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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Woomera October 1st 2018

Lot of wind today up on the Lookout Cave Hotel. I grabbed an egg sandwich at the gas station restaurant. As I started out I had rain for the first time on the trip but just as I left town on the Stuart Highway both the rain and the wind faded away. It turned out to be a pleasant ride. The scenery went from absolutely nothingness - no trees, no bushes, just clumps of grass and sandstone to what I call the Serengeti Savannah lands with an occasional big tree and scattered smaller trees. My first opportunity to fuel up was 155 miles down the road. I met another rider named John at the gas stop. He was rigged for off road riding. He said on his last run of 300 Km (180 miles) he saw ... read more
Nothingness as far as the eye can see East
The Serengeti outback lands
Woomera Missle exhibits

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Woomera October 9th 2014

I got up at 6.45am to see if the sunrise over the salt in Lake Hart would be any more colourful than the sunset last night. There was some colour but it still wasn’t very strong, disappointingly. After breakfast, we packed up ready to leave and I was in the process of lifting one of the blocks we use to level the van when Barry’s hold on the brake slipped. I just managed to get my fingers out in time for them not to be squashed as the weight of the wheel came back onto it. I normally try to slide them out as I have always been worried about working between the two sets of wheels but the ground was soft and stony and one had got stuck. I was extremely reluctant to do it ... read more
Suicidal Emu Family
Model of the Launch Area at Lake Hart
Rockets at Woomera

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Woomera June 18th 2014

Hi travel lovers. Just thought I would keep you up to date on our adventure. We are now in Woomera (Australia's missile testing town) and I can see why it is used for missile testing. I.e. Even if something went wrong with a test, you wouldn't hit or damage anything as it is just wide open flat desolate country for literally hundreds of kilometres. The closest town which we have taken a side trip to is Roxby Downs and the Olympic Dam Mine Site. Roxby Downs is basically a town that was specifically built to house the workers for the mine which is apparently one of the biggest uranium mines in the world, not to mention the copper, silver and gold etc. Thirty odd kilometres further on is Andamooka who's claim to fame is Opal mining ... read more
Road Train.
Woomera missiles

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Woomera May 16th 2014

We are sitting in the Woomera Caravan Park at the present time. We spent our procrastination day at Coober Pedy planning where to go as we headed south, then after we took off Thursday morning I finally admitted to GMan that what I really wanted was to stay in one place with reasonable mobile coverage whilst much loved brother-in-law Robert is having his main aortic valve replaced. He agreed so we have booked in here for 4 nights. Robert is due to go to theatre tomorrow morning at 7 am so lots of positive thoughts please everyone. Barbara has advised him that as he is getting a cow valve he is no longer allow to eat steak as it will be cannibalism. We were not unhappy to leave Coober Pedy because the flies were dreadful where ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Woomera May 11th 2014

We are not really at Woomera, but we have to put a place name in to be able to publish and it is the closest place I can find. Headed out at 9:15 am Saturday morning later than expected. For the first time in ages we both overslept. Dropped over to say goodbye to Sheryl and she must have overslept as well as there was no answer when I knocked. We are amazed at how quickly the countryside has turned green. Farmers south of Port Pirie who sowed early have already had very good germination of their crops. We just trundled along at our normal 80 kms an hour, straight through Port Augusta and onto the Stuart Highway. Even a truck with a pilot vehicle saying wide load passed us. We think they hate us. For ... read more
Road to Port Pirie
Hill in the lagoon
More lagoon

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Woomera July 4th 2013

Bush Basher - the Late Len Beadell Roxby Downs - Woomera We woke up fortunately at Roxy Downs, where we expected to be and thankfully it was a fairly warm night, I raced out of bed to get in the shower whilst Andy concentrated on our morning cuppa. As soon as we were showered and breakfasted we then concentrated on getting Jack and Gypsy ready to hit the road to Woomera, being careful to make sure the pizza from from last nights dinner was secure in the fridge, no way were we going to lose that on today's journey. We were all hooked up ready to go and out of there by 9am and driving toward Woomera, a place that seemed so small and insignificant on our original journey around Australia just over 4 years ago. ... read more
Len Beadell
Len Beadell
Woomera Shop

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Woomera September 7th 2011

We were packed up and on the road a little after seven o’clock this morning. Simon, our TomTom (Tom is a to obvious a name) was directed to lead us to Woomera via Port Augusta, which he did admirably, despite Frank’s best efforts to confuse him. I think that is something that men insist on doing. Set the GPS and then insist on going of in a different direction and then actually trying to argue with it. After a couple of episodes of this behaviour this morning, The Driver finally admitted that perhaps Simon did know what he was doing after all. We drove through some lovely old towns in the Barossa and Clare Valleys before joining the Main North Road. Victoria doesn’t seem to have such picturesque towns. Between Clare and Port Augusta we were ... read more
Lake Gairdner - Roadside Grafitti
Lake Hart - Free Camping
Lake Hart

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Woomera August 20th 2010

Hey All, Day 3 saw us departing the eerie township of Woomera for Marla. I say eerie because it is a town full of houses with not many of them being used, Dorm type of buildings boarded up but the whole place is spotless. They used to launch and test all types of military planes, missiles and rockets from here. It is still run by the army, AUS & USA and there are still a lot of restricted areas (127 million sq acres), Tracey believes there are massive conspiracy's going on here, so do i! On the way to Marla we stopped in at the Opal mining town of Coober Pedy, dusty & ugly! and thats just the locals!!!! We saw two of our Indigenous friends having a Barney! The woman hit the bloke with a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Woomera August 18th 2010

Hey All, We woke this morning to it pouring with rain and found ourselves packing up a wet caravan. Had a massive head wind as we headed to Port Augusta and went thru 90 litres for only 450k! Called into Wilmington for lunch after Judy & Mal had said it was a good lunch spot. Best home made pies i have ever had, Trace hasnt been crook after the Chicken so it must have been good too. We have pulled into Woomera for the night, this is where they used to do the missile launches, place looks like a ghost town. Blowing a gale, rain clouds look like they have passed. Once again the grey Nomads have accepted us into their club with the Aussie salute being used everywhere. We seem like we are the only ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Woomera November 28th 2009

Woomera 26th November 09 - 27th November 09 Where on earth is Woomera? Who has ever heard of this place? I sure hadn't! But you know what, this made it all the more interesting! Of all the places I have been thus far, Woomera draws the best memories because I really was walking into the unknown and I came out with so much more knowledge on this tiny little town out in the middle of nowhere. And these are the places people want to hear about. Uluru, Kings Canyon, Kakadu, Darwin.... chances are most people have been there, done that, saw a doco on it or read about it in a travel article or glossy brochure. How many people have heard of or better yet been to Woomera? Not many I have found because talking to ... read more
A seat with a bang!
Canberra Bomber
Woomera, SA

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