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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Mount Eden June 19th 2017

Vendredi j'ai quitté Warren, Nanu et Diesel direction le mont Eden, et la maison de Dan. Je devais retourner à la bamber house, au final je suis resté chez lui. Dernières heures en Nouvelle Zélandes, mon fabuleux séjour s'arrête ici... La maison se rapproche, j'y serai dans moins de 3 semaines maintenant. Sentiments partagés, triste et heureux de rentrer. Mes dernières semaines avec les copains étaient juste parfaites. Thanks so much my friends, you're just perfect, don't forget my door will be always open for you. I know Europe is far away from here, but it's worth ;) A la revoyure !! La bise ... read more
Eden park, temple du rugby
Eden park, depuis la colline

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Mount Eden April 2nd 2016

Day 3 of my trip to New Zealand consisted of a walk(not hike) up Mt Eden, the cities highest volcano at a mere 196 meters. Tired from my trek to Rongitoto Island the day before, I took a bus to Mt Eden from downtown Auckland and saved about 90 minutes of walking. I purchased 1.5 litres of water in the town of Mt Eden as it was quite warm (23 C) and humid. Being in the middle of Auckland, the trail was either the roadway or paved walkway up. It took only about 15 minutes to reach the "tihi" (summit), although the going can be, and for me was, slow given the steepness of the hill. From the top you could see wonderful, 360 degree views of Auckland. From the summit, there is a short crater ... read more
Maungawhau (Mt Eden)
The road leading to the summit
Path leading to summit

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Mount Eden April 2nd 2016

General info: Currency: New Zealand dollar Cost of living: 1500ml bottle of water 2,5$, bottle of wine 15$, meal in regular restaurant 15-20$ Another flight to beautiful New Zealand, this time without stops, was not only the longest flight in my life, but so far the longest existing direct filght in the world. This visit was dedicated to explore the city and do some local shopping. By local shopping i mean products made of honey produced only by local bees from manuka bush flowers or cosmetics made of local thermal mud with skin detoxicating properties. Also very popular are rejuvenating creams and masks made of sheep placentas, but let's say I wasn't tempted. Main point of my sightseeing was Mount Eden. The view of the city from the top was amazing, as well i was impressed ... read more
Sky Tower, Auckland
Mount Eden, Auckland

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Mount Eden September 13th 2015

Flew up from Wellington yesterday for 36 hours with Pip, Stu and Grace. A relaxing and delightful grandparently-adoring way to farewell NZ. Flying out at 11.59 tonight for Hong Kong. Lyn's in Premium Economy and I, I am in cattle class. Go figure. Traveling light. It will be interesting to see if we've worked it out right for the temperature changes from 29 degrees in HK to mid teens in Europe. Looking forward to it all!... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Mount Eden September 9th 2015

Par Sylvain: Après plusieurs mois de préparation nous voila prêts pour le départ! 25 kilos dans un sac et 15 dans l'autre pour les 9 prochains mois. Malgré nos nombreux appels à notre agence de voyage pour valider nos billets, lorsque nous arrivons au comptoir d'embarquement, on nous demande de nous mettre sur le côté afin de régler un problème: la réservation de nos sièges dans l'avion! Après quelques minutes, cela semble réglé à un détail près: nous ne sommes pas l'un à côté de l'autre pour le deuxième vol de 13h! Cela nous vaudra d'entendre nos noms dans les haut-parleurs de l'aéroport juste avant de monter dans l'avion pour nous remettre les billets correspondants aux deux places jointes que nous exigions pour notre voyage de noces! Après 6 heures de vol, nous arrivons à Dubaï ... read more
escale à Dubaï
dernier vol
notre avion

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Mount Eden October 8th 2014

Dear friends and family, We've arrived back in Australia from our tour of the North Island of New Zealand. We spent a couple of days in Auckland, "the city of sails". On our first day we took the ferry out to Devonport and hiked both Mount Victoria and North Head. There were lots of historic fortifications where we could wander through the tunnels and gun emplacements, as well as a dicey section of the trail where we clambered over the rocks to reach the maritime museum. We just had enough time to visit with the penguins at Kelly Tartan's Antarctic Adventure. Riley particularly liked the sharks swimming over our heads in the shark tunnels. We even spotted the elusive Woebegone! The next day, we trekked up to Mount Eden and the Auckland Museum. Our driving tour ... read more
The tunnels at North Head
Lots of penguins
The shark tunnel

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Mount Eden July 24th 2014

We had arranged with Caroline to see her today and we had the idea of her showing us the Auckland University campus. After our scrummy hotel breakfast we went down to collect the car. The heavens opened and the rain poured from the skies. Caroline called to say that firstly there was no way she was going to walk around the campus in this weather and secondly she was frantic in that her assignment is due to be handed in by end of day on Friday (tomorrow!) and there is a ton of work still to be done on it. So we picked her up by the university and found the veggie/vegan Indian restaurant that she has been intent on trying out. The restaurant is situated on Karangahape Road (more commonly known as K' Road). This ... read more
statue and grave atop One Tree Hill
Auckland city view from Mount Eden
from Mount Eden seeing One Tree Hill obelisk

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Mount Eden March 29th 2014

Aotearoa- I came to visit you to get some positive energy for the next stage of my life. You gave me the opportunity to try out things that I would never dare to do at home. Now I know that I have proved myself and I can do it because I want it. But everything is about good preparation, isn't it? I realized it after I booked so many flights unnecessarily and doing hard tracks in sneakers:) I made my debut in: Buying a car Renting a car Hitchhiking Taking hitchhikers Travelling with strangers Couchsurfing Woofing holding a shark in my hands standing on surfing board being a horse groom This journey was exceptional special because of the lovely people that I met. They gave me home and shelter when I needed the most. Thank ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Mount Eden July 26th 2013

Yes, still in Godzone. Change of plans for this leg. Fog in Auckland cancelled our flight so we had an extra night with the farmers and then drove to Auckland. Always interesting driving on roads not frequently travelled. This one through Mt Messenger, Awakino, the King Country the Waikato, is a reminder of just what Fred Dagg's agrarian sector means to us. Without it we're stuffed mate! Mount Eden, Auckland. Meeting up,with Pip, Stu and Matt. Matt cooked - beautifully. Drank too much. Could be a recurring theme. Next day, the 24 July, we met Matt and Sam for lunch in Ponsonby (where else?). The best f & c's in NZ? Unfortunately not. Checking in no problem premium economy. On the 777 and up, up and away! Vancouver here we come.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Mount Eden April 8th 2013

This blog is long overdue considering it is over a year now since we first visited New Zealand. However, even though we are back in the corporate world these memories remain fresh. And it is never too late to complete our blog! To be honest I did not know too much about New Zealand before we arrived. I was in Fairfield University in Connecticut with two Kiwis who regularly reminded me of how great New Zealand was. It is funny because the Americans were always saying to me "oh Ireland is so beautiful" and the Kiwis would be saying "a what about New Zealand, it's even more beautiful". And after spending a month in New Zealand travelling around I have to agree with them. I love Ireland and the amazing scenery we have, particularly our coastal ... read more
North Island Rolling Hills!
Pit stop!
Our cabin by the sea!

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