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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gold Coast April 10th 2015

Well it wasn't the best nights sleep! Trucks went in and out all night! Bdoubles that were doubled up! It was crazy. But you get that and it was a freeby so we've managed 2 free camps so far! Ha ha the Grey nomad brigade would be proud! We took our time heading into the Gold Coast. Its a fantastic trip through the hills especially around Warwick and Beaudesert! The Bago was straining under the pull of gravity! The terrain was changing all the time and becoming very Queensland looking. Oh we had to stop for an errant wallably that stood in the middle of the road. Oh and we met Mick from wolf Creek's brother at a little store in Yelabon, a one horse town. He was VERY chatty and very scary looking... Happy to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane April 10th 2015

Brisbane est vraiment une chouette ville. On est parfois étonné des commentaires peu enthousiastes de certaines personnes sur la ville. A commencer par le fait que le climat y est tropical ce qui lui donne une végétation très luxuriante. En deuxième lieu, on a aimé le fait que la ville garde une taille humaine. Certes elle est déjà grande mais tu peux te débrouiller à pied sans problèmes. Une histoire plus importante aussi, ce qui lui donne une architecture plus riche. Enfin, le super lagon de South Bank Parklands avec vue sur la ville gratuit. Le moins qu'on puisse dire c'est que la ville met les moyens pour se développer. Une grande ville à l'esprit décontracté; en somme, on a aimé! Pour se garer par contre grosse galère ! Un panneau est apposé à plusieurs endroits ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland April 9th 2015

Hi Family, Friends, bloggers and whoever else, Today we woke up feeling nice and relaxed in our double bed, we feel guilty as Mike was sleeping in a single bed!! We had a slight thick head from drinking the night before, so we had a nice breakfast of banana in yogurt and then we headed to the beach to sunbathe, read and swim. The water was amazing and it was so nice to chill on the beach for a while (it is on our doorstep so would be rude not to). We had arranged to meet up with my friend from sea this morning but we had both forgot about it so after checking my phone we arranged to meet him in the afternoon to watch this show which was on for the Surfers Paradise Festival. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise April 8th 2015

Hi People, So we woke up early again, this was down to us going to bed at 10pm!!! We are rubbish travellers sometimes!!! We made a quick breakfast of cheese on toast before hitting the beach for a swim. The waves were a good 4-5ft and I was loving swimming in on top of the waves, Vick had a swim but didn’t want to get her hair wet. (Something about girls and washing hair I never understand it). After a good swim we headed in for a shower, then headed into town to explore. The walk into town was around 2.5-3km from the condo, it was a nice walk along the beach; there were loads of people on the beach as it is still the school holidays. We walked until we got to the big Surfers ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise April 7th 2015

Hi Fellow bloggers, So after 2 really nice chilled days we were heading to Surfers paradise for some more chilled days lol!! We got up and had some breakfast of cheese on toast and hot cross buns, then said our goodbyes to Terry our host of the last few days, then our friend Paul Maguire came and picked us up to head down to Surfers Paradise. Paul offered to drive us as he was heading down to see a friend and to play golf the next day, We had booked up the premier bus: $295 dollars Cairns to Sydney ticket as it needs an ongoing itinerary otherwise it won’t book it up. (Strange but this is the company policy so you have to book seats your not going to use because of this!!!) Paul had to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland April 6th 2015

Hi Party People, We had another lazy day again, making the most of the house to ourselves. So again we read our books, watched more GOT (the red wedding OMG!) and we popped into Woolworths. I rang Robbie to see what time they were coming back later and if they wanted us to make dinner for us all. They weren’t sure so we bought enough ingredients to make spaghetti bolognaise and garlic bread just incase. Robbie rang again in the afternoon to say to go a head and eat as they really didn’t think they would be back around dinnertime, and that only Terry was coming home anyway. This was fine with us, Terry came home about 9pm so we had eaten and cleared up. We had a chat with him but I think we all ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane April 5th 2015

Hello People, Easter Sunday- so it would have been wrong not to have a lie in. We put a bit of washing on, read our books and watched a lot of Game of Thrones (coming to the end of season 3-red wedding-very exciting!). We did venture out into the small town, but being Easter Sunday everything was closed so we made do with what we had; we made do with steaks in the evening, and drank wine. It feels like a holiday for once, as we have complete privacy, our own room, full rein of the kitchen and a bath. They have a pool, but Robbie said only the dog uses it at the moment so we stayed out of it. Even though we have so much time to just relax, we have been very slack ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City April 4th 2015

Our first day in cairns (27/3) was definitely a stressful one. Kennedy and I had planned to do our farm work when we got to Cairns because we had been told that there are more farms up north than in the southern states. With this in mind we got up raring to go and find ourselves a job. We went into Peterpans and spoke to the job search guy in there who basically said there are no farms up here looking for workers at this time of year. The best place for farming right now is a place called Bundaberg which is a fourteen hour drive down south, or to go inland from Brisbane which is even more South. He gave us some options for farming in these places but the work was 4/5 days a ... read more
The lagoon at night

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane April 3rd 2015

Hello Family, Friends and blog readers, We woke up before everyone in our room, as we had to be on the Premier bus at 7.40am. We had free pancakes at the hostel, gave back our plates and bed sheets and then waited in the rain for the bus. Neil lost his camel back and cap in one of the cars and they didn’t have anything in the lost property L. The bus journey was quick, when we got to Noosa three hours later we asked the driver if anyone had not turned up and if we can stay on until Brisbane (as we had left it too late to book up accommodation in Noosa, and everything was full because it was Easter Friday). The driver said yes, so we got off the bus at 1pm in ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island April 2nd 2015

Hey Bloggers, Luckily it was a dry night, and we woke up a little clammy but mostly everything had dried out. We needed to be up and ready to leave by 8am today, but like that was going to happen! It got to about 8.15am and word went round that one of the cars had been stolen in the night and they had crashed it against a tree. The useless, rude tour guides sat everyone down and asked who ever did it to come forward or we would sit there all morning not doing anything. I felt like I was at school, not an adult that has paid for an organized tour of Fraser Island. So because of one person who crashed the car in the night, all 63 other people had to sit around all ... read more

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