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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle January 12th 2010

8-1-10 Today we went grocery shopping & just had an easy day. We rang the kids, Nicky said Mick had done a great job putting in the kitchen cupboards in the horse float, so they sent us some pictures, Well done Mick. Maddy is as funny as ever & is talking well. We tried to talk to Corey, Val & Hayden but had to leave a message. Dad & Ivy are well so that was good, it was nice to talk to them. , I cooked tea & we watched TV. 9-1-10 Sat, Today we applied for a couple of Caravan Park jobs, but did not hear back. We tidied up & decided to go to Fremantle for the day, by the time we got there it was 1 pm, It was very hot 35 deg, ... read more
3       9-1-10    The view at Kailis Seafood Resturant Fremantle
4       9-1-10     Fremantle Prison
7       9-1-10     The Cells Fremantle Prison

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle December 28th 2009

Oki doki. Well my last day in Kuala Lumpur was nice, and rather uneventful. I went to the Beatles restaurant, and had a great meal. I ordered seafood noodles and had a tiger beer. It cost me a tidy 15 Ringitts (4.50 CDN) The cool thing about the Beatles restaurant, was they had non stop Beatles music playing all the day long. There was also some memorabilia from the band. It was a really nice time. As my the hotel was only a 4 minute walk and is surrounded by the market, I had a look around and picked up a couple of goodies. Bartering is fun, but you have to know what you want to spend on something. Usually I offer about one third of what is first quoted. I stopped in at starbucks on ... read more
Christmas KL
City Hall K L
nice fountain

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle November 29th 2009

The other girls in my dorm room woke up pretty early...woke me... Got up and kinda settled down and headed to the train station, which was a nice 15 mins. walk. On the way, passed by this small market where old ppl sold arts and craft stuff... on the way found out, i was actualyl living by Chinatown! went into the shops to buy phone cards and drinks and spoke Mandarin..haaa Anyways, a nice half hour train ride to Fremantle, the number 1 daytrip spot around Perth.. Its a nice port town...very touristy....but doesnt seem so exploided. The Market was open today, lots of stuff to buy, good foood...! Toured around some of the "attractions"...then arrived at the harbour with a line of seafood restaurants!! I settled for this one at the very end and had ... read more
Perth Train Station
Fremantle Train Station
Fremantle Market

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle October 30th 2009

Hello, I am currently quite annoyed, as I started this with the intention of getting some more photos up. Sadly, the computer doesn't seem to recognise the existence of my camera, and I've given up. Update- sorted it. But anyhow.Today was the day of my trip to Fremantle, Perth's neighbour 'city', although it's a bit too small to count as a city in my opinion. The first part of the day was spent tramping up and down an industrialised area of North Fremantle trying to locate a particular road, being the meeting place for a future dive trip I have planned. Unless you have a fetish for Maersk Sealand cargo containers, I wouldn't necessarily recommend this as a way to spend your holiday, and I got tired and went back to catch a bus into actual ... read more
The Round House
Windblown me
Patagonian toothfish

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle October 5th 2009

Oct. 5th: Kevin and I traveled by train (subway) from downtown Perth to Fremantle, which is a beautiful suburb of Perth located right on the ocean. We had heard such good things about Fremantle that we just had to check it out! After walking around the little town for a bit, we had a nice pizza dinner at a restaurant and then did some grocery shopping. After heading back to our hostel, we happily discovered that every evening, the hostel shows a movie on a big screen set up in the lounge area. That night we watched “Pearl Harbor”. The next day was our only day to explore Fremantle, so we were sure to get up nice and early. We walked around, saw a bit of the university, and headed over to the Shipwreck Museum. Here, ... read more
Shipwreck Gallery

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle September 20th 2009

This past weekend marked our first venture out onto the Indian Ocean - whale watching! Mike, Rita, Sheena and I headed out to Freo just after noon and boarded a sea cat bound for the area of water known as the "Humpback Highway" - a well traveled strip of water just off the coast which is a favorite passage for Humpback whales coming down from the mating grounds in Northwest Australia down to their feeding grounds around the Antarctic. After a quick bite & some photos we were off on the Rotto Express with a great tour guide who kept us in the loop about what to look for and helped us scout out the whale breaches for some great photo ops. Unfortunately for Mike, there were no other whales (i.e. the blue whale) on our ... read more
Freo E-Shed

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle September 14th 2009

This past weekend a blast from my Tri-Campus past, fellow goalie-partner Will and his girlfriend Lindsey came to Perth. Both Will and Lindsey are studying Law at Bond University on the Gold Coast, so when I found out they were going to spend a few days in Perth, I thought it would be great to show them around and do a few more of the sights with them! Saturday was finally a true "spring" day in Perth, with sunny blue skies and temperatures in the low 20's. After a lazy morning on my behalf, we met Lindsey and Will in Fremantle - which is one of the coastal towns/suburbs of Perth. Freo (as its known by the locals) has a bit of character and is actually one of the oldest parts of WA - its where ... read more
The Market
An Avro on Little Creatures Patio
Australian Rainbow

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle August 4th 2009

We were going to sleep in this morning, but the children had other ideas. Anyway, we had a very lazy morning doing not much after Anne went to work. We went out to the shops to get a few bits and pieces and had lunch. Then Anne was back from her duties, and we all set off for Fremantle and the beach. We looked around some of the "historic" bits on the coast which included a jail house where Simon got put in the stocks. Then we went along the coast calling in at various beaches, where Simon had to be buried. Then back home where we cooked a tea of chicken pasta bake and then to bed to try and catch up a little more on the sleep deficit. ... read more
Simon in the stocks
Simon getting ready to be buried
He is under the towel, honest!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle May 22nd 2009

Day 32 (Friday 22-May-09, NJJ) In the morning we did our laundry then Jay found a bargain camper van with toilet and shower for us so we booked that for Monday so we can do the west coast. We caught the 12.49pm bus into the city and then a train out to Fremantle which if the weather had been better would have been a lovely place to wander around for a few hours. We had lunch at an Italian restaurant, had 2 meals for price of 1 with voucher off Luke and Lisa. We did the prison tour and found out about the convict history. Got the train back to Perth then bus back to house. The four of us had an evening in with wine and a Thai takeaway - delicious.... read more
Fremantle Prison Main Gate
Inside Fremantle Prison
The Gallows at Fremantle Prison

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle May 13th 2009

may 13 09. i have seen the bathers. yes, dear reader it's true. well almost. the bottom is finished with the southern cross on the front. the top is cut and alligned with the gold boomerang and green. just needs a back and some stitching. may even be finished as i type. next to find a model to fit the size, take the photo and list it on 'picasa' on website. it might even be worthy of putting on front page of website in the space where the flag is at the bottom. otherwise, health problems persist. the only flag news is some conversations where the consensus is republic required for flag to change. some say the queen needs to die. that's a bit grim. maybe a retirement would be enough to stir debate. i expect ... read more

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