locals or because the Maori were cannibalistic and cooked a few unsavory European interlopers, but Europeans didn't eradicate the culture of the Maori. Maori is recognized as an official language of the country and they are allocated seats in the government. Of course, that doesn't mean Europeans didn't try to take as much land and resources for themselves as they could. But there is definitely a much more prevalent Maori culture here than, for example, Aboriginal culture is in Australia. In the last two weeks I have ... read more
My Rafting Crew
Waitomo Caves
Ruakuri Reserve

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington » Lower Hutt January 21st 2012

So here I am, two weeks into my travel adventures and I have already seen and done so many exciting things that it is hard to believe it was all possible in such a short time. I met up with my travel partner, Michelle, and we both decided to participate in the Kiwi Experience which is a hop on-hop off bus. Basically the bus drops you off wherever you want on a predetermined route and each individual gets to decide how long they want to stay in each place before arranging to hop back on the bus. Because it is high season, Michelle and I have booked our entire schedule all the way to Christchurch (where our flights depart) in order to ensure that there is room for us on all the buses when we need/want ... read more
Maori Cultural Show

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington » Lower Hutt November 12th 2011

So had about one day in Wellington, we went to the Te Papa museum which ids the national museum of New Zealand. We also walked along the waterfront and up and down Cuba Street which is the main street. I found Wellington very funky with a lot of art and a very relaxed city. We also went up to Mount Victoria and looked out over Wellington before we headed to the ferry to cross over to the South Island. We stayed in Nelson the first night on the South Island and we had the best Indian food ever. Nelson is not a big place and mainly famous for their seafood. Our visit was short however we defiantly enjoyed our dinner.... read more
Beer tasting
Wellington from Mount Victoria

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington » Lower Hutt November 10th 2011

Second day in Wellington and it is very cold and wet – so we decided to go to the Zoo and Zealandia (both outdoors so we are proving how hard we are!). We can recommend both – the Zoo was quite small but well presented – about 3 hours is all you need to see all the animals (unless you want to attend each of the keepers presentations in which case you will need longer). Zealandia is a wild life reserve that is preserving as far as possible the natural wildlife – we only had 2.5 hours and it was far too short – to do it justice you could spend all day there including the excellent indoor exhibition. Well worth the visit. It’s going to be an early night so we can get to the ... read more

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