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Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu » Savusavu September 22nd 2013

Have made it to Savusavu after overnighting in Nadi. It was a really early start so really aren't going to do anything today. Wee had to fly through Suva with quite a long wait. have managed a quick walk along the beach to find the swimming hole which looks fantastic. It is a area of deep water within the reef. Will investigate later. Just going to kick back for a bit before we get out and about. In the mean time take a look out "our" beach.... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu October 30th 2012

16. Oktober 2012 - Abflug nach Auckland, NZ 18. Okt. - nach 30 Stunden Flug Landung in Neuseeland: Begrüßung durch den Zollbeamten: "Welcome tp New Zealand, no worries, I am a friendly person!" 19. Okt. Weiterflug nach Nadi, Fiji; tropische Hitze empfängt uns, wir gehen gleich ins Meer baden, gehen am Strand spazieren, geniesen den tropischen Abend. 20. Okt. - unser Flug nach Savusavu, Insel Vanua Levu wird abgesagt wegen "Heavy Thunderstroms, Low Pressure all over the coutry") 21. Okt. - Abflug ET 6:30, Pilot verschläft Umstellung auf Sommerzeit, Abflug 7:30; verregneter Flug über die Atolle; Landung auf dem winzigen Airstrip von Savusavu; die Piloten machen alles von Hand, kein Tower, keine ATC; richtiger Bush-Airstrip. Der Taxifahrer bringt uns über eine nur mit 4WD zu befahrende Straße ins kleine Paradies von Mario und Tatiana, zwei Expats ... read more
Guesthouse in Savusavu
Bucht von Savusavu
The old man and the sea

Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu June 7th 2012

It's been a 18 months since since I last published a travel blog. The date is Wednesday, May 1st, 2012 and time to head to Fiji. I think, my wife, Caroline is looking forward to having me out of the house and her hair for a month. My ticket to Fiji is with Air New Zealand and I 'm going to take the opportunity to say that I'm not impressed with their do-it-yourself approach to short-haul travel. For small hops, Air New Zealand has adopted the Ryan Air model and it's cafeteria style, luggage, food, movie , all cost extra, or you can purchase the “works” when you book,. However, if you opt for the cheapest option and want to by a snack on-board, it must be purchased with a credit card. Ugh! Enough bitching about ... read more
Colorful Tug-boats
Suva Bay

Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu November 3rd 2011

Savusavu - September, 2011 The blog is published a little after the fact, so please excuse my tardiness!! It's time for me to take a trip to Fiji. Caroline is visiting family in the US and I haven't visited the Fiji property in two years. And yes, there will be lots of maintenance that requires attention. Normally, I visit every year, however, Europe and India for five months in 2010 left me little time to spend in the Pacific Islands. August 31 – Sept 1, 2011 The trip starts with a bus ride from Paihia to Auckland where I am picked up by our son, Harrison, and taken to an airport motel for the night. My luggage is right on the 23kg limit, partly because I have dismantled a free standing fan and put it in ... read more
A few beers at Malcolm
The Hollywood House
Hollywood House  for Sale

Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu April 13th 2010

We struck gold at Naveria Heights lodge staying with Sharon and Scott and Sharon's 2 beautiful little boys, Brandon(7) and Dylan (5). We arrived on Sunday and Easter Monday was a holiday! We were invited along to the Planters Club in Suvasuva for a lunchtime Barbecue and to watch the Billibilli race - A Billibilli is a raft constructed from long pieces of bamboo which Fijians usually use for fishing. We had a fun afternoon meeting lots of people, expats from OZ and NZ and other places as well as some local people and the Chief of Savusavu a very friendly man with a wide (mainly toothless) grin! There was an excellent band playing so Rob was able to join in and became somewhat of a celebrity!When we left we had made many new friends! On ... read more
View from lodge !
our Breakfast Table
Our Hammock

Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu April 3rd 2010

It's now the last night of my travels and I'm feeling a predictable combination of emotions. On the one hand I'm very sad that this wonderful adventure is at an end. On the other, I'm feeling elated at the opportunities and experiences life has given me and incredibly proud of myself for overcoming all the obstacles I've faced. I've learnt many lessons and I've been changed by the people and places I've encountered. I'm determined that I'm going to apply these things to the next phase of my life after this trip. After all, in the new age parlance that I've found I have adopted recently: "Life's a Journey". Just because my next flight destination is a rather unexotic London Heathrow, doesn't mean that I have to stop seeing with new eyes, being open to people ... read more
Labasa Bus Station, Vanua Levu, Fiji.
Coral reefs as seen from the tiny 6 seater plane ride from Nadi to Labasa.
Pupu, mid-yarn.  I could listen to him for hours.

Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu December 4th 2009

Andrea tells me that Jean-Michel Cousteau has been in town and he had met him at the Cousteau Resort. Why I don't get to hear until after he has gone? I religiously watched the Jacques Cousteau's TV programs in the seventies and would enjoy getting the opportunity to actually talk to a man that had been on all of these adventures. In their silver dive suits and encased cylinders the members of the Cousteau dive team were the fashion leaders of the dive world. Factoids: Savusavu has a picturesque setting and is the main port for Fiji's second island, Vanua Levu. It is a haven for cruising yachts and is said to be a hurricane hole. Several yachts stay and wait out the hurricane season rather than making the long trip to New Zealand. Factoid: There ... read more
Greens with Your Meal
The Father of the Bride
Fijian Child

Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu November 26th 2009

Savusavu is known as the "Hidden Paradise". The weather has been dry and sunny, however the trades continue to blow. Week three is shaping up to be similar to the prior two weeks. I feel that I am a total slug and am on Fiji Time. Monday, November 16 - I'm half way through the month and am now 1/2 way into my 5th book, a novel about the early life of Genghis Khan. I've already listened to this book on audio books, but have decided to read it after my recent visit to China... Wendy, thanks for letting me take those books from your give-away-box. Sisi comes today and cleans house. It's so nice to have ironed T shirts. I call a taxi and head into town where I meet a Fijian friend called Tuki ... read more
Andrea in Maintenance Mode
Cow on the Lawn
Beach Clean-Up Kids

Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu November 19th 2009

I'm into my second week at our Vatuseta property in Fiji. The weather has been sunny and dry for the past few days and the trade winds continue to blow. I've just finished left-overs of Chicken stew and my stereo is blasting out Creedence Clearwater's Greatest hits. Does life get much better than this? It's only week two and I am already in the middle of my fourth book, Nelson DeMille's "The Lions Game" and then I will have to start perusing the cottage library. As a note to my good friend Ed, his business partner, Polly, has taken a job at a cook in an Australian Gold Mine. Sell your shares now!! Monday, November 9 - Andrea stops by on his way to work for my neighbor, Mike. Andrea works for me 3 days a ... read more
Walkway down to the House at Vatuseta
The Living Room at Vatuseta
The Road to Labasa

Oceania » Fiji » Vanua Levu November 10th 2009

Friends, I always enjoy your comments and read them all; even if I don't reply please keep them coming. Monday, Nov. 4, 2009 - I have been traveling pretty solid since the beginning of August and after 3 1/2 weeks at home in Russell I am off to Fiji for my annual visit. Caroline has just returned from a trip to the US and again we pass like ships in the night. I leave Auckland on Monday evening and arrive three hours later in Nadi (pronounced Nandi). On deplaning, my expectation is to hit a wall of heat and humidity, but much to my surprise it is almost chilly with no humidity. Immigration is a breeze and I am soon picking up my bag and a cardboard container ready for Xray. As soon as the customs ... read more
More Hindu Temple
Ameica's Most Wanted
Behind Bars

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