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Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu July 17th 2009

Just a really really quick entry. We have been in Venue Levu now for nearly a week and have been in homestays for all that time. The fijian people have been so welcoming and we have had a really good time. The last week has been packed with many school visits and some leaders training workshops. We sart a camp tonight for the weekend and are expecting over 300 girls!!! so should be a fun challenge!! Thats all I have time for at the moment but the time is flying and the sun is shining!!! Kez x... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu January 3rd 2009

Ok, no its not on vanua levu, its a TEENY weeny snmall island off the coast of the northern main isalnd in fiji called vorvoro, and i SWEAR TO GOD it is the most anmzing, chammengin, HOT and clammy place i have ever been, all at once... Havin only spent 2 weeks there i felt like i was truly leavin a part of me behind; have now fallen in love with livin in a hut, usin compost loos, diggin holes in sandy soil an listeinin to the wisdom of a 70yr fijian elder with arthtritis in both knees, one elbow an a staunch refusal to NOT carve holes out of a giany rock face EVERY DAY afetr climbin a SERIOUSLY steep hill to get to it... Pupu i love you for all all time! The entire ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu May 15th 2008

Bula ! Walking on to our Air Pacific flight and seeing that all of the air crew were wearing brightly colourful flowery shirts we got the feeling we were really going to enjoy Fiji. We have been to lots of places since leaving home but no where have we met people like the Fijian's. They are so friendly and welcoming. Our first stop was the Sky Lodge in Nadi where we spent two nights before heading off to Tribewanted. We used the time to catch up with some other tribe members and get all our stuff organised for the island. We also made a quick trip into Nadi town itself which is a crazy place and not really for the faint hearted. On Saturday we arrived back at the airport for our internal flight to Labassa. ... read more
Michelle and our 8 seater plan!
Our pilot was bigger than the two seats
Coming into land in Labasa

Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu January 19th 2008

HEy Guys ok so i'm alive and back! i'm back in Nadi.... just came back from voro voro i have so much to tell everyone but with limited internet i can't write too much right was absolutely amazing tho the BBC will have a 5 part documentary on it starting on can either go to the website... and get a link to it or check the satellite if you get bbc... love you all talk to you soon..(probably when i get to oz!) ps can someone find out if steve is gonna pick me up at the airport...if not can someone send me his phone number and address i dont have his contacts here at all ill try checking to see if i can get it if he can't pick me up tahnks ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu January 11th 2008

Hey guys... so i made it over ok to Labasa...this is pretty much a non-tourist zone so i'm already starting to feel like a local (in an internet cafe! hahah)....anyway...i'm really excited i've met ben who is the coordinator for tribeswanted... it sounds really exciting...when i told him about my studies in public health he was really interested to hear about it and has encouraged me to discuss with some of the tribe members about some of their health histories and that kind of thing just to get an idea of what type of issues they deal with here (from what I understand so far mostly bacterial infections from open sores particularly in children who often acquire bug bites and rashes that have a hard time healing due to the tropical climate and the salt water..) ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu August 12th 2007

The ferry trip to Vanua Levu was quite good as they played movies to keep us entertained. The first was a good one, "Catch A Fire" which was about Aparteid. The second, called "Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever" was an awfully bad action movie starring Lucy Liu and Antonio Banderas, who both seemed awfully embarrassed to be part of such a plotfree monstrosity. After landing, we waited for a bus north in the village of Lao. It seemed that tourists didn't stop here very often and half the village came to talk to us and ask questions about where we'd been etc. The bus shelter was fenced in with barb wire, so it felt like being in a zoo! One guy, who may have been the chief invited us to stay in the school ("We're seventh day ... read more
Fiddler crabs
Steam rising up all over the beach
Close up of coral

Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu August 8th 2007

Today was a travel day. Taxi early in the morning to Somosomo, followed by a trip on a car ferry across the strait to Natuvu on Vanua Levu. There were two movies playing on the ferry, which was a bit of a surprise. Both were black-market DVDs, which wasn't a surprise. Everywhere you go in Fiji there are street stalls selling illegal copies of the movies playing at the cinemas (at the present time for example The Simpsons Movie, Die Hard 4, The Bourne Ultimatum...). The two on the ferry were "Catch A Fire", a very good apartheid movie starring Tim Robbins; and then something really really bad called "Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever" directed by someone called Kaos which probably tells you all you need to know about that movie's credentials! Once off the boat we ... read more
Steaming stream at Savusavu
View from Savusavu
Turquoise tree skink (Emoia mokosariniveikau) at Waisali -- look closely!

Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu June 19th 2007

Fiji  Australasia » Fiji » Vanua Levu By DR Drea AKA TedJune 19th 2007Paul Michael James Drea Well, i had never been on such a little plane.Propellers! in flight meal was two sandwiches wrapped in cling film! only stayed in two places.Raintree lodge near Suva which had the park next to it and was just gorgeous.had a massive dorm all to myself. pool, and restaurant/bar. great place to chill for a couple of days then went up to the coral coast to fiji beach house and had a few nights there. sand , palm trees, scones for afternoon tea. didn't feel as south pacific as Samoa though. but its much bigger and most people head for th... read more
Fiji Raintree Lodge
Fiji Suva
Fiji Raintree Lodge

Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu April 14th 2007

Maka na leka = "No Worries" in Mali dialect of Fijian. "I'm sorry sir, your flight has been canceled" ...and so it began. I went into this trip with the mindset that no plans are solid and I expected some unexpected twists and turns in the road. However, I didn't expect it to begin within seconds of getting out of Melvin's car at O'Hare. I'll do my best to give the compressed version of the travel details so I can get to the good stuff (Fiji). In short...I was supposed to fly to LAX and then on to Fiji (Nadi - pronounced "Nan-dee"). The flight to LAX was canceled and I was routed through Aspen. My flight out of Aspen was overbooked, but I managed to stay on the flight to LA despite being a last ... read more
Welcome to Nadi
Welcome to Vorovoro

Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu October 1st 2006

In the words of the Kaiser Chiefs...."Oh my god I cant believe it, i've never been this far away from home!" Well, we are now officially the furthest we have been away with a whopping 11 hour time difference and a mental 13000 miles from home. Weird, considering last week when we were in Indo we were comparitively close - just a direct flight from Singapore in fact. To get to Fiji we had to cross into New Zealand briefly, just for a few hours and long enough to get a warning for joking about bombing planes. Suffice to say Lara is not any longer particularly welcome on Air NewZealand after she mentioned in passing that their incompetence and incorrect information meant that she could put a bomb in her bag and blow up the plane. ... read more

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