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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Springbrook November 9th 2015

After our chilled-out weekend in Byron Bay, Linda and I headed inland to Murwillumbah (Monday 2ndNovember) along the scenic Tweed Valley Way. With lush valleys and steep mountains all draped in green wherever we looked, it was some of the nicest scenery of the trip so far; and all presided over by the unmistakeable profile of Mount Warning. Known as Wollumbin (meaning 'Cloud Catcher') to the local indigenous tribes, Mount Warning is the remnant core of what was once a large shield volcano that erupted around 23 million years ago. What remains of the volcanic plug now stands in splendid isolation amongst the fertile fields of the Tweed Valley, with the outer rim of the ancient caldera (which is over 40km in diameter) now made up of various rugged mountain ranges, including the Border Ranges to ... read more
Cave, Arch & Waterfall all in one
Picturesque Plunge
Secluded swimming spot

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Springbrook January 30th 2015

Amazing views from the lookouts in Springbrook National Park, huge waterfalls and looking back over to Surfers Paradise and the ocean.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Springbrook October 5th 2012

"Hi to all, Bilbo and Basho are still on the planet and are alive and well, we havn't been abducted by aliens, although we have encountered a few very strange humanoid life forms, and no we havn't turned left at the black stump when we should have turned right and ended up in Timbuk Three, which is just passed Timbuk Two. This blog has taken awhile to get to print, but no further adieu, here it is. SPRINGBROOK, A scenic drive up the Murwillumbah to Nerang Road, through the Border Ranges escarpment, is the Queensland border seemingly at the top of the world. And just when one thinks it can't get any higher, think again Bilbo, the road to springbrook is almost vertical with a 1 in 10 gradientWe were on the Nerang road, then a ... read more
forest magic
Forest path to lookout
Autumn sun thru forest

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Springbrook July 10th 2011

We awoke in our rainforest cabin to find clear skies again (yeah!). Our accommodations are a group of cabins that operate under the name Mouse's House. The individual cabins are named after Snow White characters. We are in the Doc cabin. The cottage offers a deck along the bubbling sounds of Rush Creek! We are situated on the edge of the Springbrook National Park and are set to explore the last bit of rainforest on our trip. Just a brief drive down the road, we started off on the Twin Falls Circuit which was a 4 kilometer loop trail that took us around, behind and even through several waterfalls. The Temperate Rainforest of at this higher elevation and somewhat lower temperature have more of a feel of the New Zealand rainforest than the ones up in ... read more
Theo behind Twin Falls
The base of Twin Falls
Theo behind Twin Falls, another view

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Springbrook April 12th 2010

Day 5 I can get used to this swimming every morning. Although the life saver sign said not to go out past your waist, we had a nasty wind and some big waves for us anyways, the rip was tough to fight so we stayed in the “baby” pool for our own safety. We went on a nice trip out to Springbrook National Park, about an hours drive form mermaid beach, and for starters it begins with a tight little twisty road for about 30km, which would be perfect for the pursuit. LOL. Upon arriving at the 4km loop trail head you walk down along the cliff edge in a beautiful subtropical rainforest; it is lovely and amazing views at the top of the cliff. There is a breeze so it’s actually a little cool for ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Springbrook February 14th 2010

Springbrook is on my top list of favorite national parks. We frequently come here to escape the city. Springbrook NP is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia - a UNESCO World Heritage listed site. A visit here is all about reconnecting with nature, where I find peace and serenity.... read more
Cougal Cascades
Cougal Cascades
Snake anyone ?

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Springbrook June 8th 2008

Ich durfte mit Jo und Glenn ins Hinterland fahren. Wir fuhren etwa eine Stunde ins Landesinnere. Dort erstreckt sich von New South Wales bis in weite Teile von Queensland Wald. Vor lauter Baeume sieht man den Wald kaum!!! Von den kleinen Bergen (Ich wuerde sie eher Huegel nennen) fliessen Baeche in Richtung Kueste. In verschiedenen Nationalparks kann man auch kurze Rundgaenge machen und Wasserfaelle bewundern. Wir gingen zum wohl bekanntesten in dieser Region. Ein Wasserfall, der durch den Fels hinabstuerzt und so einen Naturbogen geschaffen hat. Leider war das Wetter nicht so gut aber war trotzdem Interessant.... read more
nur Wald
jo und silvio
kleiner Bach

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Springbrook August 2nd 2007

Thursday we took an organized tour to Springbrook Mountain. It's in an area of Australia known as the "Hinterland", or the "Green Behind the Gold". Basically, it is the beginning of the bush. Our first stop of the day was at Tropical Fruit World, where they grow over 500 tropical fruits, and we sampled just a few of the exotic fruits that were in season. Vlad actually tried to be a little adventurous and tasted most of the samples that were put out. Next was the Natural Arch, which was too cool for words. You go on a little bushwalk, and come to this waterfall, that is actually falling through a cave. You get to walk into the cave, and you can see the water falling through the roof. There are also glo-worms in the cave, ... read more
The Natural Arch
Vlad meets the Yowie
Feeding the Rainbow Lorikeets

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Springbrook December 18th 2006

We all decided to go on a family outing in Springbrook which is famous for its waterfall and natural bridge (rock archway). The Natural Bridge cave is also home to thousands of glow worms. Unforturately, they are invisible to the naked eye during the day and can only be seen at night. We all agreed to meet up at the Natural Bridge around lunch time. On our way to Springbrook, we stopped over to pick up some drinks and meat pies at the gas station. We found the aroma of the scrumptious pies irresistible so we devoured the meaty pies before we even get to our meeting place. Few minutes after such ravenous feast, my mom, Liam and I started to feel ill. Jamie’s rough manoeuvring up the mountain cliff of Springbrook made the matter even ... read more
Springbrook National Park
Springbrook Natural Bridge
Springbrook Natural Bridge

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