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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Melbourne Park April 26th 2015

Hi everyone, well after getting home very late friday evening, early hours of Saturday evening, we then had to get up at quarter to 5 am to go the Dawn ANZAC Service being held at the Memorial Shrine in Melbourne as it was the 100 year anniversary of Gallipoli. We drove part of the way but so much traffic so ended up walking a lot of it. It was raining but loads of people turned out for it, infact I read afterwards 85,000 people showed up. We couldn't hear very much of it, as where we were stood the speakers were muffled and we didn't have access to a tv screen, however we were there and that was the important part. After the service we then went for breakfast at a lovely little cafe, this is ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Melbourne Park December 10th 2012

I have not written anything for a while, this due to me not really having a lot to write about. Me and James are still in Melbourne but I have a new job now (yippee for me). Unfortunately it was not me who quit but I was somehow sacked. I am not really sure what happened they just stopped giving me shifts. People have speculated that one of the creepy Indian's found my blog which doesn't show them in the best light. It’s possible I suppose but unlikely. It's a nice first for me though; I have never been sacked before. I managed to meet one nice person before I left, she is Indian (which is evidently why they hired her) from Canada and describes herself as a coconut, white on the inside but brown on ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Melbourne Park January 27th 2012

It was fun to be back in Melbourne for Christmas. The previous three in Hong Kong had been wonderful, but this year was a chance to release Georgia and Byron on an unsuspecting wider family. Georgia and Byron helped Simone set up the tree. It was modest in size, but not in importance. It was a magnet for gifts that started to accumulate for friends and family, adding to the anticipation of a happy Christmas morning. Byron took to singing Christmas carols in his sweet little voice. Simone responded by shelving any restraint she may have had in relation to the number of gifts he and Georgia deserved. Georgia loved Myer's Christmas windows, which were usually surrounded by happy families. We resorted to early morning raids to beat the crowds and trips to DJ’s where reindeers ... read more
In fact, really, really good!
Myer's Christmas Windows
G loved seeing them

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Melbourne Park January 22nd 2009

Hello Everyone We are thrilled being at the Open. It is a very festive atmosphere. Yesterday was Thursday, January 22. It was hotter than the day before. With ground passes we got in to watch the Gonzales vs Canas match. I won't say who won. Maybe it will be on TV later. In the third set I got so warm that I couldn't concentrate on the game. So we took the free, air conditioned tram to the center of town and cooled down in a shop and rehydrated with potato chips and juice. We went back at four and it was cooler and watched a doubles match with Safin and Canas vs Feeny and Smeets of Australia. The Australian fans really put on a big show. They were sitting in one section dressed in yellow shirts ... read more
Australian Open
Australian Fans

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Melbourne Park January 28th 2008

G'day again from down under! although this is listed as being in Melbourne i'm actually back in Sydney, it's just i spent so long at melbourne park i thought it deserved a mention! ok since my last blog i have been pretty busy and covered around 3000km, which is pretty far in 2 and bit weeks! i'm making use of the free internet and getting all done now as these will be my last blogs in Oz - so apologies for the long read, but at least you didnt have to write them!! Ended up visiting canberra twice, one on the bus to melbourne and on the way back. i found it to be a rather strange place. it was a purpose built capital city, so it was all nicely laid out and very green but ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Melbourne Park November 13th 2007

Dear all, Well I made it here safe and sound! The plane rides weren't too bad, although by the time I boarded in L.A. I was randomly staring at strangers and inanimate objects... Luckily I slept long enough that I was able to hit the ground running here and have not really had jet lag. Okay, so what have I done so far. My first day Bridget and I went to Oakleigh and went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I expected to see very strange and exotic stuff but aside from eggs being stored on shelves and not in a cooler (Leola and Doug, don't laugh) and lunchmeat with outrageous prices (like over 20 bucks for turkey) it was very similar. Later on we had a "barbie" and I tried lamb ... read more
A little sightseeing
Hanging with the Sadlers
For the birds

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Melbourne Park April 28th 2006

Dad loves tennis so we decided a tour of the home of the Australian Open would be interesting. We got to check out the press conference room - much smaller and more intimidating than I first thought! Interesting to check out the change rooms and find out that lesser-ranked players get smaller lockers! The day we went, a crew was setting up for a concert that night so we weren't allowed access to the arena - anyone thinking of going should check this before they go. We were still allowed to sit in one of the corporate booths and watch them set up. Good tour for anyone interested in a behind-the-scenes look, but I definitely recommend going for the Australian Open, the atmosphere is amazing!... read more
Press room.
Change rooms.
Rod Laver.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Melbourne Park March 2nd 2006

I was all excited this morning. I was all set to go on a one hour hot air balloon ride which overlooked the city and included a champagne breakfast. I had booked the day before and was told to meet in the lobby by 5:30am. So im sitting there waiting half asleep....waiting....waiting....waiting!! By this stage 45 minutes had passed and still no sign of anyone. I talked to reception who kindly rung them to find out what was going on. Turned out the trip had been cancelled due to strong winds but somehow had forgotten to inform me!!! I was pretty bummed as i had been really looking forward to it. At least i could go back to bed to catch up on some much needed sleep. I had arranged to meet my friend Belinda in ... read more
Centennial Park
Belinda and I
Central station

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