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March 12th 2013
Published: March 13th 2013
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After surviving an enormous influx of Victorian families and young Europeans over their Labour Day weekend we packed up Tuesday morning (of course, our neighbour needed a photo of Bruce packed up). The whole previous week was over 33 degrees, so we packed up early Tuesday morning and bid farewell to Victorias most expensive town. Eoin purchased a plain bread roll and was not happy to pay $3 for it, ice was $4 for a 3kg bag, etc, etc, etc.

The weather was bearable for the first few klicks, but became unbearable sitting on Heidi behind an acre of plastic (curse those BMW bean counters for stopping the installation of air vents in the fairings) on the other hand, Gail enjoyed the sensation of the intense 38 degree, very windy airflow, evaporating the perspiration from her body, thus making her cooler than me.... To add to our enjoyment and fun the hot wind increased in intensity, so that we spent all our time leaning to maintain a strait direction. The scenery was divided between tinder dry paddocks and lots of tinder dry paddocks.

Our arrival at Portland had us searching for a motel very quickly. Of course, the air con went on straight away and boots removed immediatley .As we were unpacking, we noticed a bush fire had started a few klicks down the road with plumes of smoke billowing into the atmosphere, glad we arrived before that hit. The evacuation centre was set up opposite us and the locals jumped into action, as the winds were predicted to change again for the worse.

A wonderful nights sleep had by all after 5 weeks camping and we set off early for a leisurely cool ride to Mt Gambier through miles and miles of pine forests, the biggest plantations we have ever seen. Of course, we could have done without the logging trucks careering towards uson their and sometimes our side of the road, setting up a buffeting factor that would have the Titanic setting up sails. Add to that, it was also bloody windy again, fun, fun, fun.


14th March 2013

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14th March 2013

Sac news
Hi Gail and Eoin, glad to read that Heidi and Henry and you two survived the hot weather. All's well in the Sac......Judy and Barry away next week......their chooks have departed to "chook heaven".......they should have tried harder to lay more eggs! Wendy and David in Canberra to view an Art exhibition. Debbie and Fred (our end) doing renos to the front of their house. Still have not met Brian No. 2........Bell OK but missing you.Your lawn and garden look great. Kerrie and Rob off to New Zealand during the school hols. Not much exciting news really! But we love to hear from you both!!! Cheers Gerda
14th March 2013

Has it really been 5 weeks already? The weather sounds unbearable. It was cold up here this arvo and you can feel Autumn creeping into the mornings. Glad you treated yourself to a motel stay. I know what you mean about the neighbour and Bruce. I have a very old Elite and people always want to watch it go up and down, but rarely want to help. Stay well and ride safe.

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