Return to Chamber's Gully for a climb

Published: October 16th 2006
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Chamber's gully revisitedChamber's gully revisitedChamber's gully revisited

The beautiful gully in the afternoon sun


A couple of weeks ago we followed Ania's recommendation and headed to Chamber's gully for our walk - see Chamber's Gully. When we checked with her later, she said that she had seen our blog, but that we had gone on a different track than she normally took at Chamber's Gully. Apparently we needed to go out of the gully and up to the ridge top to get some good views and exercise (and avoid the bikes). We decided to give it a go.

How to get there ...

This walk is at the top of Greenhill Road - but for more information refer to our earlier journal entry Chamber's Gully.

What happened ...

This was a delightful walk - taking just over three hours. It combined some familiar areas but also added the climb as an added challenge.

In the gully we noted that the orange flowers of last month were replaced with fields of a taller yellow ones. There were great views of Adelaide on the ridge track. Along the ridge were managed tree plantations which are used to provide food for the Cleland Conservation Park's koalas.

We were very impressed with the wildflower display on
Rainbow lorikeetsRainbow lorikeetsRainbow lorikeets

There were a pair of lorikeets that emerged from this stump.
the downhill Bartril spur track. The return trip through the gully was gorgeous - if you didn't know you were in the Adelaide hills you might feel like you were in a Queensland rainforest.

We can certainly see how this walk could become a favourite.

Dan says...

Hello readers!

I have very little to say about this walk - other than it was a great walk - fresh air, plenty of exercise - but do watch out for snakes.

Thank you. You have been listening to Dan says, brought to you by Dan.

This week's joke:

One day God told Noah to build an ark and put in it two of each animal.

Noah built the ark and put in two of each animal as he was told.

He said to the dogs, "Go forth and multiply."
He said to the deer," Go forth and multiply."
He then said to the snakes, "Go forth and multiply."

They looked at each other and began to cry. Noah asked, "What is the matter?"

The snakes replied, "We can't, we're adders!"

(I got this one from Jokes by kids).

Additional photos below
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Yellow flowersYellow flowers
Yellow flowers

The meadows of orange flowers from a couple of weeks ago were replaced with these tall yellow ones.
The up trackThe up track
The up track

Located about 600m from the beginning of the walk on the right.
Dan found a skinkDan found a skink
Dan found a skink

Who was playing dead for this photograph
View across the gullyView across the gully
View across the gully

A rest in the climb
View westView west
View west

The city skyline
Entering ClelandEntering Cleland
Entering Cleland

On the ridge top - watch out for snakes!!
Lunch spotLunch spot
Lunch spot

On the ridge top
Koala fodderKoala fodder
Koala fodder

These stumpy trees are the food source for the population of koalas at the Cleland Conservation Park.
Time to go downTime to go down
Time to go down

The Bartril spur trail

Feral, but beautiful flowers on the Bartril spur trail

looking a tad thirsty

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