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Sample down-load directly from digital camera. I think it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I will be able to send photos during my walk in Spain.... read more
Missie by a gumtree trunk - Mt.Osmond (P1030950)
Burnside Tracks (P1030945)

For those of you who know me, I have been preparing for my pilgrimage in Spain now for more than 12 months. I keep buying new backpacks, and gear until I feel that it is right in weight, size and functional in relation to my needs. I know some are sick of hearing (son and daughter) about foldable hats, the grams of items etc. I feel I am finally getting to the end of this and will publish my complete Backpack items list for any one who is interested. It is only once you start to plan that you realise just how much time and effort it all takes. After all it is only a walk of only 800km long and crossing 4 mountain ranges - you need to think of things like all weather possibilities ... read more

Have had a great day visiting Cleland Conservation Park which was only about 30 minutes from where we are staying. We went with all the family and had a picnic before we went into the park. The highlight of the day was meeting Hank the Koala (see photo) and also seeing lots of Kangaroos and feeding them. We also got to meet Ted the Koala, who is apparantly Hank's room mate! It was a great day out and got to see lots of Aussie animals - wombats, wallabies, tasmanian devils and Ecidneas. The weather was quite cool today and we had bit of rain but it wasn't too bad - temp still around 20 degrees. ... read more
Meet Hank the Koala
Feeding the Kangaroos

This week the hikers headed for a delightful walk through Chambers Gully. We took the walk in the opposite direction to last time and enjoyed it very much. The creek was in full flow and the frogs were very happy about it. ... read more
Creek flowing in the gully
Admiring the waterfall
Feral flower

Introduction A couple of weeks ago we followed Ania's recommendation and headed to Chamber's gully for our walk - see . When we checked with her later, she said that she had seen our blog, but that we had gone on a different track than she normally took at Chamber's Gully. Apparently we needed to go out of the gully and up to the ridge top to get some good views and exercise (and avoid the bikes). We decided to give it a go. How to get there ... This walk is at the top of Greenhill Road - but for more information refer to our earlier journal entry . What happened ... This was a delightful walk - taking just over three hours. It combined some familiar areas but also added the climb as an ... read more
Rainbow lorikeets
Yellow flowers
The up track

Introduction This walk had been recommended to the hikers by Ania, so when we got our new Push the Bush walking book by the Friends of the Heysen trail, we were finally able to locate a map of the area (Map 8) and make our own shorter walk. This walk takes in some of the Cleland Conservation park - you can find out more about this park at the Cleland's web site or on Wikipedia. Chamber's gully was originally the home of the Kaurna people. European settlement occurred in the 19th century where it was mostly used for market gardens. To fuel the growing building market it became ‘Dunstan’s quarry’ and provided bluestone for the houses of Adelaide. It then fell into the ownership of the city of Burnside and... read more
Fields of flowers
Orange variety

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