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May 20th 2016
Published: June 25th 2017
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Geo: -34.9258, 138.6

Clickety clack, clickety clack, the gentle rhythm of The Ghan had us beat and we missed the sunrise completely this morning and woke to sunshine streaming in the window as lakes and green farm fields whipped by the train

A totally different landscape as we approach Adelaide and we actually saw people and homes, roads and railway crossings. Wouldn't want to be queued up waiting for The Ghan though, so many carriages and sometimes travelling at a snail's pace.

Brunch was a leisurely affair and Mac opted for the works again but I settled for a salmon frittata. Another winner....and another one I am going to try in our kitchen.

The rest of the morning was enjoyed back in the room marvelling at the views from the window. Watched the ocean roll in at Port Augusta, saw Port Pirie and the lead smelter zoom by, counted the wind turbines as we chugged past Snowtown, scanned the ever present Flinders Ranges and smiled and waved at all the observers who lined the road to watch the mighty Ghan pass by. We do love a little jaunt on the train...think the Indian-Pacific is on our agenda.

Our arrival into Adelaide was announced right on 11.30
am but the train did not come to a stop until right on noon. The Ghan is so long, it has to be split into three sections and passengers disembark across three platforms. Our section was the first to leave and Robert was waiting for us at the door of our car, iPad in hand with our name clearly displayed, ready for our transfer to the Mayfair. Now that's easy when you know what to expect!

It was a short 15 minute ride to the hotel past parks and gardens, down wide sprawling streets by the distinctive manmade brick beehives and through traffic lights and over railway crossings. We were back in the big smoke with the associated urban graffiti, bustling crowds all accompanied by the beeping of horns and the ringing of tram bells.

But the warm sunshine of Adelaide was welcoming and the marble foyer and beautiful floral decorations of the Mayfair were certainly promising. Room 307 overlooked the intersection to the Rundle Mall and Hindley Street and it was nothing like 118 and was about 10 times bigger than P7/8. Again, a perfect location with a tram stop and chocolate shop right outside our door.

We had plenty of time
to unpack, stretch out and catch up on the news (same old same old really). Panic only set in when we decided it was time for a walk and a late lunch. The camera was missing!

I had left it in the back of the limo. We called The Ghan and were informed they would in turn contact the limo company. I am not good at the "cab" thing. Left my jacket et al in New York and now the camera in Adelaide!

Headed towards Chinatown and the City Markets looking for some food and settled on a dumpling shop in Chinatown that was packed. Mac had all of his taste buds tested with this one with a pepper and honey chicken dish that rivalled the hottest of hots he has tasted. When the waiter offered him extra chilli he just shook his sweat covered head and reached for a drink of water!

Had a little wander but we were seriously curious about the camera. But we shouldn't have been because as we arrived back at the Mayfair we received a message to say it was with the concierge. Phew.

Lots of impressions of Adelaide. Wide wide streets, mixture of colonial and new buildings,
extremely cosmopolitan, lots of cafes and restaurants, very "dress" conscious, statues and trams, LED signage, opals, diamonds and jewellers, bikeways, autumn leaves and general pavement and pedestrian chaos.

Headed out to the Adelaide Casino for the evening. Grabbed a low key dinner and played the pokies (of course.) Tried the DreamCatcher with no luck and moved on to Gold Mine for a couple of nice dynamite payouts and then tried the Chilli!Man and although we didn't see the feature did pick up the mini jackpot from the train (and I do mean mini.) Played for nearly 4 hours and came away a grand total of $10 in front! And although I could sit there and spin forever, Mac was definitely at his limit.

Two blocks and we were home bringing us to the end of a very easy (and different) day.

PS Woke Mac up on The Ghan in the middle of the night to tell him I had been pulled over for drink driving. Glad that was only a dream!

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29th May 2016

See, those pokies are the same every where. I would have been disappointed that the Dream Catcher didn't deliver, but at least you walked out in front, AND I think you had all your luck when you got your camera back.

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