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December 21st 2008
Published: December 21st 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

It's been a while but things have been pretty full on with me in the last few months.


For the last 3 ½ months three mornings each week I’m up by 5am and off to a fitness club training session - but no ordinary training session - it’s boot camp. Crawl around on your stomach in all kinds of weather and dirt conditions, push-ups and sit-ups at the beach and in the water, running with 20 lb bags of sand in backpacks up and down hills etc etc etc… needless to say - wow I’ve been tired.

I’ve rehearsed and auditioned for the role of Audrey II (the alien plant) in Little Shop of Horrors. That was an experience! I auditioned with the most respected community theater company in Auckland. There was a panel of five judges - far more pressure than American Idol. It’s unfair that vocally I’m not very skilled (no training) but not tone deaf - so I could hear every off note and late note and it drove me nuts. But all in all a very good experience and I’ll keep trying to break into the next level of performing arts.

I did a big trip right up to the northern most tip of New Zealand - some of you would have seen postcards.

It’s summer here now so you have to forgive me for not doing emailing or phoning. Spare time is spent outside.

Finally I’ve really been having a blast with my new company - The Building Intelligence Group. The project that is consuming 90% of my time is the new Telecom campus which comprises 4 towers of varying heights (6 to 9 floors with two to three levels of parking below).
Recently, my company completed the project management of a treehouse restaurant that was constructed (in a tree) for use as a film prop in an advertising campaign for the Yellow Pages.

We had our grand opening dinner for the team last Thursday. The photos are phantastic!

I’ll be away for a couple weeks traveling and lounging at the beach. I’ll try to post more photos in January.

Hope all is well for you.

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22nd December 2008

Kiwi NZ Green?
i love the way you Kiwis down under do GREEN Kill a Tree, Save a Fat White Boy and His Restaurant in the Sky. why isnt' the NZ Navy out sinking some of those Jap ships killing our whales. ever see the movie, 'Whale Rider"
22nd December 2008

How great it is to see you trying new things and accepting new challenges! Way to go!!
18th June 2009

I want to celebrate my birthday in July at the treehouse restaurant. How do I get about that? Where do I start? Please advice. Regards Indrani

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