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November 24th 2009
Published: August 9th 2017
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I finally made it to Perth, i had been saying to Joel every year that i would come and see him, so finally i have and what a great week it has been.
So I'm on holidays now....seems weird, i havn't had this much time off ever but it's going to be so good.
Well we finally finished work in Newcastle, and I was very sad to be leaving, i had such a great time there, and i wont forget the people i met there in a hurry, One person especially 😞
So i embarked on my 10hr car trip from Newcastle to Numurkah, a small victorian country town, where Mum and Dad were for the week, it was the only chance i would get to see them before i left.
the next morning I took the home strech into Melbourne CBD where i got my Nepalise Visa and caught up with a few frinds over the course of the day.
After a few days in Melbourne finalising everything for my trip and getting essentials, it was time to leave again, but this time to Perth.
I immediately liked Perth, it seemed a really nice place, it did have that feeling of isolation, but the houses looked great with clean cut lawns which seemed to mirror all around Perth. I was picked up by Joel where we proceeded to have a few beers back at his house where i was to be staying, near Scarbrough Beach.
Due to a 3hr time difference i awoke early and took a walk down to the beach, probably wasn't the best day for it being rainy and windy for the most part of the day but that was the only bad weather for the whole week. The rest of the day and the following day was not too eventful where i opted to chill out during the day and just walk down to the beach, Myself and Joel did take a drive up the coast where we watched the Wind surfers and Kite Surfers rip it up on the very windy beaches. Although Friday night we did go out to the local pub called Botanice which is fairly new but a great place for a few drinks.
I decided to get active the next day and take a trip into the City and Kings Park. What is it with the word King in Australian Cities?, it's always a major street in the city or a park near by...anyway ignore my ramblings. I also Immediately liked Perth City, it had a great feeling to it. The is plenty of shopping to be done in the city whether it be in the main streets or in many of it's connecting arcades. London court was a cool little arcade to stroll through, it felt like i was in the street where Harry Potter gets his wand and Owl from, very cool. After a bit of shopping, eating and walking in the CBD i proceeded to Kings Park which is a really nice park on the outskirts of the city with some amazing views over the Swan river and of the City, it has a few nice walks throughout the park aswell. It also has the War Memorial.
Saturday night was just a quiet one for me because i knew Sunday was going to be a big day with Perth's Sunday sessions. Joel was at a bucks party so i opted to watch the first twighlight movie with Leigh and Tersha.
On Sunday, Joel, Leigh, Philly and Myself did have the ambition to head into Fremantle and hit up the little creatures brewery but due to a few hangovers and the hot sunny day, the plan slowly faded, but by 4.30 we drove down the coast and reached the Cot for a sunday session.
I didn't realize how big Sunday sessions were here in Perth, We don't have them in Melbourne so it seemed odd but it was a lot of fun.
It was pretty busy at the Cot and the funny thing is it has a club upstairs where pretty much everyone are in Thongs and shorts, that might be the only time you can go to a night club with thongs and a shirt. once that had closed (10PM) we randomy hopped on a party bus which was free and taking people to another club, but we didn't try to get into the other place because we needed proper shoes and pants.
On the Monday i took the bus/train into the city and Fremantle, Fremantle is also another cool place to go checkout, i didn't stay for too long being a bit tired from lack of sleep but i walked around for a couple of hours checking out the town centre, boat harbour and wharfs, unfortunately i forgot to checkout the Little Creatures brewery. Then it was back on the train headed for home and for some Pizza with Joel and Leigh.
So now i fnd myself only hours away from departing to starting to get a bit nervous but also so very excited. It's just going to be just a culture change to what im used too.
So i can imagine i will have quite a few blogs posted throughout my trip so i hope you keep reading them.
My first movements are to spend a few days in Dehli and the make my way south to Mumbai.

Till next time.

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