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May 16th 2014
Published: May 16th 2014
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We are sitting in the Woomera Caravan Park at the present time.

We spent our procrastination day at Coober Pedy planning where to go as we headed south, then after we took off Thursday morning I finally admitted to GMan that what I really wanted was to stay in one place with reasonable mobile coverage whilst much loved brother-in-law Robert is having his main aortic valve replaced. He agreed so we have booked in here for 4 nights. Robert is due to go to theatre tomorrow morning at 7 am so lots of positive thoughts please everyone.

Barbara has advised him that as he is getting a cow valve he is no longer allow to eat steak as it will be cannibalism.

We were not unhappy to leave Coober Pedy because the flies were dreadful where we were camped and they are very reasonable here.

There were about 20 vans in here last night and by 10 am this morning only three were left. So far there are only 6 vans in place. Amazing, the bar has been open for 17 minutes and I am sure that baby boomers know where the bars are and what time they open. Most of the vans we have come across are very large and posh even those with off-road capability.

We watched the footy last night and much to our disgust our team did not win.

We actually walked up to the supermarket today to buy some bread and vegetables. What we really wanted was to buy some kind of red meat we could roast in the webber Q. They did not have any only chickens and we definitely want some red meat. Oh well when we get to Port Augusta in a few days. It was a very pleasant ramble.

They have a pizza place here at the caravan park and we think we will try one of those for dinner.

We will get back on track next week when we are more comfortable with Robert's progress.


16th May 2014

Thinking of you both and positive thinking op will be a great success , after the news enjoy your trip as then you will be in traveling mode again .Rudi got a SMS to say they seen one of our Trackers south of GLendambo IKnew straight away it was you. Xxx
16th May 2014

We talked to him via radio. Also great excitement in our car we saw for the first time another Desert Sky van which went past us heading north between Coober Pedy and Glendambo. A Warrior.

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