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October 25th 2012
Published: October 25th 2012
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Me and James have temporarily moved out of the hostel. We find this ad on Gumtree for a room in the Grand Hotel but it is only available for about 3 weeks. We think it will be nice to have a hostel break so we go and take a look. The hotel is huge! The apartment is 3 bedrooms, he lives in one (a Columbian named Diego) and a New Zealand guy lives in the other. The apartment is on the PENTHOUSE floor and has access to a pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and gym. I can only describe it as totally awesome. It costs $30 a week each more than the hostel and its unlimited Wi-Fi. How ridiculous is that? My first thought when we entered the building was that the corridor looks just like the hotel from The Shining. I keep expecting to see creepy little children riding around on tricycles. The entrance looks a bit like the stairway on Titanic. I am going to attach some pictures so you get an idea. Unfortunately we will have to leave soon and go back to the hostel, big sob.

In James first week at work he has an 18th Birthday party, a group of lads come down from the function room and order 8 shots of tequila. He is unsure which the tequila is so points at a bottle and another barman who says that's correct. So he pours all these shots only to realise half way through that he is pouring them ouzo. His manager tells him not to say anything so all these boys start doing shots of ouzo with lime and salt, and none of them say a word!

I got my first pay day, the shopping here is amazing. I really need to restrain myself; I don't actually have any room in my backpack for more clothes. I also couldn't stand my natural hair colour any more and dyed it red. Why on earth I went for the most high maintenance hair colour you can get I have no idea.

I never had much of a sweet tooth back in England but since I have been away I seem to have developed a whole mouth full of them. I am completely obsessed. There is a Krispy Kreme cafe a 2 minute walk from the apartment. This is not good. I have to serve these amazing looking cakes and ice creams to people all day and all my cheap ass boss does is give you 10% which isn't much when a slice of cake is $8.50 (that’s about 5.50 in pounds). Although in hindsight maybe it's best. A great Australian discovery is Chai Latte, a yummy hot milk drink that I don't think we have in the UK well not yet any way. I also learned that the only difference between a latte and a cappuccino is the chocolate on the top. The amount of coffee and strength of the milk is exactly the same. I don't understand why people order a half strength, warm, de-caf soy milk latte, that's not even a coffee. Just order a glass of water, it will be cheaper.

James gets free food a work so while he is saving all his money and not shopping. I am spending mine on cakes and clothes (which probably won't fit me much longer).

Toodle Pip x


30th October 2012

Hi Alison, Sounds like you are having a fab time, hope you keep enjoying yourself. Remember - you are only young once and STOP eating those cakes! x Marianne

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