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R: Next we had some time to kill. We took a scenic drive to Napier on the east coast over some exciting mountain terrain that was better than it looked on the map. We took our first obligatory trip to Countdown - a Sainsburys like supermarket that we seem to have spent half our trip in. After a quick picnic by the sea, trying to find Cape Kidnappers (so called as some Maori once thought the British were kidnapping a young polynesian child, who actually was working in their ship as a cabin boy). The area is inaccessible due to a colony of ganets, so we moved on. But it did look very reminiscent of Dorset cliffs. The area, Hawkes Bay, is full of wineries. This area is famous for its Syrah and Chardonnay. We arrived ... read more
Art Deco in Napier
So real, it gets a sign
The RØGburger

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast » Napier March 24th 2015

Forgot to say about Cape Kidnappers, in Maori legend the Cape itself was the hook with which Maui pulled the North Island from the sea. So it got its name in 1769 from the famous explorer Captain James Cook, when local Maori attempted to kidnap a young Tahitian boy from his ship the Endeavour. Thought I would give you all some Maori legends !!... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast » Napier March 24th 2015

Evening everyone, well what a fab day we had today and all by accident, didn't plan anything, but got in the car and thought we would head further down the coast. We went to a place called Te Awanga where we saw a group of school children sat in a field, so we went in and I spoke to one of the parents who said they had just been shown sheep shearing. Well, whoopee, that was on my list, so I found the farmer or maybe the sheep shearer as there called and he said 'sure I'll shear a sheep for you' !!! How good was that. It was great, just me and Stu there, the little sheep didn't like it much to begin with, he'd never been sheared before, he was about 7 months old, ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast » Napier February 26th 2015

Geo: -39.4917, 176.916Hamilton and Napier 13th - 26th FebruaryI forgot to mention that when we first arrived in NZ I downloaded the GeoNet App. It is an App which sends an alert when there is an earthquake in or around New Zealand. That night I was awoken every couple of hours by a bleep from my iPad, as each earthquake was recorded. I had no idea that earthquakes are so frequent here! They are constant and even on a higher level setting (ignoring the 2 weakest levels of quake) they occur every 2 to 3 hours. I did not make the same mistake again and switched it off between 11pm and 7am for the rest of our stay.The Hamilton Arts Festival was very enjoyable. It burst open with the Soweto Gospel Choir which filled the stage ... read more
Bridge reflection in Hamilton Park.
The Lunch -Slightly French Impressionist?
Perfect weather as always

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast » Napier January 8th 2015

Geo: -39.4917, 176.916Today was special! No shore excursions, as an old friend and associate who helped spearhead the establishment of Class Software down under lives with his wife and three kids in between Hastings and Napier, the Twin Cities or the Bay Cities.Scott and his lovely wife Emma agreed to meet us at the shuttle bus drop off and tour us around the area. allowing us to catch up at the same time.The total population of the area is 128,000 and it is located in Hawkes Bay, which is also the name of the region. Napier is smaller but is seen as major centre due to its proximity to the sea and airport. The City of Napier was razed due to a major earthquake in 1931 and the town had to be rebuilt, the result of ... read more
Port of Napier
Old Prison - Napier
Scott & Alex @ Napier Prisoner's Guarden

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast » Napier January 31st 2014

Geo: -39.4917, 176.916In February 1931 Napier was flattened by a huge earthquake that went on for over 2 minutes, a loing time for an earthquake it seems. Buildings not destroyed by that stood a good chance of being consumed by the fire that followed, firemen got the engines out of the damaged fire station but the water pipes had been fractured.The rebuilding process was highly organised and the decision only to allow reinforced concrete suited the in-mode buiklding style of the day, Art DEco. So trhe who town is a riot of Art DEco style, with some Spanish Mission, and the preservation society does a great job helping to ensure it stays looking right and organising tours and a huge Art Deco weekend once a year on the anniversary of the quake.We stayed in one of ... read more
the local paper - as was
take a tour of the town in this
the lady who led the parade

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast » Napier March 1st 2011

Geo: -39.4917, 176.916Napier has a special Art Deco Weekend in February which we attended. Richard had the onerous task of booking accommodation for us at a late date when nothing was left in Napier itself. However, he managed to find a room in Havelock North, only a fifteen minute drive from the town. The only concern was that the room accommodates ten so we were not sure if we had to share, which would probably have required us to purchase 8 sets of ear plugs for ohers to deaden our snores. Luckily the room was all ours, (complete with ten bunks if we wished) and as we left most bunks folded away, we had lots of space. The campsite itself was reminiscent of the holiday camps at home in the 50's, with crazy golf, an indoor ... read more
Napier Seafront
Napier Seafront - the other direction
Poster advertising the Weekend

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast » Napier February 5th 2011

Sorry been a while since i've been on here. Been on a bit of a road trip. Having left Auckland, i made my way to Mount Maunganui. I stayed there longer than i should. The weather was so nice and the beaches there were amazing! Really nice little cafes, and great walks as well. After that i was in Gisborne. The town it's self was not that impressive, but it had some nice shops, and some great beaches. Again some really good walks. The town is the first place where Captain Cook landed. They seem to be very proud of this fact as there's loads of statues. I've just arrived in Napier now, so i'll probably stay a few days here. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast » Napier January 7th 2008

Hello everybody, I'm losing a bit the rhythm of writing my story in time. Last time a added pictures that should be in this entry. So it is a bit mixed up. Anyway, I'll try to cover the whole story uptill today! So last time, I ended the story at the 29th of december whem I was leaving for the east cape trip, with the main goal: the rythm and vines festival the 31st of december. So with a full bus, 11 people I think, we left. Jason the busdriver was a local Maori guy, so he knew all the little nice places, beaches and bays all over! The first day we arrived at in Pihi's place in Maraehako bay. A great backpackers right on the beach! We were there for ten minutes and immideatly jumped ... read more
Tongariro crossing
skydive Taupo

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast » Napier January 1st 2008

DATE VISITED: 30TH DECEMBER 07 It took a good few hours to get from Rotorua to our first stop at the East Cape which was on the East Coast around the corner. The hostel was right by the sea and our pitch was in their garden along with a few other tents. Some other travellers were here and we shared a few beers chatting and exchanging tips that night.. The host was really relaxed and made us feel real welcome. We loved the outdoor kitchen where making my vegetarian curry was a treat with a sea view and accompanying breeze! The outdoor shower was refreshing too! The journey to here was long but worth it for the coastal views and quite hilly and rugged hill terraine (the forested mountains in the distance were pretty too!). The ... read more

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