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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington Region » Paraparaumu December 7th 2014

A long and painful series of flights landed me safely in Wellington. The sinuses that had been suffering through a cold since last weekend made their complaints known all the way through the many hours on planes. The first flight was empty so I claimed a row of seats managed to lie down and even get some sleep. From Bangkok to Auckland was a different story - a full plane with a small army of people who clearly lacked any understanding of the concept of personal space. That made landing in NZ an even bigger relief than normal. Seamless transfer (by foot) to the domestic terminal and thence to Wellington. Cloudy day so no clear views of the volcanoes on the way down. The beauty of the approach to Wellington was completely overtaken by intense pain. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington Region » Paraparaumu February 5th 2011

4 February 2011 This morning was pencilled in as one for a lie in since we had Nelson in our sights for tonight's stop and we knew that it was just under 100km away (a helpful sign just across of the road from the campsite told us that) - there was therefore no hurry to get moving in the morning. The trouble was that our bodies seem to rather like early rises and we were therefore awake at the usual time of 6.30am. Since we weren't in a rush, we executed a leisurely morning tea routine, probably played a couple of hands of Monopoly Deal and then set out on our way. I dimly recalled that, as I was drifting off to sleep last night, Gregg said something about how wonderful it would be if ... read more
The can at the holiday park in Nelson
Here I am
The amazing felafel pitta

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington Region » Paraparaumu January 10th 2009

January, 2009 Friday, 2nd I left Clive & Lize’s at 7am, not realizing it’s a public holiday and the busses only run from 08:30. I phoned a taxi and was at the train station in a flash! Public transport rocks! I took the train, and various other modes of transportation including my feet to El Ranch (Waikanae Christian Holiday Park). I checked into my flat, aptly named The Ritz, unpacked and set about exploring the grounds with a map. I walked around for about 2 hours, including the 20min walk to Waikanae beach. The grounds are huge and it’s really beautiful here. I stood and watched as Sam and Burnie took some kids from the motor camp Go karting. I observed how they interacted with the kids and their parents, quite interesting. After the session I ... read more
Kapiti Island
The Ritz... my home for the next month.

For the past 5 days we have been staying with our friend Ron Head. Ron lives on the kapiti coast just north of Wellington. It has been great to Ron again, he stayed with us in 2005. The Kapiti Coast is named because just off the coast is Kapiti Island. Ron lives right on the beach. Went to a Friendship Force meeting. The Kapiti Coast FF is hosting a group from Hanover, Germany. They really know how to do up their meeting. Lovely supper, wine etc. Tomorrow we will leave for the south island. We sail from Wellington to Picton at 8:30 AM. We have to get at 5:30 AM, not Juanita favorite time of the day. Kiwi word for the day is Chilly Bin. This is picnic cooler. Attached is a few pictures of the ... read more
Ron's house
Kite Boarding
Friendship Force

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington Region » Paraparaumu February 29th 2008

New Zealand thoughts & observations 1. Language - it takes awhile to pick up on the pronunciation and terms. Some examples: W sounds like da Kiwis tend to raise their voice as they finish talking, often I am trying to figure out what the question is and they are simply saying I’m done talking, your turn. 2. Terms - Kiwis have a lot of terms that are different than US English and for the most part very descriptive. An example is an auto body shop is where the panel beaters work. The shop is called a panel beaters shop. Kiwis always use the term scheme for plan. They have saving schemes, retirement schemes and business schemes. A section is basically what we call a building lot. There are enough of these that are just sort of ... read more
Habor-Napier 2
Apple Trees-Hawks Bay
Overlook in Napier

I've had a fantastic few days here in Paraparaumu and around. I've gotten used to the weather, and it's not so shocking anymore. Tuesday Janine and I took Anya into Porirua to the shopping centre. There was an end of season sale at Canterbury, so I picked up a few things to keep me warm here, and to fill a box to send back to Canada full of things I won't need when I get to Fiji next week. Wednesday I took the train into Wellington. I love travelling by train, and the section between Paekakariki (pie-cok-a-ree-kee) and Pukerua Bay (poke-er-ua bay) is especially stunning. One one side are the steep green hills, and on the other side, the rugged coast and Kapiti Island looming over it all. It's about 50 minutes by train to Wellington ... read more
Civic Square in Wellington
The Beehive and the largest wooden building in the Southern Hermisphere
Lord of the Rings paraphanalia at Te Papa

I had hoped that the latest security delays wouldn't affect my flight to New Zealand as I wasn't flying anywhere near the UK. Getting out of Calgary was easy. Checking in was slow, but I think that was because the Air Canada agent checking me in was a bit of an idiot, not because of exctra security precautions. Getting through US Customs and Security in Calgary was easy--don't think I've ever got through faster actually. They didn't even ask to look at any of my photography equipment, or my mobile phone... I was due to be 7hrs in LA--a long wait in a dull boring terminal, but I thought it was managable. I had a surprisingly good diner at the LA Roadhouse route 66 dinner--a real gem with fantastic service, and good diner fare. It was ... read more
North Island Coastline
Mana Island (I think) and the South Island
Wellington Harbour

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