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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Nannup March 30th 2014

GRUMPY OLD MEN April struggle in the mud I was invited to attend a short men only getaway trip, called “Grumpy old men”, we had only taken over the house sit the night before so I wasn’t that keen to go, but Caroline said how much she was looking forwards to a weekend on her own and of course it would be good to get out in the truck and do some off roading. I had the swag rolled and in the truck, along with all the usual bits and pieces, Chainsaw, petrol, sleeping bag, food beer and so forth. Our meeting place was at the bakery in Pinjarra, initially all the guys met in Byford, so I was not going to go 40K’s in the wrong direction to come all the way back. It was ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Nannup January 1st 2011

Dunsborough and we have internet again. From Dwellingup we had a quick skip across to Bunbury to visit friends for a night, as always a night turned into two. Not much happened in Bunbury, it was a place to do some washing hang out with our friends and have real showers again – very nice. Our adventure started again when we left nice and early to slip into town and see the dolphins at the dolphin centre, unfortunately the dolphin (note the lack of plural) had been and gone by the time we got there so we philosophically shrugged our shoulders and headed out of town. In the defence of the dolphin centre, by all reports it is usually very good, they are dealing with wild dolphins and on our day we just got unlucky. Upon ... read more
Sea Turtle Sculpture

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Nannup March 9th 2010

A bit of a slow start this morning as we were up quite late enjoying the celestial spectacular. We took advantage of the facilities and took very long hot showers (I’m ashamed to say that my hair now makes me look like the mad professor out of Back to the Future!) We also had some housekeeping tasks that needed doing - me getting the washing in and John sorting the van: loo, water and grey waste. Unfortunately, there was no sign of the kangaroos this morning which was a little disappointing. However, the wonderful smell of eucalyptus can be guaranteed to lift the spirits. We set off and visited 2 historic churches. When we say historic, it’s a little lame ... the one at Dingup was built in 1893 and the one at Quinninup was only ... read more
Quinninup Church
Dingup church
Flying High

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Nannup April 9th 2007

Left Augusta, first stop was Cape Leeuwin lighthouse where the Indian and Southern oceans meet. Cape Leeuwin lighthouse is situated on the extreme south-west point of Australia and was dedicated to the world's mariners in 1896. Then we travelled further along Caves Road to the huge Jewel cave which was discovered in 1957. This fascinating cave contains numerous Stalactites & stalagmites - one of the most decorated caves on Oz. The cave was extremely dark and in many places we had to lower our heads to avoid hitting the limestone roof. Our favourite rock formation was the enormous melting wedding cake! The layers and various colours of the rock were amazing. Next we visited Hamelin Bay, which is a beautiful beach with clear turquoise waters - mainly for surfers rather than swimmers. Here we saw huge ... read more
Where the Oceans Meet
Jewel Caves

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Nannup February 25th 2007

We didn't mean to go to Nannup: we were actually heading for Margaret River, but realised that we weren't going to have enough petrol to make it, so we turned right instead of left after Donnelly River and went to Nannup. Nannup had two petrol stations, which was sheer luxury as we hadn't seen one in about 80 miles. In Nannup we stayed at the Black Cockatoo Hostel, a lovely hostel, with individual rooms/huts/caravans/camping set in a lush garden, well provided with comfortable seats and with piles of interesting magazines, (things like the Guardian Weekly, New International, Rolling Stone and my favourite Earth Garden Australia, which was full of articles aboiut green energy, straw bale building and growing vegetables organically). We had a very pleasant evening, sitting around drinking wine and chatting to other residents. The ... read more
Termite mound in Nannup
Black Cockatoo Hostel from the street
Our Room at the Black Cockatoo.

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Nannup December 22nd 2006

The whole of this week has been spent doing very little and enjoying taking it very easy. We had wanted to find some work, but everything has started to wind down for Christmas and New Year, so we resigned ourselves that we won’t be working until January. Most days have been spent driving down the road to Barrabup pool - a lovely turquoise natural pool of water in the middle of the forest that’s great for swimming and jumping from trees and stuff! It’s just so nice there - there’s a slightly oily film on the water but it’s not dirty at all - it’s actually tea tree oil! So it’s great for the skin! I’ll write more about our stay in Nannup at a later date. The Internet café’s closing shortly so I have to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Nannup June 6th 2006

Jewel Cave was next on my agenda after the whale-watching, and as luck would have it I ended up with the same guide as I'd had at Lake Cave. She clearly had a template for her cave spiel, as there was roughly 90% commonality between her description of Jewel Cave and her description of Lake Cave. Unfortunately that also extended to her jokes. Jewel Cave was significantly larger than Lake Cave, and contained some formations not seen in the other, e.g. shawls (wafer-thin sheets of limestone), however I soon realised that I was becoming caved out (presumably better than caved in), and it's unlikely I'll be visiting any more caves in the near future. There was a short "karri walk" near the cave, which I wandered along. Karri trees are a type of eucalyptus (like almost ... read more
Jewel Cave
Black Cockatoo at Nannup

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