2011 Rugby World Cup New Zealand adventure - Cape Reinga

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September 14th 2011
Published: January 10th 2013
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Drove from Owera to Paihia after looking for a place to stay and asking about what was around the cheapest option was paying for 24hrs in a car park. Got an early night after having a BBQ off the side of the van.

Up the next morning we hoped on the boat and headed over the Russel, New Zealands first capital. Had a good look around it was a nice small town nothing to exciting then we went back to Paihia on the boat and drove the van up to Cape Reinga. Run into some French blokes standing in the middle of the road on the way. They were worried about running out of fuel I told they should be able to make it there and back. Didn't see them again so they must have done alright. We arrived at Cape Reinga on sun down and it was an incredible view.

We decided to camp at a free camp site near by and after driving down this dirt road it was dark and hard to see after driving around looking for a spot to put the van I found a gully and bogged the van. Got out realised we were stuffed. Since it was late we decided to organise a feed and get drunk. After going for a walk around the camp area to see who else was about my mate met these other two blokes from Melbourne who were also driving around following the world cup.

In the morning we got up early after not remember how I went to sleep and waking up off the floor (possibly rolled out of bed because of the lean). A nice lady walked over and offered some help as she had a rope and a 4x4 van. She got us out no worries and I was pretty happy after that knowing that we could have been stuck there a long time with no phone reception.


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