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Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast » Mango Bay October 29th 2008

Arrive in Fiji and get a $140 taxi to our resort yikes! It's on the Coral Coast and we have our own private beach! During our stay here Jen went snorkelling, Hollie done jewellery making and had a massage, we both done fiji cooking lesson and basket weaving. We visited the nearby village and school. We met Taz and all dressed up for an Indian festival they celebrate. We also go on a waterfall hike to a great spot. When we leave we drag new friends Taz, Shane, Geoff and Matt with us to Nadi!... read more
our garden
Jen going out to snorkell
1st cava ceremony

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast September 17th 2008

Well, hopefully you are still reading the blog, it has all been a bit quiet! We have just got back from 10 nights in Fiji. A beatiful island with lovely people. We stayed in a 'bure' which means house, just few metres from the beach. The resort had freat faciltities including a fabulous pool. The walk along the beach was amazing, with a lovely cooling breaze, a fabulous view and the gentle lapping of waves. Best of all, there were loads of hermet crabs. As a result it became tradition to stroll back along the beach after breakfast and spot them. In fact what Bella liked most of all was picking them up and saying "Hello little Fella". The room itself had an outside bath and shower. In case you're wondering it was walled off - ... read more
having a bath
the beach

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast September 7th 2008

well i arrived all good yesterday but it took forever to get my flights and acom booked. I will add i was kinda worried when the travel agent askd me to get in his car and go pick up his work mate to help book everything i did get a slight feeling i was going to be raped. hmm i think im making this sound worse than it was. ne way once i did get everything booked i was on a bus and on the way to "Tsulu backpackers and apartments" on the corel cost where i will be spending two nights due to the fact i had to fly out to Taveuni a day later than planed. on the first day i didint see much wildlife apart from sum crabs, geckos{dont know what kind} a ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast August 9th 2008

We flew back to Fiji from Samoa for just a few days. How nice to be back in the land of Bula! :) Just enough time to get another dive in and this was a doosey - a shark feeding dive! I was at first not sure if this was environmentally responsible. Seems that whenever humans upset the natural balance of things there's some critters that lose. Toby was afraid it would be like watching animals fed at a zoo. But other people we had met who had done it raved about it. And they were right!!! After taking a giant stride into the water, I looked down and saw sharks circling below. As soon as we sank to the bottom we saw a huge striped lion fish with white plumage. The dozen of us divers ... read more
white tip
giant grouper
nurse shark

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast June 8th 2008

Since arriving in Fiji 3 days ago all we have really done is relax and enjoy the stunning scenery. The flight in was uneventful albeit with a little turbulence. Our first night was spent driving (or driven) to the resort by a friendly chatty driver. the road conditions were awful made worst by the heavy rain and strong winds. We were told that it would remain this way for the duration of our stay. The next morning was windy and damp but the sun came through in the afternoon and we enjoyed a massage on the beach from four Fijian ladies. An hour later we felt extremely relaxed and smelled of coconut. The next day (yesterday) we awoke to glorious sunshine and that is how it has remained up untill writing this. Yesterday we went horse ... read more
Horse Riding
Sunset on the Beach

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast June 7th 2008

BULA!!! thats hello in fijian. Well what a journey so far here in Fiji!!! We've had possibly the worst week of rain iv ever experienced, yet its still been sooooo great. We had a nice last week with darren and kate in sydney, and had the great experience of meeting up with stacey herbert in sydney too. Stacey had just moved over for a year with her friend collette, so we all met at the harbor and had a nice drink and a huge catch up. it was so nice to see some friendly faces from home, and to hear the good old devonshire accent. The flight was fine, as always, and we had 2 nights booked in nadi, just ten mins from the airport. We woke to clear blue skies on our first full day ... read more
fire show
traditional dancing
kava ceramony

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast April 19th 2008

Bula everyone Lynda here, we are having a WOW in Fiji! I'm glad we didn't listen to all those people telling us to skip Fiji, it's the best. The people are the friendliest we met and the most helpful, nothing is too much trouble AND they make the best LIIT that we've come across although still not as good as the Hideout. We've met some lovely people here including a honeymoon couple called Ruth and Stuart from Brisbane and Donna and Rod from Melbourne, and thanks to them for making our special time here so memorable. The tradition at Crusoes is to announce all new arrivals and sing them a welcome song and then when they leave their goodbye song, both Tina and I had tears in eyes last night when they sang it for us. ... read more
Village Life
You Guessed It!

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast April 3rd 2008

Day 178 - Sunday 16 March I've managed to catch up on all my sleep and was feeling rather refreshed at 9am. All the resorts offer to arrange your transport for you but we think like Asia often it might be cheaper to do it yourself and take a local bus. I also think its more fun mixing with the locals. It turns out we were right,although because its a sunday the bus into town wasn´t running. Nethertheless a taxi only cost us a quid each and the bus was $6 (2 quid). God i love Fiji already. It also has a good feel to it unlike Australia or New Zealand so i´m in a really good mood. We haven´t really planned what were doing here infact it was only on a whim a couple of ... read more
Locals fishing
The sea

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast February 15th 2008

The second half of our week comprised mostly of diving. As it had been two months since our last dives we were keen to get back in the water. We went with a local company and soon realised Fiji has very relaxed laws. As we are open water divers, technically we are only allowed to go to a maximum depth of 18m. Our Fijian instructor however decided 29m seemed more suitable!! In diving terms this would be classed as a deep dive, oh well! We went to a site called Snap Crackle where we saw a cave, pretty cool especially as its the first we have seen. A huge lobster poked his head out and a very inquistive turtle came to within inches of Becs S. Although not particularly different from previous dives, the visibility was ... read more
Bec S diving with the sharks
Sunset Day 4
Play Time

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast February 12th 2008

Going to Fiji was a rather surreal experience as not only did it mean we had entered into our final two weeks of our world adventure but it also meant (hopefully) paradise. Our decision to base ourselves in one place for the entirity of our Fiji experience was not taken upon lightly, but with dwindling funds and the essence based on chilling, this seemed the most appropriate way. This choice could not have turned out more perfect, our base on the Coral Coast, on the main Island Viti Levu, was beautifully located on the beachfront with a palmtree back-drop. Although the hostel was a good 2 hour drive from Nadi (pronounced Nandi) airport the time flew by as we soaked up the sights of our new surroundings. Fiji has quite and Asian feel with a back ... read more
Sunset Day 2
The Beachouse

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