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February 13th 2011
Published: February 13th 2011
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Another week has flown by already. I stormed through Week 2 and managed to get some nice classroom routines in place- which I believe makes everyone involved feel better.

Many of you know that I have adopted two new years resolutions for 2011.
Number 1: not to accept plastic bags, especially at the supermarket (I really try at this but sometimes fail spectacularly)
Number 2: engage with as many social invitations as possible. This is where I feel my success has been this week. I've got myself lined up for an afterschool activity every week day. I'm on my way to making lots of new friends.

Another tick on the list is that I managed to get most of my programmes for school written this weekend. Feels good to get them printed. School free weekends will soon be do-able.

The weather has been phonomenal this week! Lightning striking the ground, cracking the earth and making the entire class jump. About 5 minutes til home time it normally pours down and twice this week it started up early afternoon making all the kids go crazy. I know what that old adage 'crazy weather crazy kids' means now. With all the rain it has been alot cooler which has been lovely. Last night I didn't even have the fan on!!!

The only downer is that I am not 100%. It's not that I'm sick but I have lost my voice to some extent. I'm blaming it on the constant transitioning between air con and hot, humid air. I think I also have an ear infection. Luckily, I think I am able to get access to a bulk billing doctor up here and get this... they give you the medicine for free! That's the word on the street from my doctor friends anyway.

Ok, time for this week's Top Ten. Thanks again for all of last week's comments. I love, love, love getting them.
Have a happy week and I'll have a dance for you in the summer rain (I'll probably even sing that song while doing it)!

Week 2 Top Ten
1. Productive Sunday getting programs done
2. Using the whipper snipper to chop the weeds in my newly spruced garden. So satisfying!
3. Watching Jonathen (Yr 2 teacher) sing in front of the entire pub at Karaoke on Saturday night
4. Friday night drinks at MJ's house, relaxed, chilled night with MJ's amazing spinach and feta rolls
5. Rearranging my house. (Well Mia I have been here 3 weeks now).
6. Aqua aerobics on Saturday morning. Lots of laughs all in the name of fitness.
7. A delicious dinner cooked for me by Kellie on Saturday night (pre karaoke)
8.Still being on the same tank of fuel I got on January 16th! And still not even used 1/4 of a tank!
9.Practising for my Bronze and making it way under the 13 minute time limit
10.Joining a mixed netball team (official name still to be decided) and the local bookclub (but Captain Corelli's Mandolin is proving quite a challenging read).

That's all from me this week. Next week I'm meant to be doing my Pool Bronze so I can take my class on a surf camp later this year. Hope my ears have recovered by then. Have a great week.


13th February 2011

hello from Esther
Hey Chloe. Nice to hear you getting in control of a whipper snipper. i love mowing our lawns but must confess the whippper snipper intimidates me somewhat. Great to hear you are so busy and and getting all your programming done so soon. Awesome. Please say hi to MJ. Hope she has settled as well as you. Tell her we miss her as we miss you also. We were presented to the Parish this morning at Mass. We now have 43 on staff!! Can you belive it. My how we have grown. Bev Okane had a baby boy a week ago DAmon Patrick. Beautiful little boy with lots of dark hair. Lucky baby to be born into such a beautiful family. Look forward to hearing about your adventures. We got your postcard and we read it out. Thanks for thinking of us. Love and hugs Esther
14th February 2011

Mammoth week!
Hello my darling, what a mammoth amount of things you have done in such a short time. I am so proud of you! What a go-getter! Mind you, anyone who can travel the world solo as you did last year, can achieve all manner of goals. I hope the infection can be easily treated and that you soon start to feel better! Hope you can stick with Captain Corelli's Mandolin. I read it years ago. How many in the bookclub and where do you meet? Is it a once a month thing? Our bookclub is going to dinner this month at the Joondalup Resort and as well as discussing this month's book,'The Book Thief', we have to bring a book to swap. Love you lots. Mum.
16th February 2011

week 2 down!
Mum - I feel for you, the book thief sucked! Hi chloe sun, how are you? Jarrad has been watching the karate kid on TV. We have had a busy week, I'm exhaused. First few days at work have been good, i think i will be happy there. tonight we started moving some furniture out of Kallaroo to Sorrento and a few things went on the verge too. now we have a house that echoes, but at least it will be easier when it comes time to move out properly. Your weeks sound busier than mine, but you sound happy and like you're setting good roots. I am glad you are happy, but i am sad that Colin has not yet given Vegemite back cause i miss him. Bed time for me, nig night sister, love you lots xxx

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