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August 21st 2006
Published: August 22nd 2006
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On Thursday we traveled out to Whidbey Island, Heather in the car and Joe (my cousin) his 7 month old daughter Stella and another family (Vlad, Nat and Joey ) in Joe’s boat. The house we rented was amazing; right on the waters edge, sound system in every room and a lift even thought there were only 3 floors. The owners had built it about 4 years before on some land his grandparents had. If we had to be really picky we would suggest a hot tub in the yard and a bath, especially one on the top floor overlooking the sea.
By the end of the weekend there were 9 adults, 2 babies and 2 dogs: a very packed but happy house. Most of the time we just chilled out, through balls for the dogs using a great American invention of a ball thrower which is like a lacrosse stick that throws the ball really far. (Roxy is exhausted and is now suffering from 3 days of running on sand and swimming out to the balls.)
The guy who owns the place lent us his Sea-Doo (jet ski) which was awesome (excuse the Americanism) It goes 50mph and was so much fun. Joe put a crab catcher down and caught a tiny crab which escaped and a huge starfish, with about 20 tentacles and was about 30cm across.
On Friday we all went on a little boat trip nosy-ing at the other houses in the bay, when Joe spotted a seal sitting on the edge of a boat. It was amazing. It didn’t jump of and we could look at it really close. It started the debate of weather it was a seal or sea lion but we googled it and as we couldn’t see any ear flaps decided it was a seal.
We eat loads of food and one evening lit the fire pit and enjoyed the American delicacy of Smores. Melted marshmallow squashed between 2 sweet crackers with chocolate. Mmmm!! I’m stocking up on fat reserves just incase!!
On the journey back to Seattle we saw another seal on a beacon and some pauporses as well as really large salmon jumping in the locks just going into the city. I am here for another 3 days, just spending time with Joe and Stella and seeing my Aunt and Uncle. As I was here last year I have done most of the touristy stuff but I will probably go shopping at some point.
Next Stop Fiji.

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The journey outThe journey out
The journey out

Vlad, Joey, Nat and Roxy
Joe and StellaJoe and Stella
Joe and Stella

All smiles
All the adultsAll the adults
All the adults

Vlad, Nat, Hammer, Heather, Herman, Yanni, our Heather and Joe all enjoying Yanni's Spag bol
The first sealThe first seal
The first seal

How did it get there?

hopefully the first of many

22nd August 2006

Looks Great
The house looks a giant step up from camping last year. Incredible starfish and the seal looks as if it is posing. Carry on having fun.Love you.
22nd August 2006

Hi Tamsin, I'm sitting in my office finding out about your adventures and feeling really jealous. Can't wait to share these first entries with your kids. You have giant marrows and pumpkins in your garden. Be safe...we are so going to miss you! Love from Nayland School xxx
22nd August 2006

The Game
Dammit - I'm not good at this :-) water's threw whether ate porpoises miss you love neil xxx
24th August 2006

Boo hoo!
I'm crying at my computer I'm so jealous. Looks wonderful. Missed you at dancing!
25th August 2006

Glad u having a good time! SOOO JEALOUS! Some of us are still in England :( It seems you have found a new Stella to be friends with - she looks much cuter and nicer than me!!! Everyone at the dive club has been asking about u - must tell them to look at the site themselves! Missed you in Edwards on Fri - had to leave and go to Hippo!! (and drink some more!). Need to find new tall person to dance with! Have a fab time in Fiji! Stella (not the baby!)

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