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August 26th 2006
Published: August 25th 2006
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I have arrived in Fiji- not much more to say than that- I arrived at 6am after a 10 hour flight but there was no one in the next to seats from me so I got to lie down and sleep. I got picked up from the airport and taken to my hostel- seems nice enough , free continental breakfast- well 2 pieces of toast! Kind English girl lent me 1FD to get the bus into town. Have now made it to the cash point and the internet cafe. Cant say much more than that- Its is fairly obvious that most people stay here for a short time as poss so I will try and book a boat trip through the islands that leaves tomorrow even though I booked 2 nights at the hostel. The hostel is nice enough I just don't see the point of wasting a day here when I could be on a beautiful tiny island.
Not much more to say -I bet get out there and explore!!
Oh I got talking to a Kiwi who lives in Canada while waiting for my flight and he gave me his email an said we could meet up when I get to NZ (he’s going to be there for 6 months) and he’d show me around. I’m meeting people already and I hadn’t even left the US.
Thanks to Joe and Heather for letting me hang out at there’s I absolutely loved spending time with them and Stella is so gorgeous and smiley.
Miss you all


26th August 2006

Hello from wet England Fri/sat 12.30am
Thought about you this evening and Dad and I got out the globe to see how near to you Neil was in Hong Kong. He was four lines of longitude away where as we are 13 and if you stuck a knitting needle through the globe Fiji is exactly opposite us so it would come out right next to you or even poke you in the bottom. Talking drivvle(spelling?)must be time for bed. Judith and Tony here for the weekend. Guess what - it's raining. The greatest excitement here is the boiler engineeer while servicing the thing discovered we had red diesel in the tank and not kerosene, but we haven't been blown up by it or anything. Oh yes and Ipswich won for the first time this season. Village Players BBQ here on Sunday. I have set up some weave posts in the garden for Dori - don't hold your breathe. Love you - mumxxx
26th August 2006

I wrote you a long comment but it said you have to view it first, but if I log iin you get to see it immediately. so I have logged in and I am testing to see if it appears. You can read the other one too. love mum
4th September 2006

Look up!
Sounds like you're having a great time. Look up Thursday afternoon as I'll be flying over your head going from Ausralia back to the states!

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