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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Seisia June 5th 2015

Cape York - Friday 5 th June Hi all, today was a special day. Xavier and I went out for an early morning fish on the Tinny. It was the first time we had fished together on the boat. Well what an interesting fishing trip. I caught an enormous 105cm Queen fish. OMG. It was even attacked by a shark as I was pulling it in. It was the most exciting thing that has happened to me on this trip. Even better than catching the shark the night before. That was the start to a very peaceful day. On the same boat trip we caught 10 or small Queen fish. Anyhow, we decided today to leave this beach camp tomorrow morning. We tried to catch more sharks tonight but no luck. Got lots of bites but ... read more
My Queen fish. We had it for dinner
Tracey protecting her bread from blow flies

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Seisia June 4th 2015

Cape York. - Thursday 4th June Hi all, as I mentioned in the previous blog I woke up at 3 am to see two sharks circling our area of beach. We worked out we had left a fish carcass on the beach and at high tide it was being washed in the shallows. We decided we would try to fish for shark tonight. Anyhow the day was beautiful and we swam in the river again when the tide was out. The water is so clean and fresh. Xavier caught a 91 cm Queen fish from the Tinny. A pretty big fish and one that he cut up into fillets for the freezer. As the day progressed we decided to build a fire. Not exactly cold weather but we had not had a fire on this trip ... read more
Cooking Classes
Sunset through the Troopy window

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Seisia June 3rd 2015

Cape York - Wednesday 3rdJune Ok here we go. We woke up at the Seisa park at 5.30am and we had to pack three cars. Left the park at 9.50am. I really would have thought we could all pack up in less time but we didn't. Tracey is just so slow when she is half asleep. I made sure I woke her up early by pretending to be a horse and shaking her trailer camper. She still calls me a pest. Once packed we went to Bamaga to do some shopping. Bread, milk, biscuits, water, soft drink etc etc. off we went to Mutee Heads. We were still a little bit shy of open air bush camping due to the extreme rain experience we encountered early this week but the forecast did not have rain so ... read more
Our camp site viewed from the beach
Mutee Camp site
Jardine river beach

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Seisia June 2nd 2015

8 - Cape York Tuesday 2nd June Today Paul and his family left for home. But before anyone woke up I was woken up by noise in our camp hut. This was at 3 am in the morning. What did I find? An enormous horse tucking into a packet of bread crumbs. He had already eaten the sliced bread as well as kicked into the cask wine. I could not shoo him away. So I took so photos and I thought the flash would scare him. No such luck. So here I was at 3 am in the morning having a stand off with a 2 metre horse. I finally flicked him with a tea towel and that got his attention and he walked out. The horses here are gentle and run around the streets. They ... read more
Tinny transport
The view of the JardineRiver mouth

Oceania » Australia » Queensland June 1st 2015

Hi all, well today it rained and when I say rain I mean real heavy rain. one of the cape york tour guides reckons in 25 years he has never seen rain at this time of the year. Anyhow we ended up playing cards under our Hut. We have a hut at the Seisa park. It is basically a veranda with a sink and lights. Very cosy when it rains. Anyhow the rain stopped, sort of at around 3pm. We took the opportunity to go to the local pier and found the Toll ship berthing on the sand and lowering its boom door to allow the forklifts to get onto the ships, a little bit if sand driving and getting stuck and very little health and safety and all of the weeks supplies were offloaded. Very ... read more
Cohen is so proud of his catch
Father and son with their catch
Paul and Cohen with their Catch

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Yeppoon June 1st 2015

I’ve been a bit slack at completing this last blog, and almost didn’t bother but I wanted to wrap it up properly. At Pangkor, back in Malaysia, we had a ton of jobs to take care to get the boat ready to put her to bed. Come monday we hired a moped and with Alex sandwiched between us we drove to the nearby town to visit a couple of offices to check Luna Ray in with customs and the harbour master, and then Tesco’s. Wednesday, at 5:30pm we reversed out of our pen, spun the boat about and straight onto the Sea-lift. I was directed to power the boat left and right a few times before we were perfectly straight on its longitudinal tubes. Then we lifted out the water for a very long wash-down. I ... read more
Haul out successful
on the bus to KL
ready for kindy

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Yeppoon May 31st 2015

After doing not much in Baralaba, we headed for the big smoke in Rockhampton. Marg picked a caravan park in North (and when I say North I mean far North) Rockhampton. It was called the country club (the lack of capitals is deliberate), and it had certainly faded from its former glory. That was not of great concern as it was cheap, had ablutions, power and water which is all we wanted here. We have spent some time in Rocky before and it was quite familiar to us, which helped in searching for shops and services. Marg had picked up a slow leak in the near side rear tyre of the car and it was resolved to get it fixed. It was Saturday afternoon and when we called into the local Bob Jane Tyre service they ... read more
Stoney Creek, Red Rock camp,  Byfield State Park
Red Rock camp, Byfield State Park
Looking to the East, Long Beach, Great Keppel Island day 1

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Agnes Water May 31st 2015

​Hey everyone! I'm back with you now :) Hope you are all doing well? I am doing really great in the sunny country of Oz and enjoying every single day here in Agnes Water on the East Coast. When I came back from New Zealand I was initially planning to stay in Sydney for a couple of months. Sydney is great place to be BUT not when it's constantly raining, with heavy storms and hail! While in the Opera House city, I signed myself up for everyday ballet-barre classes, which made me really, really happy! When you're traveling you don't really stay long enough in one place to sign up for anything so I sort of miss regular workouts and dancing. That's why I enjoyed it sooooo much and I probably would have left Syd a ... read more
Happy in Agnes!
Buddha birthday festival
Last hours in Brisbane, such a lovely goodbye from Anouk :)

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Seisia May 30th 2015

Hi all, a very busy day today. The group split up today. Matthew and his family headed back to Mutee Heads to try their luck fishing that spot, remembering he was not successful the day before. The rest of us did some checking out spots for camping. We went to Alau beach camp. It was run down and not very appealing. Took this off the list. Second was back to Punsand Bay. It was a great camp. Good restaurant, good accommodation spots right on the beach And only 1 or 2 km from the Tip. we also looked at Loyalty beach. Not impressed with that one either. We had a lunch at Punsand Bay. In the afternoon Xavier took Tonina and Tracey for a little tinny ride just for fun. Well it turned out to be ... read more
Seisa Pier
Seisa Tinny
Seisa Tinny

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane May 30th 2015

Gensyn med en ven fra Kos Jeg ankom til Brisbane omkring klokken 12. Nick ville samle mig op når han fik fri. Da jeg ikke havde lyst til at rende rundt med min rygsæk i Brisbane, blev jeg i lufthavnen indtil Nick kom. Meget afslappende dag. Det var skønt at se Nick igen! Det er vildt at det ca. er to år siden at vi mødtes på Kos! Han viste mig rundt i Brisbane og fortalte om alt han har foretaget sig de sidste par år! Jeg kunne næsten ikke kende ham! Han er kommet langt fra den dreng jeg kendte på Kos. Da klokken var rimelig mange da vi kom hjem, blev jeg kort vist rundt i underetagen. Jeg fik mit eget værelse!! Så fantastisk!! Dagen efter viste Nick mig rundt i hans lokalområde og ... read more
Udsigt fra The Clocktower
Udsigt fra The Clocktower
Udsigt fra The Clocktower

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