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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Sorell April 26th 2010

Big fat hello to everyone! I'm officially freezing my melons off on this crazy island of the devil! Wow - had no idea it got so stupidly cold - Trevor does his best to keep us both warm - he is a Starwagon Express but a coold metal van none the less! Right what stories can i frantically scribble in 10 minutes? Been a while since my last blog i know but we've been picking like ninjas lately - just finished a 13 day picking marathon - that's 13 days snipping, ZERO days off! Good times! We were promised a day off after the 8th day in the vines... needless to say we both got ridiculously excited - even went for wetties on the beach... and then got the call at around 5 - it was ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Sorell February 12th 2010

New Years Lightning Display, Midway Point, Tasmania Our first New Years in Tasmania turned out to be an unexpected treat. We hadn't planned to do anything as we had the kids and with the pregnancy it just wasnt worth the fuss. As the weather was fine we went to 7 Mile Beach and spent the afternoon there. It being my 1st New Years Down Under, it felt very strange sitting on a beach in 30c+ temps when I am used to freezing temps in UK, but it was cool. The kids splashed about for a few hours then we came home for dinner. It was very humid all day and after dinner I sat out on the deck to try to get some air. Now is a good time to point out that we have a ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Sorell February 8th 2010

As I wandered through to the kitchen for the first of the day’s essential injections of caffeine, a movement outside the front door caught my eye. The old doe was back, with her own joey and the adopted trio in close attendance, hopeful, as ever, that something edible might materialise from the humans’ den, their curiosity emphasised by the smudged nose- and paw-marks on the glass. From the shards of orange on the ground around them, I guessed that Keith had already obliged with a carrot or two. I went out to give the old girl a scratch. The orphaned trio kept their distance, still wary despite their habituation, but her own joey, head deep in her mother’s pouch to suckle, allowed me gently to stroke her too. I wondered if the old doe was carrying ... read more
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