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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taumarunui February 15th 2023

We closed-up shop last night with the sky “on fire”. We reopened this morning to clear sky and the sun shining. The road conditions, opened or closed, for the route we planned to take, were checked. All good, even though there had been numerous rockfalls, landslides, washaways and fallen trees, all of which had been cleared from the main thoroughfare. We came across all of them with workmen still in attendance. Before leaving Hawera we explored it a little. A very clean, well ordered town with all the facilities one would need in this modern age. However, we both wanted to hit the road and experience The Forgotten World Highway. With Mt Taranaki/Mt Egmont clearly on our left we headed for Stratford and the beginning of Highway 43, more commonly known as The Forgotten World Highway. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taumarunui March 5th 2018

Day 6: Matamata to Mangakino, 90 km, Tailwind comes to the rescue The Donkey had learned through experience that feeling sorry for one self is unhelpful. It does not assist in solving any problems and it certainly does not make you feel better. When the Donkey woke up the next morning he shook his manes, stretched his body and moved his legs ever so gingerly. They were working better than the previous evening so that was a good start For the first part of the day’s journey towards the Waikato river trail the Donkey was joined by Showpony. The Donkey was very happy about this and everything felt as it should have been. Showpony lead the way. Obviously the pills Showpony was taking were working as the Donkey had trouble keeping pace with his friend. At ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taumarunui March 5th 2018

Day 7: Mangakino to the Timber Trail Lodge, 95km. The Donkey finds himself back and teams up with Spot The Donkey felt much better the next morning but just to make sure he took another handful of pills before departing, hoping that it did not contain sleeping pills, as that would be a disaster. Imagine what could happen when falling asleep on your bike. Showpony could give you a list of things of potential disasters and also advice on preventing these from happening including not taking a sleeping pill in the morning. The Donkey missed his friend. Otherwise the Donkey felt surprisingly cheerful, for a donkey that is, as generally donkeys are not know to be cheerful animals, in particular not early in the morning. Perhaps Showpony had put some happy pills in the bag he ... read more
Spot at the Centre of the North Island
The Centre of the North Island explained
The Donkey wondered if he had side effects from the medicine or if he had always looked like this

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taumarunui February 6th 2017

Hello folks and thanks for checking in with us. Ken would like to make the following observation: 'Mark Twain once famously said, "The coldest winter I ever experienced was a summer in San Francisco." Clearly, he'd never travelled to New Zealand's South Island. But we don't want to get off on a rant so soon.' Now back to me...It's been quite a long time since we updated our blog, as internet access has been a little sporadic, but here's a quick overview of our last few weeks. The weather has featured pretty prominently, not in a good way, so riding has been very challenging and we've had a few too many soggy camping nights. On the plus side, we've learned some amusing Kiwi expressions for describing the bad weather: 'turning to custard'; 'it's gone a little ... read more
Bridge on the Otago Rail Trail
Fi and Anne
Boiling eggs at the pier in Queenstown

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taumarunui January 26th 2013

Wij zijn lid van Servas ( Nee, dat is niet 1 of andere socialistische afscheidingsbeweging of historische vereniging. Servas is een organisatie waar mensen bij aangesloten zijn die het leuk vinden om reizigers 2 nachten bij hen thuis te laten slapen en samen te eten en de dag door te brengen. Wij hebben dan wel geen huis, maar we zijn wel reizigers die het leuk vinden om bij lieve Nieuw-Zeelanders in huis te slapen. Dus zijn we voor we vertrokken nog snel lid geworden en net voordat we aan de Forgotten World Highway begonnen, zijn we voor het eerst bij een Servas-familie blijven slapen. David en Marion, een iets ouder stel uit Manunui hadden alle tijd en zin om ons te ontvangen. Hoera! En dus kwamen wij op zaterdag 26 januari, na een enorme beklimming en ... read more
Het was een flinke klim, maar dan heb je ook wat
Veerle duikt weg

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taumarunui January 22nd 2011

Ilona>>>> we caught the bus from Te Awamutu to Taumarunui, We had the last 2 seats on the bus! lucky shot..! arriving 2 hours later we get picked up ( as arranged) by this lovely woman who owns the camping (together with her husband) we are staying at. we booked 2 nights and straight away we loved this camping, there were a certain atmosphere there. we got good friends with the owners, and they were helping us booking canoes and driving us to the supermarkets etc, again we are cursed with rain, drying our wash becomes a nightmare, and the canoe trip got delayed. due to heavy rain, the currents speed up al lot on the river. so we end up booking one more night in the camping, but this time we book a cabin, so ... read more
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