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December 10th 2012
Published: December 10th 2012
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I have not written anything for a while, this due to me not really having a lot to write about. Me and James are still in Melbourne but I have a new job now (yippee for me). Unfortunately it was not me who quit but I was somehow sacked. I am not really sure what happened they just stopped giving me shifts. People have speculated that one of the creepy Indian's found my blog which doesn't show them in the best light. It’s possible I suppose but unlikely. It's a nice first for me though; I have never been sacked before. I managed to meet one nice person before I left, she is Indian (which is evidently why they hired her) from Canada and describes herself as a coconut, white on the inside but brown on the outside. She could understand what they were saying when they switched to Hindi but didn't let on that she spoke the language. Let's just say they were not talking about the weather. They sacked her too!

Anyhoo, James to the rescue he immediately asked his manager to see if they could get me shifts at one the pubs in the chain he works for. In the blink of an eye I have gone from cake server/Indian man's punching bag to bartender.

I recently had to tend a buck's party (stag do to the English) in which they had two topless waitresses serving drinks. This is an interesting experience, even I don't know where to look when talking to them! It's interesting observing men around topless women, they barely make eye contact with them when they are sober but the more drunk they get the more appropriate they think it is to touch their arm, back or waist whilst talking to them.

I also worked a speed dating function, trust me if you ever want to spend an evening in the most awkward environment possible then go speed dating!

Me and James went to the ACMI centre (Australian Centre of Moving Images), which contains all sorts of film, TV and game memorabilia, along with many different game consoles from Amstrad to Xbox. This is where James finds free access to PES 2009, I lost him there for a good half hour. There is lots of other fun stuff to there too. I recommend it to any one coming to Melbourne.

I found some really amazing street art down one of the alleys, photo's attached. There was a group of white rappers doing an 8 mile style improv which was kinda weird.

If you are in Melbourne go to the Pancake Parlour, its hugely overpriced but you can get pancakes with everything, it's awesome. I had pancakes, bacon, mushrooms and maple syrup. I thought and I had died and gone to pancake heaven. Nom Nom.

So the thought of spending Christmas in the anti-festive heat is settling in. I am absolutely gutted about missing turkey dinner with the family and my dad's absolutely amazing turkey soup. It physically hurts to think about it. Christmas tree's look wrong in 30 degree heat, it's so unnatural.

We went to the IMAX in Melbourne to watch Skyfall (not bad) which used to be the biggest cinema screen in the world (it's like 3rd now). It cost us $52! That's just unreasonably expensive, I mean it's big but not $50 worth of big.

In Australia they don't have just pints and half pints. They have pots, schooners and pints. A schooner is bigger than a pot but not quite a pint, a pot is half a pint but they call it a pot. Confusing indeed.

I think that's plenty for now. I will probably update again after Christmas. Have a lovely holiday everyone. I miss you all very much xx

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