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November 8th 2017
Published: November 7th 2017
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Frankston beachFrankston beachFrankston beach

A great local beach. There could be stingrays and other sea creatures, but not usually sharks.
The flight from Vancouver to Brisbane was a long one, even though it was only 13 hours, less than the advertised 14 1/2 hours. Air Canada was good to us though, three meals over the course of the flight, including free wine. Sleep was difficult. The seats were not very comfortable, a pain in the neck literally. Arrived in Brisbane in the morning, with the temperature predicted at 30C. That great news was short lived however, as the pilot of our next flight to Melbourne announced it would be only 15C there. Even Australians on the flight were gasping.

We were being singled out for a dog sniffing at Brisbane. Must be the imminent legalization of weed that made them pick us Canadians. Thankfully, Marion did not carry any fruit, as she did once in New Zealand, which would have alerted them.

My second cousin Erwin picked us up and we started to make our way to Frankston, a gorgious suburb on Port Phillip Bay. Our first stop was at the local mall in order to get a Telstra SIM Card and account so that we'd have a cell plan to use. For $69 we got 15 Gb of
Gorgeous flowersGorgeous flowersGorgeous flowers

We don't get to see these in Ottawa in November!
data and unlimited texts and calling for the next month.

After we checked into the Quest Apartments, Erwin drove us around town to show us some great neighbourhoods and beaches, and told us he'll pick us up in the morning to spend the day with us. Marion and Ferdy then walked a short distance to Bobo’s Diner, a local gathering place and got a table without a booking (reservation). The burgers were great, as was the beer. Ferdy had the portobello mushroom burger, Marion had the Bobo special. While the price seemed steep initially, it was actually not bad once we realized there would be no GST or tipping added. There’s no tipping in Australia.

We made it an early night!

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Straw fencesStraw fences
Straw fences

Commercially installed straw fences appear at the more affluent homes.

Not sure what these are, but they're a gorgeous silver-leafed plant.

8th November 2017

Sounds like a good start to your adventure. Hope you see the penguins
Glad you made it safe. Snowed a bit here in sault ste. marie so enjoy the weather...:)
8th November 2017

Although I won't comment much, I will follow your trip with pleasure. Hope you both will return safely.
11th November 2017

Have read all the blogs!
What a great way to document your trip. The fruit comment reminds me of all the notices every time you leave the cruise ship. When I got off the ship in one stop in Mexico, I had an apple in my bag. The fruit was dumped in a bin and I was given a real dirty look. Oops! It was the last time I did that! Today is Remembrance Day. I am going to the Legion for the parade. It is going to be really cold. I will have to bundle up. Will read your new blog tonight when at Helen's in Montreal. I am staying there after spending the evening with Ellen.

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