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Travel in the outback is full of surprises. Our previous blog was part one of a journey through The Wheat belt, and today's blog is the continuation of the loop through the region. The day was moderately warm, and we had been enjoying cruising through the back blocks, hung a left turn at Beacon after we photographed the tiny Anglican Church, and headed merrily on our way to Bencubbin. The map showed nothing of particular interest on this 40k stretch of road, so it was a complete surprise to drop down into a valley, and there was a frozen lake. Ice flows, frozen shore line and trees showing serious distress. As we got closer, the real story of this little un-named and unloved lake became more apparent. The trees and shoreline, ice flows etc. were not ... read more
Icey feeling
Anglican Church - Beacon
Big Rig 1

Most travellers feel they have finally returned to civilisation on reaching Norseman after a westward crossing of the Nullarbor. While Norseman is still a desert town, its importance cannot be understated. It has been a centre for mining and transport from its first settlement. However, life there has been and still is an historical rollercoaster of mines opening and shutting, rail dominating the town and then having minimal impact. Our journey onwards from Norseman underlines really how desert like, or better, how poor the land is agriculturally. It was not until we got close to the town of Southern Cross, at least 2 hours drive, that we could see close to the road good agricultural production. There are many part time lakes in the area, switching between salt beds and large billabongs depending on the season. ... read more
Beyond Restoration
Granite glows at sunset
Dusty Harvest

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