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February 6th 2011
Published: February 6th 2011
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Having surived my first school week I made sure there were a few drinks on offer when Friday afternoon rolled around.
The week had gone smoothly but getting back into the habit of waking up to an alarm clock will certainly take a bit longer to get used to.
My class is wonderful. There are 23 children on the roll but I had less than 20 all three days.
Of course this weekend was spent rushing around trying to get as much school prep done so as to make this week slightly more structured. The only thing that really made things tricky was the lack of supplies available in the storeroom. If that is the worst of it then I consider myself very lucky.

Friday afternoon signalled the end of our first working week. We celebrated by heading out to the Boab Pub. Our very first visit. I went along with all the other new staff. There was live music on offer and it was a great night out. I bumped into a girl who I used to work with in Gerladton and even managed to make friends with some trainee doctors who are here for the year. The pub as packed- possible potential hotties on offer but more recon work needed. I couldn't believe that so many people actually live here. The streets are always empty whenever I go out.

The rest of the weekend went speeding along (as they tend to do). I spent 4 hours gardening/ weeding and consequently found myself dehydrated and burnt. Lesson learnt!

Time for this week's Top Ten events:
1. Laundry that dries overnight
2. Watching the Saturday night sunset at the Derby jetty while fishing with my new friends and enjoying some nibbles and drinks.
3. Watching on as Caitlyn reeled in a shark, gave it a kiss and threw it back
4. Riding my bike everywhere
5. Walking the one and a half minutes to and home from school
6. Meeting my class!!!
7. Skyping- cos it's the best invention ever!
8. When some boys from my class walked passed and yelled out, "Hi Miss Chloe" (so touched they weren't ashamed to know me!)
9. Learning the difference between a weed and a plant
10. Drinking and chatting with new friends on my front porch

Thanks for reading this week's entry. As you can probably tell, I'm finding it really easy to find loads of fun, exciting and positive things up here. Thank you to everyone who wrote comments or sent message to my blog. I still get such a buzz from reading them. Love to you all.


6th February 2011

Potential Hotties & Doctors????
Ah hello Miss Chloe but were any of these doctors male????? and if so were they some of the hotties of which you speak??? I had a good first day and the girls in the store seem lovely. I'm already thinking about a trip to Broome for my birthday, whaddya think? Perhaps you can find me one of these potential hotties....he he looners x
6th February 2011

Hi Chloe
Hi Chloe, Great to hear things are going well. Sounds like you have slipped into a nice circle of friends and are taking full advantage of the relaxed lifestyle. Jetty fishing sounds like a great way to watch the sun set. Keep the blogs coming - even if we don't always post a reply, it is nice to know you are safe and well. Sarah has booked her flight to London for 10 April and is looking forward to gaining some life experience living and working there. Adam is waiting for his new Aust passport so he can apply for a Canadian work visa. Seems like all the kids (and Brenda) have exotic places to go to. Oh well - maybe if I win this Saturday's $20 million lotto I can join all the jet setters. Take care, love, Pat.
6th February 2011

Hi Chloe Well done indeed. You have settled in well and besides the teaching which you are being paid to do I especially like that you are gardening having fun fushing and merging new people. The part that really made me sit up was the drs in the pub!!! Now you are talking girl!! Go work on that area and keep us informed .!!! Keep up the good work and look forward to next weeks instalment xxxlove Carol
7th February 2011

i have a turtle
Hi Chloe, great to read your going on's. I like the top ten entries, keep this section up. Vegemite had a sleep over at Brenda's last night cause Dad and Trailer came home and Dad just couldn't resist. It's ok with me just this once cause I was working a back to back so I wouldn't have seen him the whole time anyway. The trick is getting Dad to give him back...at least in the mean time he is having fun frolicking at the beach with Trailer (can you imagine Trailer frolicking..!!). Love you lots, Mia xxx
7th February 2011

Hey Chloe, i was so excited to see that you have started blogging again. It is so nice to hear your possitive approach to life . You are such an inspiration to me . Great to hear you have settled in so nicely and that you only have a small class. Ah bliss! Many staff meetings? I love the Sunday on the jetty. School for us started with a surf lesson at Pyramids. (missed you ) right back into it now. We have 2 lovely kindy classes with Bree, Nat and I. We had a great PD on the meanings behind mass which I learnt a great deal.Tony Cheara led it and was a pleasure to be involved in. Hope it all continues to go well and that your sunburn has gone. don't forget to drink lots of water . Look forward to hearing your future adventures. Love and hugs Esther
13th February 2011

Is the restaurant on the pier still open? We were there in Oct 2008 and it was for sale then. Had an awesome seafood treat. As opposed to others, we enjoyed our short stay in Derby.

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