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October 15th 2010
Published: October 15th 2010
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Well yes as the title suggests there was a foodie challenge today... and yes I did eat a witchety grub... it was in a nice sauce so I didn't mind it....but it does look a bit horrible. ...but if you think about it no more horrible than winkles and mussels. Out today on a great trip with Bushtucker tours. I was tempted by the brochure which mentioned 40 tastings and since it meant I would not have to drive I hopped on the tour bus this morning. What a lovely lot of people and very friendly driver Bryan who made sure we all had a great time. So we have visited 4 wineries , a brewery, a cheese factory and chocolate maker too. And you know me - I usually just pick wines by the if the label looks nice or I like the bottle but there I was trying whites, roses, reds galore at each place..and some sparklies and PORT!!! You didnt have to drink each tasting - you could tip it or spit it out..but I think I did drink quite a bit for me!!! Of course all these places are in lovely settings and drives were very pretty - with more flowers and more kangaroo paws.
Lunch was included and what a feast...see the fotos. And you can see how happy we all look!!!
And what else have I been up to - I ventured into the Ngili Cave - awesome!! There are something like 300 caves in this peninsula... limestone . So lots of chambers with many forms fo stalacmites and stalactities, shawls crystals etc etc. In one huge chamber you just had to look right up and there were thousands of stalactites above you....a walk in the bush afterwards and spotted a few orchids - identified one as the donkey orchid. Apparently there are more species of wildflowers in WA than in the whole of England!!
A solitary walk along a nearby beach yesterday not a soul in sight for half an hour....just a few cormorants drying their wings. There is a nice pool here and hot tub spa - so finished off my day yesterday with a swim (only 10 lengths, Marilyn,- but it is longer than your pool) and then sat in the hot tub to recover.
Met my next lot of home exchnage swappers for coffee as they happened to be in Busselton - so another lot of lovely people to get to know.
Last swappers Julie and Gary and Leanne will be here with me for the weekend...so hope they won't mind that the larder is a bit bare - but I have made a shepherds pie.
So thats an update -

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4 th winery 4 th winery
4 th winery

we are still at it.

15th October 2010

Hi Lynne The food sounds very interesting but can't say I am in hurry to try your latest 'grub'. I am off to Cadbury's World tomorrow which I know I will enjoy! Might also enjoy the odd glass of wine with 2 old uni friends. I will expect to be educated about Aussie Wines when you come back! Remember our wine choosing in Calais - massive room for improvement! Take Care Love Geraldine
15th October 2010

still, I think French wines are better, ah ah! good to have fun....I wish I were not at work for another 9 years!!! love from Michelle
18th October 2010
do I look happy?

The outdoor life and sunshine
You look so happy and content with the outdoor life. We can only look and dream. Cooling down a lot now and its heating on and cardigans on with warm scarves - just so as you can appreciate the moment not as if you need to be told :) Enjoy!

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