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August 2nd 2013
Published: August 2nd 2013
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And the rain continues......

My first photo is of the cinnamon bun which we purchased at the Dowerin Bakery. It lasted us two days! Rude people who received a copy via my mobile phone asked questions like, were the cups miniature?

Headed off to see Richard and Gill (Graham's Brother and Sister in Law) in Bunbury for a few days. It is still raining but nowhere as much and it is marginally warmer, in fact we are wandering around without jumpers.

On Sunday we all went on a sightseeing tour of the Ferguson Valley. Firstly to Potters Gorge where there is a very nice camp ground in the Wellington National Park. We wanted to go and spend a few days there but the rain has put us off, next time.

Then we proceeded to the Wellington Dam itself. I remember visiting it when I was a small child. I also remember visiting relatives of Dad's who lived in Collie. We always came in winter and would wander through the creek beds and pick Boronia. Still one of my favourite scents.

The dam is smaller than I remember, but I was young. We then drove through the park stopping at some rapids where we wandered about on the rocks. Next we visited "King Jarrah" the largest jarrah tree in the forest. The forest was beautiful as was the countryside all green and lush with extremely contented cows wandering about all over the place. We even saw some of the black cows with white bands around their middles, saw them on either the "Hairy Bikers" TV show or "Two Fat Ladies".

We lunched at the Moody Cow Brewery. Only Graham ordered a beer, but we all tried it so he needed to get a replacement one. Three of us had Roast Beef rolls with rosemary and garlic chips. My oh my we were all burping garlic so badly and even the next day no vampire or cold germ would have approached us. They were yummy.

On the way into the restaurant we passed a hole on the side of the carpark road. A stream was visible, running from the small creek bed, down some rocks, and eating away the soil under the bitumen and causing it to crumble away - and we think SA roads are bad.

Next we wandered off to Gnomesville. The last time we visited there about 12 years ago there were about 300-400 gnomes, now there are literally thousands which are along paths, hanging from trees, hiding in logs, over the fence and in the paddocks. You need hours to view them all. Lots of them are predictable like "Gnome and away" but some are hilarious. I have included photos of 7 of my favourite. Some of my photos failed so I missed out of the chicken wire enclosure titled "Gnome Detention Centre" over in a paddock. Between it and the fence line was "Gnomeman's land". "Mad Max, beyond thundergnome", Gnomeo and Juliet. It has to be seen to be believed. Volunteers try and keep it clean and tidy but are fighting a losing battle because of the rain at present, but it will get done and continue to grow and delight.

The boys had a very fine time at Gnomesville trying to blend in with all the other little critters. They were running around so much we ended up finding a new use for ocky straps, round the neck and used as a lead. Worked a treat. We now have the ultimate threat, misbehave and they will go back to Gnomesville and be placed as Serial Killer Gnome Victims.

When we were in Karratha I purchased some bobbin lace patterns (beginner exercises) and as Gill does this craft I have had her begin to teach me. I have completed my first piece which is of a single stitch pattern made into a bookmark and have included a photo of that. I am struggling with the second piece because the instructions I have to work from are so confusing, but I will persist. We visited Gill's friend Zetta who sells lace supplies and I managed to get quite a bit of equipment and materials to get me going. Thankfully she had some equipment from a deceased estate, so I got some second hand things as well.

Graham and Richard appear to be enjoying lots of chin wags and have been working together to do some work on our caravan. We now have new gas struts under the bed, the original ones were really not man enough - the spirit level has been permanently fixed to the tow bar and we have purchased some rubber flooring from Clark's Rubber to help insulate the floor. Together they have visited the caravan shop and the hardware shop and multiple other places but Gill and I visited the bottle shop. How about that.

This afternoon they are heading off with some beers to visit a friend of Richard's called Ed. I am in charge of the meal tonight, so the girls are staying home not that we have been invited.

We have been sharing the cooking over the past few days. We have had silverside done in Gills Eco Pot, I did lamb shanks in the Eco Pot, Richard did a noodle dish of his own invention, Graham did a BBQ and tonight I am making Laksa.

None of us were the ones who won the $1,000, 000 in lotto sold at the Bunbury Forum. Sods.

There is a slight break in the weather so tomorrow Graham and I are heading off to Walpole to do the Tree Top Walk at the Valley of the Giants, something we have wanted to do for ages. We will meander back through the SW corner of WA and rejoin Richard and Gill sometime.

Additional photos below
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2nd August 2013
001 Dowerin Cinnamon Bun

Cinnamon Bun
Now that is a big one!
3rd August 2013

The boys
Was glad to hear continuance of the boys misadventures, they had been a bit quiet of late, found it hilarious, great pics as well
3rd August 2013

Hello, your back again
You have managed to find some very interesting places to wander through. We are amazed at the Gnome Haven. The Van will be ready for anything & more with all the new bits & pieces adorning it. We are exhausted by our babysitting activities & Craig & Rochelle only left for Europe today. We can't seem to get our head around the comings & goings of these three kids. Will keep in touch. B&R
3rd August 2013

Lace and Dam or should that be dam(n) lace
I'm very impressed, have often looked at ladies doing it at craft shows and it's mind boggling! Wellington Dam looks beautiful but probably smaller than you remembered because you're not just a tad older but probably SO much taller :) I'm sitting in the dining room doing some revision (MYOB course blugh) and it's pouring and I'm wearing tracky pants, thick socks and ugg boots on the bottom half and bra, singlet, long sleeve T shirt, polar fleece and 'outdoor' coat/jacket, fingerless gloves and a beanie! But I am warm and NOT complaining! We have a fan heater but I can't stand the noise. Now I'm going into the lounge by the fire, Chris is cooking thankfully, he's better than I am. Fray's good and says 'wah', well, I'm sure she would if she wasn't curled up by the fire.
3rd August 2013

Fray and lace
Fray has obviously got you well in hand. I bet the fire was on already to keep her warm! Lace, I have always wanted to try and believe you it is far harder than I thought. I am struggling with lesson 2 and apparently when I get to lesson 7 I should be able to do most patterns. I figured it would be a nice compact craft to travel with. Hell no! Even the little book mark I did took 10 pair of bobbins and a huge pillow. The amount of work you have to do before you can even start, winding bobbins, marking up your pattern takes forever. I can see my travelling future being marking up patterns to do over the summer when not travelling. My sister in law does the most beautiful things and one she is working on at present uses 47 pairs of bobbins.
4th August 2013

Those cows are called Belted Galloways. Lots of them around here in the Central West of NSW.

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