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Oceania » French Polynesia » Huahine October 1st 2018

Huahine is named after the shape of its mountains, which look like a pregnant woman lying down. It has a really nice blend of historical ruins, unique culture, beautiful mountains/beaches and somehow just the right amount of infrastructure (e.g., there's a grocery store with everything you could ever need but it no place on the island feels big/crowded). One of it's unique features is it's blue eyed eels - they're supposed to embody the spirits of their ancestors, and are said to be quite harmless...but they're also quite large and a wee bit creepy.... read more
Beautiful orchids at the guesthouse I stayed in

Oceania » French Polynesia » Huahine June 5th 2015

Although it may seem monotonous to go snorkeling every day and then have lunch on a beach. We don’t feel that way! Similar activities four times this week with another one tomorrow. Not much to say except “Life is good.”... read more
Love the Islands
Lovin Snorkeling
Our Table

Oceania » French Polynesia » Huahine January 8th 2014

Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013. I stay in bed almost the whole day coughing until it feels my lungs will come out, while Dee Dee lounges by the pool and explores the town next to the harbor. But I awake intermittently, for a snack at lunch and then again when it is time to pull up anchor. Pretty exciting. Dinner at 6 and our window table looks out over an incredible sunset. The only negative experience on the cruise so far is one of our assigned dinner companions, an aggressive, bossy, know-it-all I’ll call Mad Max who manages to insult at least four of us and call Dee Dee a derogatory term (which later turns out to be not so offensive since he is Jewish too). We are relieved when dinner is over. After dinner Dee Dee ... read more
Papeete Tues
Huahine Wed

Oceania » French Polynesia » Huahine June 30th 2013

Dao nay co ten la nhat ma khong co dao nao co ten la nhu vay. Theo tieng tho dan Tahitan la tieng Mauhi thi Huahine la Vagina nhung khong mot ai biet tai sao co ten ky la nhu vay ma chi biet la dao nay co su lien he mat thiet voi dan ba va dac biet la ngay xua dao nay duoc ngu tri boi Hoang hau rat duoc ton sung. Tren duong bay ve Tahiti may bay nghe lai Huahine nhan co hoi nay toi co dip ngam tan mat Huahine tu phi truong nhung tiec rang khong co thoi gian ra ngoai de ngao du nhu nhung dao khac.... read more

Oceania » French Polynesia » Huahine April 30th 2012

Huahine is part of the Society Islands in French Polynesia, and is one of the lesser developed islands. There are roads, and houses, and it is civilized, but there is not much development in terms of resorts and tourism, which is a good thing, in my opinion. We did not have a ton of time to explore the island, but we made the most of it by renting some scooters and going for a blast around the island. As far as I know, there was only one resort on the island, but I'm sure that there were more lesser known bed and breakfast types of places, 'Pensions', as they're called. Huahine is a place that is frequented by sailboat-cruiser types, and with the convenient barrier reef surrounding a good portion of the island, the nicest way ... read more
Archaeological Site
Fish Traps

Oceania » French Polynesia » Huahine November 25th 2011

The clouds have broke and the sun is finding its way out to shine on us. After breakfast today we are going on tour of Huahine, which means vagina in Polynesian. The island vaguely has the shape, but it is probably named this due to the importance of the queens. Huahine is actually two islands, Huahine Nui and Huahine Iti, they are connected by a single bridge. Legend says that Hiro, a Polynesian god, rammed his canoe into the island to create this divide. Later the driver points out marks in the land from Hiro’s oar, and even his rocky phallus. The driver has the first mullet that I have seen since I got here, talk about absolute power. The seven of us climb in the back of a four wheel drive truck with benches fixed ... read more
The dock Wen dropped us off on
View from Huahine

Oceania » French Polynesia » Huahine November 24th 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone back home. There is much to give thanks for today. I have been weighing the pros and cons of being out here over Thanksgiving. I do have to say this wins out. No offense to my family. I love them and I would never have the opportunities that I have had if it were not for my parents. They have provided support and guidance far beyond what I ever could have hoped for, but it is everything else that comes with Thanksgiving. It is not just the relaxing time that it could be. To go home and have to sleep on the couch because everyone else has kids; I feel like I have no privacy. By necessity I am the last to bed and the first to wake up, I end up ... read more
Dinner with the Crew
Wen at the helm
Stephane in the Rain

Oceania » French Polynesia » Huahine March 20th 2009

Huahine Our next stop was Tahiti, and from there we caught a tiny plane to the beautiful island of Huahine. We were really lucky to find a slice of paradise called Motu Mahare (an even smaller island separated from Huahine by a few hundred metres of water in a truly amazing setting) which was made even better as we were the only guests. Our hosts, Kim and Walter were fantastic, lending us their kayaks, bicycles and snorkelling gear so that we could explore. It was lush, especially the crystal clear lagoons and colourful coral reefs. We spent a day cycling around Huahine, taking in the sights. Stopping at a river to feed some huge eels - buying the food was a little difficult as I attempted to use my very poor French! (Not sure the GCSE ... read more
Soon to be Mr & Mrs Q!

Oceania » French Polynesia » Huahine November 13th 2008

Huahini - Day 3 Sailed into Maroe Bay and anchored around seven. We enjoyed the scenery and breakfast and then prepared for our motu picnic. The plan is to sail and snorkel, then picnic on a small island (a motu) and enjoy some local entertainment. We met our group o the dock at 9 and boarded our flower decked motorized canoe. While we motored slowly along the shore our guide explained the geography of the islands. There are actually two parts to Huahini, Huahini Iki (little) and Huahini Nui (great), joined by the longest bridge in French Polynesia at 110 meters. The rainy season is late this year, yippee for us, but resulting in large wild fires in the hills. We watched one that started small at the top of the ridge and three hours later ... read more

Oceania » French Polynesia » Huahine February 26th 2008

As the plane began its descent into Tahiti we caught a glimpse of what was in store for us as we flew past the neighbouring island of Moorea, with its lush green jagged mountains rising from the surrounding turquoise sea. Once on the ground we were given a native flower which we duly tucked behind our ears, before smugly cutting the queue and going through the EU channel, as it is effectively France. We then had to figure out how to get to our hotel. After a chat with a very helpful and extremely camp information dude who told us that the local taxis have the nerve to charge per preson and per bag, we decided to go in search of a bus. Everything is mega expensive in Tahiti so we thought we may as well ... read more

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