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Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast March 9th 2018

Our last day in Fiji is uneventful. The old man is burnt from his much anticipated dive and vows never to expose his skin to the sun again. He spends the day on the lanai playing candy crush and moaning alternatively about the sun, heat and mosquitoes. I take a swim then devise a way to read without being troubled by the aforementioned. I sit on the bottom step of the pool exposing only my head and one hand. One last thunder storm, one last sunset walk along the beach and our wet week in Fiji is at and end. ... read more
Herons at sunset

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast March 8th 2018

Today we decide to remain on the resort. There are roadworks on the driveway. Yesterday we got stuck behind a convoy of vehicles attempting to add, dampen and flatten gravel and it took almost an hour to cover the 5 km to the road. I eat breakfast; bananas from the market in Sigatoka which weirdly doubled in price when I told her I only wanted half a bunch. Tree ripened bananas taste so different to the tasteless yellow blobs we get at home. Then I head for the pool to make the most of the rain intermission. It’s still early – not even 8. There aren’t any Germans here, but if there were they would be hard pressed to get their wet towels on a sun lounger before me. The staff bring the cushions out and ... read more
Coral Coast sunset

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast March 7th 2018

It has become apparent that the towels we were issued with on Saturday will not be changed. The humidity is 86% - once something gets wet, it stays wet. I can still see drops dripping from the towel I used after yesterday’s swim. I understand that they only get linen delivered once a week and that would be fine if we was staying in a Fijian hotel with Fijian prices. But the hotel is foreign owned and we are paying decidedly first world prices. It has put me in a bad mood. It’s going to be a long day. First, the old man goes to see if the dive shop has managed to conjure up 3 more customers. Meanwhile, I will spend the morning swimming and reading. That pretty much covers the available activities at Wellesley ... read more
Sigatoka sand dunes
Sigatoka sand dunes
Sigatoka sand dunes

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast » Pacific Harbour March 6th 2018

Today the old man is planning a boat trip to swim in the reef with sharks. I’ve seen Jaws. I’ve also seen how brown the rivers that run into the ocean around here are. Of course, it may be mud, but I’m not convinced. I have no desire to swim with sharks or anything else that begins with sh so I will settle for sitting by the pool with a book. First I go for a run. I’m not looking forward to it. The climate and terrain will make it tough. There are also a lot of men wandering round brandishing machetes. I suspect they’re harvesting coconuts but I’ve been to the Fiji Museum and seen what they used to do with Methodists and it involves a large pot and some salt and pepper. It won’t ... read more
Steep running route
View from my run
View from my run

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast March 4th 2018

On today’s agenda – nothing. So far we have covered over 13,000 miles. Today is about R&R. I wake at dawn when the parrots start to sing in the palm trees. We start with breakfast at the hotel restaurant. It’s all local produce. Lots of tropical fruit and fish, which is a luxury after 2 weeks in the USA where junk food is king. Also, local produce does not appear to include nuts. It’s a revelation to be able to pick what I want from the menu without poring over it checking what may or may not kill me. I eat my fruit platter and eggs Benedict whilst contemplating emigrating to Fiji. We decide to take a long walk along the beach but the tide’s in and there’s not much beach left so we settle for ... read more
Fijian breakfast
Hermit crab
Fijian village

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast March 3rd 2018

We finally arrive in Fiji, literally on the other side of the world. It’s been an epic journey; a 6000 mile, 12 hour overnight flight across 20 time zones (not to mention the international date line and the equator). With Fiji Air, packed like sardines, with one round of the drinks trolley and a meagre choice of films. It’s safe to say we’re a little weary and we still have to collect our luggage and hire car and drive to the hotel. I may have struggled to get my head round the time zone changes but we are now definitely on island time. We have to wake the guy at the car rental office up to get served. Then get an upgrade because he can’t locate our allocated car. The old man has booked a hotel ... read more
Coral Coast Fiji
Coral Coast Fiji
Wellesley Resort Fiji

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast » Mango Bay May 21st 2013

Australia; a country which, for two months, had shown us an immense level of impressive beauty, a great deal of fun and a much different way of travelling to the first three months of the trip. I have spoken more than once about expectations and I think perhaps the biggest of all of these is that of "travelling" as a generalised term. Not just your own expectation but the expectations of the people standing outside and looking in; the friends and family conducting everyday life as normal or the ex-colleagues left behind in the jobs that you were once a part of. In all honesty, South East Asia probably conforms in the most idealistic ways, to the mass visions of "travelling"- those images of riding on silhouetted elephants against a backdrop of longtail boats and burnt ... read more
Mango Bay Resort
Mango Bay
Rook at Mango Bay

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast February 16th 2013

Unfortunately our day started with me wingeing at James to get a move on for our 8am bus - which meant I disobeyed the rules of Fiji time! After scoffing down our breakfast in 5 mins we jumped on the bus to Navua. We had booked ourselves onto the Jewel of Fiji day tour, which would consist of a trip to a Fijian village and some activities in the Nausori highlands. Our first stop was the village; although still very much a traditional village the grass skirts and 'kava ceremony' was definitely put on for the tourists. The traditional Kava ceremony was very interesting and most of us had a try of the Kava (the root of a vegetable mixed with water). To be honest it tasted like badly brewed herbal tea with a helping of ... read more
Picture 017
Picture 018
Picture 019

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast February 14th 2013

After a really great sleep we popped our swim stuff on and headed down to the reception to pick up the kayaking gear. Because of the shallow reef you can only kayak at high tide 8-11am to ensure you don't damage any coral. We had a relaxing kayak along the coast, out towards the reef and back to shore again. I was very excited to see that when we'd gotten out of the water the horses had gone for their own little paddle (cue hundreds of photos)! After breakfast we went for our complimentary foot massage at the spa, a nice little touch on Valentines day! We then got the local bus into Sigatoka to visit the Sand Dune National park, unfortunately we'd picked a really bad time of day and the sand was too hot ... read more
Picture 009
Picture 008
Picture 010

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast February 13th 2013

Our Air Pacific flight was good; the warm and friendly staff wear bright floral 'Fiji' uniforms and we even got dinner on our 5 hour flight! We stepped off the plane at 5am to a 'Bula welcome' with a band in floral shirts... Hello Paradise! Even though we were very early for check-in the hotel staff (Bedarra Beach Inn) poured us a welcome drink, popped a flower in our hair and had the room ready for us by 10. After a quick snooze we headed out to the beach. Horses roam up and down the beach (horse-rides too) and when the tide goes out you can walk out to the reef! We had a quick swim in the pool, followed by a happy hour cocktail (again being serenaded by a Fijian band), watched the sunset go ... read more
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Picture 003
Picture 004

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