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April 8th 2013
Published: April 10th 2013
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The Breakfast of ChampionsThe Breakfast of ChampionsThe Breakfast of Champions

A great advert for Kelloggs Variety Pack
Day 1609

8th April

We woke in a comfortable bed at the Truman’s house in Inverloch, Victoria, today we needed to go and get the tyre repaired if possible, or replaced if not.

I heard Ken go to work this morning about twenty to seven, I was out soon after and sat at the computer seeing how many people are again reading the blog, I feel I have got my enthusiasm back for it and am happy to write.

Caroline soon followed and we looked on the internet where we could go to get the tyre repaired. Jodie said that we would be able to get it done in Wonthaggi, a large seaside town only 12k’s from Inverloch.

We had our tea and departed as we wanted to get a good start on the day, and we were interested in getting to Wilsons Promontory (The Prom) for a couple of nights.

Deciding to take the coast road from Inverloch, it was a fabulous drive and soon we were looking around for a company called Tyrepower, we pulled in and there was a camera crew blocking the entrance.

we drove in filming stopped and
Initial InvestigationInitial InvestigationInitial Investigation

This wombat suddenly appeared and sniffed around our camp
as soon as we parked filming started again, a guy came over and asked if he could be of service. I showed the chap our damaged tyre and he said if we gave him an hour he would see if it could be repaired.

Because this branch of Tyre Power was so successful, they were filming their new company advert that would be for the Australia wide audience, they were very proud of this and probably quite rightly so.

Our next stop was Macca’s we were really in need of a decent coffee, we sat and I read the paper and Caroline did her catch up on faceplant and e-mails, she had been delighted on how many birthday messages she had received.

We needed to go and get some provisions for our little trip to Wilsons Prom, and the Truman gang were to meet us there, we had promised them a Kangaroojack Chicken Curry,(Just like old times eh). We had not stocked up on provisions in Omeo as the supermarket was very small and did not have what we wanted.

With shopping now done it was back to Tyrepower to hopefully collect our repaired tyre, turning
Sniffing the BootsSniffing the BootsSniffing the Boots

He didn't find Andy's hiking boots of any interest so moved on to another camp site.
in again “Filming Stopped, then started as we parked, we went in and they said all done, and the bill was about $27.00 bucks.

The tyre was fitted and we were soon back in Inverloch, at the Truman’s house where Jodie told us that our camping spot on Wilsons Prom had been organised for two days and they would follow on shortly. We hooked Gypsy up, chucked all our shopping in and said to Jodie, Khalia and Josh that we would see them all later at the Prom.

We were excited as we had heard a lot of good things about Wilsons Promontory and especially that there was a big Wombat colony that frequented the area, rumour had it that if you didn’t see a Wombat at Wilsons Prom, you are just not looking hard enough.

The journey was 73k’s to the prom, it was a gorgeous afternoon, the sun was shining and the sky was blue, we arrived at the rangers station and checked that our booking was confirmed and all we had to do was find a spot where wanted to camp. We were amazed that there are actually 498 places to camp, yet it

A nearby campsite absent of occupants, but food was left outside and of course the wombat found it.
gets so busy at holiday times they run a ballot system, as this place is just so popular, we can see why!

We were driving around nice and slowly as we wanted to make sure we had a good look around and not miss anything, we also wanted to make sure that we picked a spot where we could both pitch our camper tailers and be in close proximity.

As we slowed by site 440 we looked over and it seemed a perfect spot, big enough for both of us and very flat and sandy, and as we looked just off to one side and spotted a Wombat, just nibbling on some grass.

This must have been an omen, what could be better, a great camp spot and a Wombat as well.

We abandoned the truck and trailer in a safe place and went out to look at the Wombat, it was very matter of fact, not really interested in anything else but eating, obviously we were over joyed and took some pictures.

We parked Gypsy and set up our camp, awning up and kettle on, it was perfect, it was only about 2.30 so

We are not sure how the wombat chose which variety packs to eat, but he seemed to be fairly satisfied with the contents.
had a while to go before the Truman’s turned up.

I was in Gyspy beetling around, whilst Caroline was sitting down drinking tea, she called me and said hurry up, we have a visitor again, of the furry variety, so I shot outside just to see the Wombat going underneath the camper trailer, apparently it had a good sniff around camp and my hiking boots but found nothing it fancied.

I met it the other side and it just waddled along just minding its own business, I went back to Caroline to see if she had any photo’s and she said that it just appeared out of the undergrowth, if you study this place you can see that there are Wombat runs everywhere.

