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October 11th 2012
Published: October 11th 2012
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We are moving out of the hostel, yippee! Only for a couple of weeks though unfortunately. A room in an apartment is available until the end of November so we are having a hostel break. Let me begin with the description, I will start with the word Penthouse and follow it with the words pool, jacuzzi, sauna and gym. Yes we are moving up in the world, not bad for a couple of skint backpackers.

I do not have much to report on Melbourne itself really, I spend most of my time working so have not really had much chance to explore it. I work along the riverside which is fulll of expensive restaurants and bars, they have these massive towers that blow huge flames out of the top which is pretty cool or hot depending on where you are standing.

We just finished the Great Ocean Road which was amazing, the weather was a bit rubbish though, it felt like England. At one of the scenic stops a family pulled up with a baby Kangaroo called Pippa, his mother had been killed and they were on their way to a sanctuary. She was so soft and we all got to have a cuddle. We met a guy in Adelaide who had worked on a kangaroo sanctuary for his regional work. This is now mine and James ambition, to look after baby kangaroo’s for 3 months.

There is crazy lady who comes into work everyday, she comes back over and over and had no recollection of the multiple coffee's she has already purchased that day. I wonder if she is crazy because she is so hyped from the years of caffeine abuse. I wore a headband with a flower attached to work the other day and one of the Indian men asked me if I knew that Indian women wear flowers in their hair, obviously I didn't. I wonder where he was going with this piece of information. It seemed to please them all immensely though. I won't wear it again. There is a guy from Canada who works there who told me he wanted to find, and I quote "a sexy English girl, because they are all wild and crazy. I have watched Geordie Shore that's what all English women are like". Now picture me choking and telling him absolutely that it is not what all English women are like. Damn you Geordie Shore.

That's all folks x


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