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Oceania » French Polynesia » Moorea June 3rd 2015

The third day of snorkeling and motu picnic and we should be bored but frankly we aren’t and neither are the other folks we have been snorkeling and picnicking with. Definitely could spend the winter months here but not sure we could afford it. So far to travel if we could… May need a bigger muumuu soon!... read more
Our Home at Moorea
So Beautiful

Oceania » French Polynesia » Moorea August 19th 2014

Moorea: Once you explore Moorea you’ll see why even its shape reflects this islands nature. Sheer perfection, it is fromed like an isosceles triangle, with two mountainous sides joining at Mt. Tohivea. The other side is cut by tow bays, Cook and Opunchu, each of which is a little over half in a mile in width. From the air it appears as a beautiful green butterfly floating over a tranquil blue seas. It is no wonder that parts of the movie South Pacific featuring Bali High were filmed here. The weather today was hot, hot, hot, 37 degrees with very high humidity, we made no plans but on going ashore decided to team up with another four passengers and do a two hour tour of the island. We were so glad we did the scenery was ... read more
Bali High
Natural Fruit Farm

Oceania » French Polynesia » Moorea March 20th 2014

This. Place. Is. AMAZING! When we hopped on the ferry boat to head here from Tahiti, we didn't know just how beautiful the island we were approaching would be. There she was, out of the water and clouds like heaven on Earth. Spiking her green and magnificent mountain tops into the air, piercing through a perfect halo of white fluffy clouds, floating there like a dream in the bluest water I've ever seen. So blue, it made you think the colors in the Crayola box crayons were dull and boring. This is like the story books tell us as children, dreaming of far away and exotic lands. When we arrived, we had arranged a stay at the Polynesian (Tiahura) Dream Lodge, a private bungalow home on the lagoon on the West side of the island. Unfortunately, ... read more
ATV Trek

Oceania » French Polynesia » Moorea January 18th 2014

Wednesday, Dec 18, 2013. Luv me, tender. This morning I go on a final island tour to explore the last of the islands we’ll be visiting, Moorea. I meet the tour group at 8 am then tender over to the island where we board an air conditioned bus. We stop at one of the zillion churches on the islands. Our tour guide points out that when Europeans came to the islands, natives had three gods and one religion. Now they have one god and 10 religions. Pretty funny. There's a cemetery outside the church. It's the first cemetery I've seen on any of the islands since people prefer to be buried on their own land. Next stop the Tiki Theatre where we get a demonstration of tie dye, how to tie a sarong, and native dance. ... read more
One last tour

Oceania » French Polynesia » Moorea January 16th 2014

January 16, 2014 Left Papeete early this morning for the very short trip to Moorea. Way too many photo opportunities here. This is really an amazing place. Post Card views everywhere you look. Left the ship this morning by tender to Moorea for a 3 ½ hour “ Off Road “ trip into the island for some sightseeing and some insight into the local history. Small population here and a lot of the locals commute by High Speed Ferry to Papeete for work every day. This was a great morning group tour ( 8 people ) in the back of a covered truck ( called Le Truck ) with a great guide and some amazing scenery. A stop, and walk to Magic Mountain top for some spectacular views of the bay and our ship. We visited ... read more

Oceania » French Polynesia » Moorea May 28th 2013

The last days on our last island we spoiled ourselves with a stay at one of the famous overwater bungalows. We had seen them on all the islands: built directly into the water on stilts, these bungalows promise the ultimate paradises experience. From the spacious room (or rooms, depending on the budget) you see the ocean and nothing but the ocean. Same from your sofa. And from the bed. And the bathroom. And from, well, you get the concept. In front of the bungalow you have your private sun deck and your own little pier to jump into the water whenever you like. If you're lucky you even have your own little part of the reef. On Bora Bora there were so many overwater bungalows that there was nothing romantic or special over it any more ... read more
Home sweet Home
Up for a refreshment?
All ours

Oceania » French Polynesia » Moorea May 27th 2013

On they way back from our last two dives on this trip (we made 13 in total) we saw a shallow place in the lagoon with some boats and people in the water. We found out it was a place where they feed the stingrays. On Bora Bora we made two dives where mantarays could be seen. The only island that we visited with mantarays. Unfortunately we never saw any of them. We had seen stingrays a couple of times earlier but never close up, so we quickly agreed we got to do this. The next morning we checked with the hotel and guess what? They offered jet ski tours to the site! Twenty minutes later we were on our way out. The rays were very used to getting fed at this site so they came ... read more
Shark waters
Black-tip shark

Oceania » French Polynesia » Moorea May 26th 2013

How do pineapples grow? On a tree, or? Hmmm, no, not really. Being in French Polynesia we had heard about the fantastic pineapples from Moorea right from the start. The island is Polynesia's main producer of the fruit. When we finally arrived on this last stop of our trip we started with a delicious freshly pressed pineapple juice on the terras of our hotel in Cook's Bay. Looking at the slope of the opposite mountainside we cloud then already see them: pineapple plantations. But it took us one more day to actually get there. With our car we drove up the bumpy road and there they were: pineapples wherever you looked. They actually grow on the ground. Like flowers they stick out from the plant at about half a metre and are protected by thorny leaves. ... read more
 On the ground!?
 Pineapple plantation on the right side of the slope
All ready

Oceania » French Polynesia » Moorea February 20th 2013

I woke up and had a consult with the hotel security and conceirge about last nights problem with the drunken wanna be rapist who I imagine is still nursing sore balls and deservedly so and decided to not let that spoil things. Im a pretty brave person. I try and remain upbeat and decided what happened couldve been a lot lot worse and to give Moorea a go. I had spent half the night wondering about changing plans and trying to get a flight to Fakarava but security put extra watch on the rear of the property and on me. I wandered up to Caramelline Creperie to have the most divine breakfast and decided to go and find my tattooist and work through a design with him, have a dive and take a little bit of ... read more
Oh you want me to sing you a lullaby?
The intrepid wrongside car Sandro.
Silvery Skies

Oceania » French Polynesia » Moorea February 15th 2013

When I saw all the cruise shippers loading into mini vans heading for the ferry to Moorea I realised i had best get moving if I was going to avoid spending another expensive night on Tahiti. The Armenti ferrys are huge, cargo and cars go across to Moorea fully loaded on a lovely 30 minute trip across the Sea of the Moon. Everything that cant be grown or caught on Moorea must be ferried across and the Armentis are excellent ferrys....on days when there are not 8000 cruise shippers headed there. I missed the first ferry when I got to the dock, sold out and about to leave, but another would go in an hour so I grabbed a ticket and a cold drink while i was waiting. The system is pretty straight forward, you throw ... read more
Moody Moorea
Top deck
Armenti Ferry

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