I sat down with Caroline for about 10 minutes and had some tea, then wondered to myself where the Wombat had gone to, so went off and walked the direction of the next camp site, and as I looked at our neighbours tent, I noticed in the porch way of their tent was this very big Wombat feasting on what appeared to be a variety pack of breakfast cereal.

I went up to

Andy and I moved the remaining boxes from the wombat so that he could not eat any more and hopefully the owners of the tent could have breakfast in the morning!
the tent and there he was not interested in anything at all except a ripped open box of Kellogg’s Nutrigrain.

Now, Wombats are determined creatures, (Very single minded) and this one was not leaving until it had eaten everything available, I called out to Caroline to grab her camera and come over and see what this naughty Wombat was up to.

As he had only got in to one small box of cereal we decided to pick the other 7 boxes up and put them on the table with the idea that when our neighbours got back, we would pop round and tell them what had happened.

A couple of other people had stopped by to see what was going on, the Wombat was finishing the last of his Kellogg’s Nutrigrain and started to sniff around the tent, however in a flash he decided that he wanted to go inside their tent and in a fraction of a second had ripped the mosquito screen and disappeared in side.

We were roaring with laughter as we just could not believe how matter of fact this act was to the Wombat, as if to say, ”well I have

The left overs
eaten all the food outside,” now I am going inside to look for some more.

Jodie had warned us that this was a common occurrence on the Prom if people did not do the right thing. There are warning signs around everywhere to tell people not to leave food outside or in tents, food must remain in your vehicle. Do not even leave your Esky outside. The Wombats will find their way in!

A nice crowd had gathered outside the tent to see this Wombat in action and we were all having quite a good laugh about these events and we noticed that the Truman’s had just arrived, we beckoned them out of their truck to came over to see what all the fuss was about.

As they had just stopped, there was another car behind them which was being driven by a driven by a lady with a lot of kids inside, Caroline was just assisting the Truman family in parking their vehicle and said to the lady that this truck was just parking and would only be a minute.

“No problem” said the lady, “our tent is just over there”, “ah” said Caroline, “I think you will find a Wombat in your tent went you get over there.”

I think she took the situation very well, some people would freak out when a creature weighing about 40 Kilo’s and has the table manners of a pig runs amok in your tent, she opened up the front of the tent and there he was snorting his way through a roll of rice crackers and they were everywhere, all over the floor

Her children shrieked with joy, when they saw the Wombat, they thought it was fantastic, they asked their mum if they could stroke it and she said it would be OK, the Wombat seemed OK with that as well, especially as I had already had a secret little stroke of this marvellous marsupial.

We all left them to it, as we needed to get the curry on for tonight’s evening meal, and this lady needed to get her camp back in order and get rid of the wombat, so I set about putting the curry together, whilst the Truman’s, were setting about putting the Camper trailer up.

Soon we were all sitting under Gypsy’s awning, with the I-pod on and pre dinner nibbles, laughing about events of the afternoon and some of the other wildlife adventures that we encountered on our original journey which mainly included possums.

The curry as usual went down a storm and it fed all six of us nicely, the evening had started to cool down and a chill was in the air so one by one we all rugged up to keep the chill off. It was around 10pm when we all finally succumbed to the cool evening and headed to bed.

We had our hot water bottles prepared but we soon found them too warm as Gypsy already felt nice and warm. Again sleep came easily for us and not a sound was to be heard from the wildlife around us.

Additional photos below
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Caught on the InsideCaught on the Inside
Caught on the Inside

This determined wombat found more food inside the tent, its ok though it was only rice crackers (yuck!)
Feisty AntFeisty Ant
Feisty Ant

I was watching a couple of large bull ants and this one saw me move (with camera of course) and decided to threaten me, I watched him back away from me before taking a different route.
The Trumans Arrive.....The Trumans Arrive.....
The Trumans Arrive.....

..... during all the action.... and they thought we were excited to see them.... well we were really.
Mount OberonMount Oberon
Mount Oberon

Nice backdrop to our campsite

11th April 2013

That's one camping trip sure to never be forgotten! Wildlife make the best visitors ito campsites. The last time we had a tent-visitor it was a buffalo (fortunately it stayed *outside*); I think I'll take a wombat! It looks positively cute, if not a little mischievous.
12th April 2013

Hi Both
Thanks for your comments on our blog, gladsomebody is reading it. Ah Wombat,my favorite creature,vry naughty. Cheers and Happy Travels. Kangaroojack
12th April 2013

Must say, the wombat is a much cuter and friendlier visitor than a bear or buffalo! Don't know what I would do if I found one in my tent. Thanks for sharing~! :)

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