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October 6th 2012
Published: October 6th 2012
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So I have worked approximately 70 hours this week. MY FEET HURT. I completely lost my ankles yesterday, they morphed into what can only be described at cankles. I work with mostly Indian men, this is a new experience for me. I don't want to discriminate against an entire gender/race but they are patronising, sexist, testosterone filled creeps. My boss feels the need to say "good girl" every time I do something right and has taken to marching me around the place by my shoulders when he wants me to do something. They all just love telling me what to do and keep calling me "darling" and "sweetheart". The best bit though is when they all start talking in Hindi so I have no idea what they are actually saying. Anyway enough bitching about work, I get alot of hours and the money is good so I will just have to grin and bear it.

Of course the above is nowhere near as bad as working for 'The Show' for the English this is an agricultural show which travels around Australia and it is huge! It comes with a massive fairground. Me and James landed jobs with them in Cairns due to there being absolutely no work whatsoever.I got to sit in a ticket booth to a kids ride all day and James was on a pop the balloons with a dart game. When this job finished we still could not find any work so we took the job to travel to Brisbane and Adelaide and work with them there. $1200 per show, which sounds good but not when the show is 10 days long and you end up working 14 hour days. We were lucky enough to be put up by my godmother in Brisbane who spoilt us rotten and gave us the comfiest bed in the world to sleep in. It was not so luxurious in Adelaide, we slept in the truck that our bosses had converted into 'accommodation'. Here we worked on a 'Catch a Fish' stall. So you get a net and have to catch the biggest fish to win the biggest prize. Translated to, you have no chance of winning a big prize, there are no big fish, if you do catch a bigger fish we will lie and tell you it is a small fish unless you give us more money. I had to spend all day on a microphone trying to get people to come over and be conned. James was ruthless and much better at conning people than I was.

You meet some interesting people though. There was 'Hangover Man', so there is a ride called The Hangover and there was a man who would ride it literally all day. Eventually we managed to speak to him and he told us that last year he had turned up with $700 and asked how many times he could ride The Hangover for that much money (this was a man who smelled, had bad teeth and obviously decided this was a better use of his money than a bath or a toothbrush). He told us that he holds the world record for riding it 131 times in a day, he then proceeded to open his jacket and he was wearing a t-shirt with a photo of himself riding the hangover printed on the front. He said next year he is going to buy the whole outfit, shoes, pants, jacket hat etc. etc.

There was the guy who worked on the ride next to us who kept offering to massage my feet.

There was Hangover Man's Mum, she was a 70 year old woman who also rode the hangover all day but didn't express any emotion whatsoever whilst on it. She looked practically dead.

I think that will do for today.

Ciao for now x


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