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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Hahndorf February 13th 2018

Today was the most enjoyable day! A school friend whom I’d not seen for 43 years, but was pivotal in the most important and best decision of my life, picked up Tom and I, and along with his lovely wife Jennifer, took us out for the day. Walter was at Coffs Harbour High in some of my classes and chose to do the same courses at UNE. We both chose the cheapest accommodation college, and it became clear to us really early why it was so cheap (It had only just gone co-ed and the rowdy, drunken, violent behaviour had continued). I usually got lifts to and from home each weekend with Walter to avoid the loutish behaviour. Half way through the year Walter decided uni wasn’t for him, and I then decided that Wright College ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Hahndorf May 8th 2015

Morning everyone, we are now staying with Chris and his wife Rosie in Adelaide, yesterday after we visited a couple of wineries in McLaren Vale, one called Serafino which looked to me like a place in Tuscany as the driveway was lined with conifer trees, I did my wine tasting and then we drove the 26 km tourist drive of wineries in the area stopping off at Chapel Hill winery which again had beautiful views across the vineyards. We have never been to wineries in the autumn and the colours were spectacular, all golds and reds, even though it was chilly and rainey outside, the scenery was still very beautiful. Whilst in McLaren Vale town we had lunch in an old railway carriage, which was quaint and then made our way to Victor Harbour down by ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Hahndorf March 2nd 2015

You may have noticed that we only rarely go on a photo spree in commercial and residential locations. However, we have crossed Hahndorf three times previously, but due to lack of parking have not stopped to take a closer look at this town in the Adelaide Hills region. So we decided to set out on Monday morning reasonably early so we could get a park in the town centre. We were in luck with parking across the road from the Visitor Information Centre. We were able to get a street map of Hahndorf from the Visitor Info lady, and a couple of pointers as to where to go as well. Now Hahndorf has not always been known by that name. The local indigenous people, the Peramangk Aboriginal people, lived in this region for nearly 2500 years. ... read more
No Humour?
A popular coffee house
Lane ways of discovery

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Hahndorf July 11th 2014

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 8. We unintentionally slept in till 8am today and were on the road again at 9.30am. The day was over cast and drizzling so a nice picture of Rawnsley Peak at sunrise was out of the question. There was a lovely ruin at the station so I took some pictures of that. As it turned there were ruins about every 500m the whole way to Claire. SA should be called the state of ruin. The landscape was mostly picturesque with gentle undulating hills reminding me of the Telly Tubby habitat, especially with all the wind turbines we saw along the way. We stopped at the Peterborough Steam Heritage Railway Centre which was really interesting but sucked a valuable 3 hours of time. It would still take about 4 hours to get ... read more
Ruin in Flinders Ranges

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Hahndorf June 20th 2013

The Last Resort The mornings are very misty and damp here in Hahndorf, as soon as one of us is up in the morning we have to put the heater on to take the chill off, not to mention start drying the condensation from inside. We have not had too much of a problem with condensation but we really do need to keep on top of it, we have met some caravaners on the trip who are having major condensation problems where it is continually drip drip drip. If we were moving on, I would just wipe down all the surfaces but as we are staying in place again I just make sure that the interior is well vented. That said we both agree that we hate the thought of being under canvas on these cold ... read more
Cheeky Roo
Enjoying a Carrot

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Hahndorf June 19th 2013

We were walking past a service station in Hahndorf (South Australia) the other day and it caught my eye, the fuel pumps were Diesel, Petrol and Milk, how cool is that. I forgot to post the photo. Andy... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Hahndorf June 17th 2013

Today is my Dad's birthday and it was Father's Day yesterday, so as usual I have missed both, so Happy Birthday Dad and Happy Father's Day! They are touring somewhere in America at the moment so Dad will have to wait for his cards. Well, today we had a plan and part of that plan was to include a short drive into Hahndorf, yet another beautiful part of the Adelaide Hills that would benefit from another tourist. Of course as most other days, we did none of what we planned. It's still cold here, except not as cold as it was yesterday morning, that was a blessing. I could not get any hot water out of the taps when I went for a shower this morning, so I gave up on that. I am guessing that ... read more
Mount Lofty
A road sign, we love to see

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Hahndorf March 23rd 2011

Robe to Hahndorf Woke up early to the normal sound of rain hitting the fibreglass roof (this does not seem an unusual so far in this trip). We packed the camper and explored the town of Robe before hitting the road to Kingston SE - with large side-sweeping winds which we were soon to face head-on dampening our efforts at fuel economy! We fueled up at BP (Kingston) - 53.75L @ 151.9c/L Noticed a large lobster there at Kingston, if it wasn't breakfast time I'm sure Lach would have defoured the seafood there! The boring drive to Meningie was uneventful - with the occasional salt lake and vast acreage of land uninhabitable for most species. Lach asked 'How long till Woods Well?' - I replied 'you blinked & missed it!' We crossed the oldest bridge ... read more
The road to Meningie
Chapel Sign
The Main road in Hahndorf

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Hahndorf November 19th 2010

Packed up the caravan in the rain, which isn't so great when unpacking wet canvas at the next stop but it means the annexe gets a bit of a washdown! Drove first back to Hahndorf which while it may have lengthened our trip a bit it did actually put us in line with traveling on the M2 straight south afterwards. The reason for our little diversion was to visit the house and studio of Hans Heysen. Since Heysen's death in 1968, the house has been left pretty much as it was when he and his family were living there. The walls still hold his originals and the furniture, rugs, crockery and his paints and easel in the studio are all still set up as if the artist were still wandering the hills and expected to return ... read more
Hans Heysen's studio
Hans Heysen Landscape
Hans Heysen's Gums

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