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July 21st 2008
Published: July 21st 2008
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Clare Ruth Ian Peter Terry and Sheena
Greetings, this is the first post for the CRIPTS tour, so who are the CRIPTS? Clare, Ruth, Ian, Peter, Terry and Sheena, not a gang but a goup of friends (some would say mature) off to South America for 5 weeks. Clare and Ruth have done most of the planning - alright all of the planning and they gave me the job of setting up the blog so our family and friends can follow our travels.

We are ready to go - we need to so we stop buying important travel items such as new bags, clothes, important toys such as a hand held GPS (with maps for Peru, Buenos Aires, Montivideo and if I can get it installed Santiago).

An important milestone was reached today - we had to pay up the last of the travel fees - thank god for plastic.

Another milestone is being reached tomorrow - Terry gets his groin fixed! We have been entertaining ourselves with thoughts of his groin swelling each time he coughs - OK he has a hernia

All this aside the anticipation is growing, it is only 8 weeks before we go but we are getting ready early so we can make sure contact is sorted out before hand.

Robyn is off 3 weeks tomorrow - once she has gone the next big milestone is US.

Well that is all for now - I will send out the link and see what responses we get from fellow CRIPTS members


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