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September 9th 2008
Published: September 9th 2008
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A brief Itinerary (No doubt it will be corrected by the officious oops I mean official tour organizers CRIPTS 1 and 2):

Very soon after our arrival in Santiago (18th of September) we go to La Paz (very early flight). We have three days to acclimatize to the altitude before we then head off to Puno. On to Amantani Island and if we are lucky sometime around Puno and Amantani Island we may catch up with Robyn (CRIPTS No 1 and 3’s daughter). She will already have been to Machu Pichu so Robyn will be able to fill us in on the details. It is then back to Puno, then Cusco and at last a little walk up into the hills, this walk starts on the 25th and takes three days to get to Aqua Calientes. On the Lares trail there is one little part that indicates a two hour climb in which we go up a 1000 meters! From Aqua Calientes we then have an early morning ride to Machu Pichu where we get to spend the day exploring.

On October the 1st we should reach the Amazon, after an overnight stay it is back to Cusco and then Colca canyon to see the condors. On the 5th we will be in Arequipa, then Puerto Inca and on the 8th we reach Nasca where we can see the Nasca lines. On the 9 we should be drinking Pisco Sours in Pisco, followed by a visit to Ballestas Island and finally to Lima for the end of the tour.

After the tour we have 5 days in Buenos Aires before we head to Colonia and Montevideo for a couple of days. Finally it is back to Santiago on the 19th and then home on the 23rd arriving on the 25th bloody early.

Next week is fast approaching, with a rush of things that CRIPTS no 1 and 3 have to do, vaccinate the cat, leave a list of instructions for the home theatre, internet, alarm, pack ….., for CRIPTS 2 and 4 make sure the children have enough money and food / alcohol to survive, and I guess CRIPTS 5 and 6 can just put their feet up being the happy retirees!


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