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13th March 2017

Thanks for your honesty!
Thank you for an insightful and honest account of your experience here. Halong Bay has been on my travel list for quite some time, and after reading what you wrote I am rethinking it! Not that I don't think it isn't an incredible place, but most of the things you mentioned are things that would have bothered me too. Overcrowding, trash, a little bit of sickness... I wish it had been a tad better for ya'll! Wishing you safe and happy future travels ~Jennifer
14th March 2017

Halong Bay
I heard that there are a few cruises that have access further out into the next bay north of Halong, you may find this less spoiled. If you do go to Halong i would recommend only doing one night rather than the optional two. Happy Travels.
25th October 2015

A great bridge
Nothing better than driving or walking over the Golden Gate. An amazing bridge and great city. We lived in Seattle for 7 years and it has been one of our most favorite places to live. Love following your blogs.
From Blog: San Francisco
24th October 2015

Sorry for your loss
Glad you had some family time.
21st October 2015
Seattle Waterfront on the first night

We lived in Seattle for 7 years and this brings back many good memories.
21st October 2015

What a great trip you have planned
Eager to read your blogs. Great part of the world.
19th October 2015

Don't tell me you fed that pure English/NZ girl Twinkes? The worst "food" there is straight out of the pit of American capitalism, 200% Chemical Preservatives and sugar. At least now you won't have to embalm her when she passed on from eating American junke food. You 2 had too much fun.
13th April 2015

Congratulations to both of you!
I think Melbourne is one of the most fabulous cities in the world (I know I'm biased!), and I really enjoyed reading this blog :)
12th April 2015
D1 - at Twelve Apostles

What fun!
How creative--a treasure hunt, a surprise destination and a proposal! Truly, a never-to-be-forgotten start to your long life together--congratulations!
13th February 2015
Royal Oak... the local tramp pub

So many interesting pubs and so little time.
13th February 2015
Whitby Abbey Ruin Coffin

Don't think we'd want to jump in either.
13th February 2015
Shipmaker's home that built Cooks boat the Endevour

History lessons
Lots of history in this part of the world.
13th February 2015

Glad to see you getting caught up. We've just come back from a trip so we understand.
11th February 2015

God Dammit didn't even get a mention ;-( Made an impression there then !!
10th February 2015

Welcome back blogging!!!
It's been two years since your last blog and you've been missed. How about a blog filling in that gap...and how did you meet your girlfriend? I enjoyed touring the Yorkshire Moors...but in the summertime. Good to see that you spent Christmas with your family.
11th February 2015

A life journey that was about creating place...
Hi Bob, Thanks for writing. I've not stopped traveling in that dry spell, but did find my time limited for blogging. The biggest adventure was purchasing my first property and doing a proper do up renovation - most of the work on my (our) own. It was a great learning and life experience like traveling, but didn't lend itself to blogging frequently. Cheers, Donavin
10th February 2015

Pump track fun
That pump track looks like heaps of fun! Whereabouts are you in Auckland?
17th March 2013

Glad you are feeling better
There is nothing worse than being sick in a crappy room. We loved our time in Vientiane but we were there during the boat festival. Really glad you are feeling better. On to new adventures.
14th February 2013

Excellent photos of a fascinating visit to "Headlands Sculpture on the Gulf.
2nd February 2013

Reminds me of our honeymoon
Hi Donavin, Glad you are enjoying your trip! Your photos remind me of our honeymoon, although it looks much busier there now....not sure if it was the time of year that we went (November) or if the word has gotten out and more travelers have been visiting there since 2008? I was surprised to read that you found a spicy Cambodian dish, as they tend not to go spicy, and if asked will comment on their crazy Thai neighbors for liking spicy food. :) And what I wouldn\'t give for a good local massage right now...or 5 of them in a row! It is fun to know that we have shared the amazing experience of traveling SE Asia - it is a special place!
31st January 2013

Donavin Wick Blogs
We both have appreciated your beautifully written accounts of this trip and excellent photography. It is amazing what sophistication is seen in these ruins. Things were constructed to be beautiful and to last!

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