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October 28th 2011
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1: Albany's wind farm 50 secs
Some times one thinks they should skip a spot to visit as it is out of the way, has a bad weather history and maybe seems to be insignificant. Do not think of Albany in that way or you will be the looser.

Albany lived up to its windy/wet reputation as you will see in the photos, but still go - you nerver know your luck. Locals tell us this is unseasonably cold for the end of October.

Albany is dominated by two lasting things - history and rocks!

The city is built on a large rocky formation that creates two harbours and a third sheltered water area. The entrance is the King George Sound and Princess Royal Harbour as well as Oyster Harbour. It is a relatively deep water harbour well protected from the prevailing south and west winds.

Lucky for the visitors to this city, much of the history has been retained or at least recreated. The Amity sailed from Sydney to set up Western Australias first settlement here at Albany. While the old ship is not here, there is a full sized replica on the foreshore in the city. For a modest price you can discover just how crew, convicts and setlers survived terrible seas to arrive here in 1826. You will never again complain about cattleclass seats on a modern airline!

The first cottage built in Albany still exists today and is in good repair. Take an hour to visit this cottage and reflect on many fine things from yesteryear including mangles and an early manual washing machine. The house is an excellent museum and a very cheep treat.

Not quite so cheep is the history of whaling from Albany at Whale World. If you want to learn about one of the yuckyish industries, take a couple of hours to visit. The last whale boat is here and available for inspection including the engine room, bridge and you can line up a whale with the harpoon and shoot. Oh, the shooting is with cameras only.

Then there is the buildings in town, churches, municipal and commercial. The old lives on and in full use. Many other Australian cities have not retained much of the old, but here the old finds colourful new life.

Oh, they love their rocks here - Dog rock is just on the edge of the city centre and is one of many intriguing rocky outcrops. See how many you can visit.

According to a sign we read, there is another rocky outcrop south of the city which used to be joined to Antarctica. Not sure I buy into the story, but judging by the cold wind when we visited, it felt like there could be some truth.

Enjoy the photos even though the sun didnt shine often.

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Amity 04Amity 04
Amity 04

Low head room for passengers and crew.
Amity 05Amity 05
Amity 05

Officers mess
Amity 06Amity 06
Amity 06

Ships surgeon cabin. Did he forget to get off?
Amity 07Amity 07
Amity 07

Find out the supplies taken
Amity 08Amity 08
Amity 08

Full sized - but not sea worthy.
Albany Jail 02Albany Jail 02
Albany Jail 02

Razor Wire? - not yet invented
Albany Jail 03Albany Jail 03
Albany Jail 03

The door you didn't want to be on the wrong side.
Albany First Cottage 01Albany First Cottage 01
Albany First Cottage 01

Built 1832 but grew over the next 30 years.
Albany First Cottage 02Albany First Cottage 02
Albany First Cottage 02

True or false - cow dung was used to waterproof the exterior.
Albany First Cottage 03Albany First Cottage 03
Albany First Cottage 03

Who needs an ensuite?
Albany First Cottage 05Albany First Cottage 05
Albany First Cottage 05

Not sure Marg would swap jeans/sweater for this.
Albany First Cottage 07Albany First Cottage 07
Albany First Cottage 07

Even the motorhome is equipped better than this.

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