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May 22nd 2015
Published: May 25th 2015
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Work week HustleWork week HustleWork week Hustle

The gorgeous Old Fire Station in Perth
Work Week Hustle 22/05/2015

I had a medical appointment at the Royal Perth Hospital on Friday 22nd May, so parked the cruiser at Cockburn train station and went in to Perth on the train.

I have lost 14 Kilo’s, my GP had suggested I do so as it was conducive to my ongoing health and had her parting word to me on the 28th of January were I don’t care how you do it, just do it!

When I went back to see her on 23rd April I had lost 10 Kilo’s she asked me how I did it and I said through controlled starvation, she said the shedding of 10 Kilo’s was great but I needed to take more exercise, she didn’t really say to much on how I did it, but who cares I did it

My GP wears a fit bit and she had tried to sell me the advantages a god while ago , but it was not really my thing..

Caroline has been wearing a Fitbit or about a year and personally I couldn’t be bothered with one until she brought me one for Christmas, and now
Work week HustleWork week HustleWork week Hustle

Just a random old building in Perth
we are locked in mortal combat on who can do the most steps a week.

Our morning travel dynamic has changed somewhat I used to drop Caroline at Cockburn station then drive in to Murdoch where I work and park the truck in the car park provided.

But now we have changed all that as we park Jack at the station and I get the train, to Murdoch which is only one station down the line, I get off and sometimes walk to work or get the bus and always walk home to the station in the afternoon., whilst Caroline does the same just much further down the line in North Perth.

Its all about steps, how many steps you do, equates to how far you have walked and as Caroline and my fit-bit’s are synced together it allows us to be competitive with each other.

At the beginning of last week Caroline through down a “Work Week Hustle which started at Mid-night on Sunday night and concluded on Friday night at midnight and the goal was to do as many steps as possible.

So my Friday was not the norm and I went in
Work week HustleWork week HustleWork week Hustle

Fire station No 1
to Perth with Caroline and got off in the city and walked to the Royal Perth Hospital as I wanted to get my “steps in”

The day was predicted to be a lovely warm 22 degrees and we are so close to the first day of winter, being the first of June.

I strolled through the train station then up to the street, looked at Google maps on my IPhone and got on to wellington street and got a pace going,

I had never been this end of wellington street before and I walked past this beautiful old fire station, and being so worthy of a photo, I used my phone not to miss a perfect opportunity, further down the road was a salvation army building which also was just gorgeous and was worthy of a picture.

As these blogs are done retrospectively I have done some research on the gorgeous old fire building and when It first came in to service was called Fire Brigade No. 1 Station and is located at 25 Murray Street, at its intersection with Irwin Street, Perth,

The Fire Station was the first purpose-built fire station in Western Australia.
Work week HustleWork week HustleWork week Hustle

The Salvation Army building
It was opened in 1901 and continued in operation until 1979. The building now houses the Fire & Emergency Services Education and Heritage Centre.

I got to the Royal Perth Hospital in plenty of time, in fact when I got to The Cardiology department it was 08.20am and my appointment wasn’t until 10.00am, so I told them I was here and took a seat and picked up one of the donated magazines to while away the time.

No sooner than I had tuned a couple of pages of my cycling magazine, I was called to go and have my ECG (Echocardiogram), then from my EGC I went and had a Crdiac Ultrasound and in no time it was ten to ten.

I just got back to my magazine and flicked another couple of pages when I was called again, this time by a guy in a great suit and a beaming smile.

He introduced himself as Dr Andrew Bullock a Paediatric Cardiologist, and he said that he had met a guy at the gym who’s name was Dr Jamie Price who was a haematologist and they were talking about me, Dr Jamie Price was a guy
Work week HustleWork week HustleWork week Hustle

Fire Station No 1
who I had seen just after my stoke and they were trying to find out why I seemed susceptible to blood clotting and one thing led to another and now I was sitting in front of another health professional.

When we were over East, we have some of our possessions in the container at Woodstock and some of our possessions included my medical history that goes back to 2001 which I copied and brought with me when we emigrated and as a project at the moment, we are digitising all our paper work and putting them in electronic format

I had given a copy of my health history ti the lady when I book in this morning and they were now on the corner of Dr Andrew Bullocks desk, he put his hand on them and said thanks for these its like reading and old history book.

Andrew said that he knew my Cardiologist back in the UK who used to look after me and who carried out some heart surgery just after my heart attack in 2007, I asked him how he knew Tony Salmon and he said he had met him a couple of times on various conferences around the world and also had linked up with him when they were gathering medical cases studies to further their knowledge in to Grown up with Congenital heart defects

Andrew Bullock noticed I was wearing my fit-bit and he lifted his shirt cuff up to reveal his, I explained that I was locked in to a work week hustle with my wife and he smiled, and I said I was not prepared to loose, I explained that I was doing around 55 Kilometres a week and he was happy with that and combined with my weight loss was happy overall.

As far as my heart goes he doesn’t think it will be necessary to see him for another three years, though I am due to see someone else in January next year.

I left the meeting at the RPH upbeat and happy with good news to tell Caroline and amazing news that Andrew Bullock new Tony Salmon, how amazing is that.

So the week’s Work week Hustle had concluded much to Caroline’s disgust as I smashed here doing 56.43 Kilometres compared her 41 Kilometres and the fit-bit challenge will be on again next weekend as Caroline will not give me any quarter.



25th May 2015

Work Week Hustle
Hi Fit-Bit Fanatics, Work Week Hustle ... is that like Soft Shoe Shuffle - fit-bit style?? Caroline ... afraid you are going to have to pick up the pace a bit this week kid, as we can't let these blokes beat us or we'll never hear the end of it. Andy ... you are going to have to be on your mettle now you know. The gauntlet has been thrown down so, you had better watch yourself as it's now going to be a no-holds-barred hustle from here on, you realise that, don't you? However, congrats on your weight-loss - well done! That's phenomenal! You are going to have to let Ted into your secret of controlled starvation. He seems to be more into a seafood diet at the moment - see food and eat it! A habit I am going to have to break him out of. :) Lots of love to you both. J, T & Co. xoxoxo
26th May 2015

Great blog...
nothing like some competition to reach health goals.

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